Credit Karma Review

Hi everybody Dave Sullivan for the Credit
Guy TV this week I want to do a quick little review on Credit Karma K A R M A they have
a website they have set up giving away free credit scores and I went thought the process
I checked it out fairly simple to sign up I like the fact that I did not have to put
in my full social to get the information and it is all free, the problem is that it gave
me a trans risk score with has no relevance to the FICO score but it just so happens to
have the same range 300 to 850 and then it has a vantage and auto insurance score. and those scores are OK to look at and they are free but you should not get a false sense
of security thinking that you know your FICO score it is going to very a little bit, but
if you know what the ranges are for the other scores it may be a great way for you to check it out. I am not big on that but I did like the portion in here the credit simulator I
really liked how the credit simulator where you could add different things on your credit report and then find out what the score would be now again it will not be the same results
as the FICO score but I liked the ability to play around with this it is a great way
to learn it is really based on your credit score now the credit bureaus like the one
I work at have had this tools for a long time for the loan officers they have had been able
to do this go in and make corrections and see what the score would be really play with
the model but the result was much closer to FICO than these are so you are just trying
to learn and kind of test things out now there will be adds all over this site don’t pay
for anything but go in and I would defiantly do it and go in and play with the credit score
simulator just so you can better lean about ways to improve your specific credit report
it really is nice in that way. I am going to go a head and recommend it provided that
you don’t buy anything I don’t know how long this will last because as more and more people
come in to it and they don’t charge anything for it they are ether going to have to charge
or do something to raise money I don’t think the revenue created will support it. the other
thing I wanted to tell you is that you don’t actually get your credit report back you get
the vantage the true score from trans union and the auto insurance score so I would tell you to go check it out. So that is Dave Sullivan with the Credit Guy TV so you with a little
bit of me we are going to change the credit industry!

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  1. Secretrose says:

    thanks for the review i was nervous about signing up i did allot of research i assumed i got my actual credit score as advertised. they also mentioned a type of free budget and all types of plans to assist you with raising the score etc, your thoughts?

  2. Dave Sullivan says:

    Don't pay for any of them Just sign up for the free score monitoring and play with the what if tool you can learn a lot with that… Thank You!!

  3. ebadofsky says:

    Thank you, Dave. Very informative review; alleviated my trepidation about CreditKarma's authenticity.

  4. Mark Mcdaniel says:

    Thanks Dave do you have a web site

  5. Dave Sullivan says:

    Mark, yes I do it is thecreditguy DOT tv

  6. Dave Sullivan says:

    No problem< you may want to look at the video i did comparing the Vantage to the FICO score THANK YOU!!! 🙂

  7. Dave Sullivan says:

    I am actually impressed with the site I would use it… I also have a good budge tool on my website and it is also free…

  8. Jose Rivero says:

    Hey Dave I have a question. This creditkarma is nothing or does not count as getting a full credit report from freecreditreport or other major bureau?

  9. Dave Sullivan says:

    Jose it will not count toward your free credit report once a year from annaulcreditreportDOTcom

  10. Sherry Pitts says:

    Ive tried its suppose to free i never got a report cause they ask for a credit card

  11. Bad Credit? Need a Car? says:

    like it.

  12. MrDom2323 says:

    Its not free the first thing they ask for is your credit card BS.

  13. Neoverse says:

    Nothing is free and that is as solid as the laws of thermodynamics.
    Even though you don't have to give a credit card info, you do have to give everything else. Address, phone number, SS#.  It's a marketers dream info collection.
    My uncle sign up @creditkarma and the site says "thin file" meaning there isn't enough info to give him a score. But guess what, they still have collected all his info and there is no delete button.

  14. Billy32210 says:

    Yeah seems a bit fishy to me. When something sounds too good to be true, usually it is.  I have found that out time and time again because I was too stupid to learn the first time, I am not falling for that trap by signing up with credit karma.  I bet telemarketers/or scammers will be calling you a hundred times a month once you give them your info. and you either won't get an accurate credit report or none at all.  But I could be wrong. : D  I'll just stick with the once a year thing. 

  15. kage cheese says:

    Don't turn free into a 4 letter word…

  16. SonicBoomC98 says:

    Of course the score is  different from my FICO score, but I did notice the scores were different from buying the score directly from TransUnion as well. It's not your FICO score, but I would guess that you can track your score going up and down. As long as you understand that it's not FICO, and you're just using it just to have some type of snapshot, it can work for you

  17. Cloud Dunn says:

    they will not accept my 20 different passwords,Why?

  18. Kendrick Kelly says:





    "copy write"

  19. isaacbbe says:

    Do you watch or know of Gary Vaynerchuk?

  20. isaacbbe says:

    Good info thanks!

