Credit Karma: Get Up to Speed on Your Credit

Hi there YouTube. You know that feeling you get when
you put off something important? Well that’s probably how most of us
feel about our credit scores. Well here at Credit Karma, we wanted to get rid of that feeling forever. So we made it free and easy to
get a handle on your credit. On our channel, you’ll find everything you need
to get up to speed on your credit health — Something that’s crazy important and surprisingly,
not that hard to understand. We’ll even share our best tips for getting
on top of your finances. So go ahead and click subscribe and get
updates on everything we know about credit. Right here.
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4 comments on “Credit Karma: Get Up to Speed on Your Credit”

  1. Jim Ludwick says:

    Thanks for email invite and I'll be sure to pass this along. Look for my tweet. Jim Ludwick, Hourly fee-only financial planner.

  2. Whitespeed7 says:

    How does credit karma pay for advertising? There employees ect. ?????????

  3. Mike Nord says:

    poor advertising ftw

  4. JC Gonzalez-medina says:

    check their web wen you enroll they have a lot of advertisers

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