Credit Cards & Financial Planning : How to Get a Bad-Credit Personal Loan

So you need cash and you have bad credit.
Hi, I’m Carrie Kukuda the Someday coach, and I’m going to show you how to get a bad credit
personal loan. First you want to start with your financial institution that you bank with,
hopefully you bank with somebody and already have a checking account, which will help them
know that you already know how to manage your money, so you want to start with them first.
And then you want to sign up for an application, they’re going to ask you for some information,
your name, your social security number, if you have a job, what your current income is,
so all of those things are going to benefit, whether you’re in bankruptcy will be a point
of whether they’re going to lend you funds as well. So they’re going to basically find
out whether you’re credit worthy or not. If you have bad credit, one option that you can
do is, possibly say you need a certain amount, but maybe they will be able to give you a
little bit of that amount because of your credit, and maybe you can take advantage of
that, and maybe you can outsource to some other family members that may be able to help
you, whether it be that they put in the rest of the funds for you, or they actually co-sign
for you as well. You could shop around, but they are going to have- if you have bad credit,
you’re probably better off in this case with your bank alone. So if you need some cash
and have bad credit, consider looking into your own bank and maybe shopping around, but
your banks is going to know your habits and maybe have a better chance with your credit.
So, my name again is Carrie, and thank you.

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