  21. jose perez says:


    STRRET ADRESS_______________



  22. timothy cort says:

    Hey Dave great video, I have had credit karma for about 2 months, my score drop over 10 points in a month, i did not even do any thing, to cause it to drop, I try'd to get my 3 credit reports from the official site, but said i have to send in proof of who I am
    so i can get the reports, kinda strange not being able to access the on the secured site
    so i will send in the info to get my full reports, I am trying to get my credit back on track

  23. timothy cort says:

    Hey Dave thank you for the quick response,
    i will take your advise, and I do not know if I had Identity theft, as far as i know I have not
    I will get back with you and let you know, after i get the reports,,,thank you again,,Tim

  24. Erkdajerk 24.7 says:

    i recently started trying to build my credit so i signed up for this well here is what happened my credit sat pretty much the same spot for a while but then i maxed out my credit card for a few months straight i would just pay it off when i got paid and my credit would go down further and further every month or 2 i would get a email telling me that my credit went down further then one month as usual i paid it off and got another email this time telling me that it shot up one said 85 points the other 128 points whats the deal plz give me some explanation im working on my credit so i can buy a car with a low interest rate what can i do to keep it high can i just keep doing this sacrificing a few months to jump leaps and bounds or will it go even out if i dont use it ?

  25. Dave Sullivan says:

    Eric Carlton,  That is because you are paying on the due date and not the Statement Date watch this for more

  26. Robert Van Dell II says:

    Check it out again today. They have two scores.

  27. Krystal L. Pérez Martínez says:

    HUGE DOUBT! I thought that checking your credit score would lower your credit score? Doing this with credit karma would do the same, right?

  28. Mark Jacob says:

    the big problem for all people to deal and dispute anything on their credit dave is, we cant talk to a real person face to face or even at least over the phone..ive sent the email to credit karma and never any replys back.they make it very difficult..and you cant get your fico..also if you have paid collections and also paid collection company extra to delete it as they said they can to me, it never got deleted at all..they also have to come up with a faster way of clearing hard inquiries and paid collections..its just to much to get covered and taking care of my sending them a message and getting it resolved..

  29. Mark Jacob says:

    also my transunion says 693 and my equifax says 648..just watch and it seems transunion only updates every month or two months and same for equifax..but credit karma says every 7 days..

  30. Alex Dunning says:

    too bad we couldnt hear more about creditkarma i have a perfect score and cant get aprooved

  31. royland walker says:

    do a updated review of credit karma please. thanks bro

  32. MrCyborg1973 says:

    ok…you got transunion, experian, equifax…the three credit bureaus….they all give different scores….so where does this single one fico score come in?

  33. shogun Thao says:

    does credit karma effect my credit score by looking up my score every month?

  34. Steav00 says:

    I registered for Credit Karma just to check it out and it says that my credit file is too thin. I have two installment loans and 3 credit cards along with other paid off vehicles. Why does it say my credit file is too thin or not enough credit. I had no issues trying out Credit Sesame

  35. Loren Carey says:

    it asked for my whole ssn, not down for that.

  36. RWIII says:


  37. MsScruffy4 says:


  38. wget Desa says:

    my score dropped 100 and don't know why

  39. Dave Sullivan says:

    Fdsa Desa if there are no new collections then look at your utilization rates

  40. Youngt14 Gaming says:

    im too young for this

  41. JAMIL WILCOX says:

    my credit score is a 650 is that good to get a car that cost 25,000 and 5,000 dollars down payment 60 months payment and what would be my Apr rate thanks

  42. Me says:

    checked a "hard inquiry" they listed the creditor it was made to. I wanted to dispute but they said i had to contact credit karma and ck said I have to contact creditor

  43. Kenny Nabors says:

    hello mr. Sullivan in the previous video that you did I commented that I had lost 11 points because I tried to take out another credit card. and you told me not to worry they'll come back in 8 months. well I got the points back my score is now 761. but I wanted to ask you because I'm starting to pay my bills that's my credit card like my cell phone bill stuff like that I pay my bill before the closing date like you suggest I don't believe in debit cards. is that a good thing to pay your bills with your credit cards? thank you for your time and keep doing the great videos

  44. Patrick Walker says:

    I just signed up to creditkarma but was expecting more details. I would prefer paying for a service that listed all my accounts with balances. With regards to it's accuracy both fico scores were off by 50 at 771 compared my last 'hard pull' of 821 several months ago.

  45. Blue Marvel says:

    I can't even log in

  46. Yessi Santos says:


  47. Gaming History Source says:

    Credit Karma is bull shit ! I have a good score & according to Credit Karma my score is bad.

  48. Pelicans Thanks for the Trade says:

    Credit Karma is legit.

    It’s Free you will not get screwed or lose credit score for checking on it as much as you want. Your credit goes up based on paying your bills on time it’s that simple.

  49. MarcellusTheGreen says:

    If Kredit Carma is so free, how do they afford all the saturation TV advertisement?

  50. MarcellusTheGreen says:

    If you are allowed to access your own credit scores from E E & T, why doesn't anyone tell you how to get it?

  51. Southern Angels Stamping says:


  52. FrigginSweet says:

    The site is free because they sell your info to companies. It is also an inaccurate score

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