Credit Karma for Disputes? || Do I Need My Account Numbers? || FAQs 1 || Debt Free

– Alright, so I can see my
credit report on Credit Karma but I can’t locate the account numbers. Well Credit Karma doesn’t always give you the account numbers and when you go through
the dispute process, you need the account numbers. Now the account numbers will be x-ed out and the last four will be
x-ed out, for your privacy, for anyone who might see it. So that’s all you’re gonna get. So you use the partial account
number in your disputes, however, you can’t see it on
Credit Karma or Credit Sesame. You’re gonna need a monitoring service like,, you can do, but Credit Sesame, Credit Karma, not gonna give you those numbers
and you need those numbers. Now I recommend, going to annual– Excuse me, and getting em’ for free. And they’ll be on there, your account numbers will be on there. Now, if you’ve already done
that and you can’t locate them or you can’t get through and
you don’t have a free one, you can’t get a free one again. Go to,
it’s only one dollar for two weeks of service. Cancel it, boom, you’re done. One buck got three reports. You got all your accounts
right there, alright? Thanks for watching, give a thumbs up, subscribe, and if you want us to repair your credit, check out the link below,, or if you want to do it
yourself, Link below, thanks guys.

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