CREDIT KARMA Apakrta | A Short Hindi Film | Thriller | Watch Till The End |Moynaak |Suman |Triparna

Hey Baby. Are you feeling sleepy? No Papa I am not sleepy at all Papa? How long will it take? We will reach shortly to your Grandmother’s place And you also want to surprise your mom right? I am very angry with mom Why? She didn’t even call me once Awww baby. Mom is busy there right. Mom loves you a lot And Papa also loves you a lot Okay Papa. I love you too Baby you sit here for two minutes Hello Madam. Do you need any help? Don’t be afraid. I can help you Is there anyone with you? Nopee and this area is not good Shall I call the police? No No. I am okay Please leave me alone Please don’t be afraid You can trust me I am with my daughter And we are going to her grand parents house If you want I can drop you to the city Okay Come

6 comments on “CREDIT KARMA Apakrta | A Short Hindi Film | Thriller | Watch Till The End |Moynaak |Suman |Triparna”

  1. Dibyangana Biswas says:

    Great initiative.. Keep it up bro ❤

  2. Bedanta Sarkar says:

    Nice n informative msg..

  3. ankush mahnot says:

    Great bro..👍

  4. Selvakumar P says:

    Nice msg bro.,

  5. Abhi Das says:

    Vry gud movie n heartly respect for da step u hve taken. but also has a negative humour in it in some or da othr ways like if somebdy is in real help by roadside people might scare to help aftr watching it n 4 dat i jst hope u mke out a solution actually not nly u….. but we shud dig out a solution where people won't hesitate to help by aymeans. itz really difficult to judge who is gud n who is evil minded. thnkz for da movie.

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