Credit Cards & Financial Planning : How to Get a No-Credit-Check Personal Loan

Need cash fast? Hi I’m Carrie Kukuda the Someday
Coach. I’m here to tell you how to get a no credit check personal loan. First you want
to decide is how fast you need to get it, and also to do your homework first. So you
want it, if you want a personal loan and you don’t have any credit or you have bad credit,
typically is why people look at these loans. You want to shop around there’s ton of free
search, do a ton of research, there’s ton of stuff on the Internet to get the information.
And you want to compare their charges, their paybacks, their penalties, any of their fees
make sure that you’re comparing apples to apples when your looking for these loans.
And if in case when you go to do it and you can’t get that loan, you may want to consider
a co-signer. So those are just some things, do the research, there’s plenty of stuff on-line
that offers that kind of stuff for you. That’s probably going to be your best bet. So just
to re-cap, you need to do your research, do your homework, and you should be successful
at your personal loan. Carrie Kukuda, again, my name is Carrie Kukuda. Thank you.

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