Credit Cards & Financial Planning : How to Get a Debt Consolidation Loan

Thinking about how nice it would be to have
all your debt in one loan? Hi I’m Carrie Kukuda, the Someday Coach, and I’m here to talk about
how to get a debt consolidation loan. First off you want to apply for your loan, you can
get a second mortgage on your home, you can do a line of credit, as well you can get a
unsecured debt consolidation loan. Be careful with those, the interest rates are a little
bit higher. I would start with where you presently already have your loan at, they already know
your payment history, they already know a lot about you, sometimes you can get a better
rate that way as well. And you also can check around, and shop around, and just make sure
that you can get your best bang for your buck. But the purpose usually of a debt consolidation
is, is to have one bill, and to be able to get everything all in one, and typically that
usually will lower your payment. So shop around, get the best rate, and have one bill. Again,
my name is Carrie Kukuda, and thank you.

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