Credit Repair Dispute Letters | Free Dispute Letter Template

Credit Repair Dispute Letters! What are They? How
can I create one? And How can I make sure that mine is effective? Hi my name is
Jesse with credit CEO and I’ve been helping people repair their credit for
over 15 years! If anybody knows a thing or two about a
credit dispute letter that’d be me. I use them every single day with every
one of our clients and I’m going to explain today the anatomy of a credit
repair dispute letter, what you need what you need to do and how to create an
effective credit dispute letter. The first step is making sure that you obtain a Three
Bureau Credit Report that has your account numbers reporting next to each
account. The one that I recommend is – I’ll put a link
below this video so you can obtain your One Dollar ($1) trial credit report. That’s
going to give you all three credit bureaus with the account numbers. For
this process you don’t want to use Credit Karma or Annual Credit Report, You
need to use a credit report that is accurate,
has your account numbers and doesn’t waive any of your rights under
the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Credit Karma is free so it’s historically
pretty inaccurate and it doesn’t show your account numbers. Annual Credit
Report makes you waive some of your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting
Act that you could actually utilize to remove items from your credit report.
What it does, it increases the amount of time that the credit bureau has to
respond to your dispute letter and it increases it from 30 days to 45 days.
That’s a 50% increase and can significantly hurt your deletion ratio
when you utilize an annual credit report to dispute negative items on your credit.
The next thing is – DO NOT dispute online. You’re going to waive some of your
rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act that
we utilize to get items deleted from your credit report. Never ever file an
online dispute. The only reason the credit bureaus invented the online
dispute system is to save themselves money and to make it so they don’t
actually have to investigate the items that you’re disputing on your credit. Do
not dispute online, do not dispute on the phone and do not use template letters.
You don’t want to do the online disputes, you don’t want to do the phone disputes
and you don’t want to use a template letter. The reason you don’t want to use
a template letter is because people before you have utilized that exact same
template and when the credit bureaus receive a bunch of letters that look
similar they start putting them in the same category. You don’t want to be in
the same category as other people’s dispute letters. The next huge thing is
do not try to do section 609 disputes. If you knew anything about the Fair Credit
Reporting Act and the laws that credit repair companies utilize to get
deletions, section 609 is not in there. It’s a complete fabrication, a lie, it
makes no sense why people use it. Do not try and do a section 609 dispute. The
next big rule is do not lie in your dispute letter. The number one lie is
people say this account is “not mine.” If you say that and they can prove the
account is yours, you’re gonna get red-flagged and it’s gonna be really
hard to get that item deleted when you could have just told the truth upfront
and said “this part of the account is inaccurate,
therefore it qualifies for deletion,” and goodbye – it’s gone. So don’t lie, do not
use a CPN and do not commit fraud. I’m not here to teach you how to do that
kind of stuff like other people here on YouTube. Now that you have your three
Bureau credit report from – and you have your account
numbers. Or wherever you’re utilizing, other than Credit Karma or annual credit
report, let’s move to the next step. I’m going to give you the dispute
addresses for each of the credit bureaus as well. One thing you want to do is make
sure that you have a photo with two forms of ID. Ideally your driver’s
license and your social security card or your driver’s license and your most
recent utility bill, that came to the address you’re going to put on your
dispute letter. The reason you need those IDs is the credit bureaus are gonna ask
for them. If you don’t send them up front, you’re going to be wasting an entire
month. So let’s dive in with how we create and formulate this dispute letter.
You kind of need to know the anatomy of a credit report, but I’m gong to
give you as much knowledge as I can, as quick as possible, because I don’t want
to waste your time. In a dispute letter you need to have your full name, your
current address, city, state and zip code. This is one of the factors that
they’re going to use to verify your information. Next you want to put the
credit bureau name, address and today’s date. Now when it comes to
creating a dispute letter you can start with a template like this and I’ll
put a link to this letter for free at the bottom of this video. Just because
you watched this long and I’ve been rambling on. But, take this letter, edit it
and make it your own letter. You want to have a completely legal, factual letter
that goes to the credit bureaus, from you, that doesn’t tell a lie. So what you’re
doing is you’re gonna go through your credit report and find the items that
you want to dispute – meaning the items that you’re hoping will come off your
credit and increase your score. Things like collection accounts, late payments,
repossession, charge off, foreclosure, stuff like that. What you’re gonna do is
you’re gonna create this document – three of them – one for each credit bureau and
you’re gonna copy and paste the account name and account number onto each
credit bureau that the negative item is reporting to. The next thing you’re going
to do is tell them the reason that you believe that this account is reporting
inaccurate. Whether you don’t believe that the late payment was a full 90 days
late, you don’t believe that the balance is currently reporting accurate, you
don’t believe that the that the date of the last payment is correct, you don’t
believe that the date of last activity is correct? Those are all great reasons
to put in your dispute letter. The main point you’re trying to make in this
letter is that something about the account is inaccurate that’s the only
trick you need to know – if something is inaccurate and you need to find the inaccuracy – that is the entire trick to credit repair dispute letters. That is what all of
the good credit repair companies are doing we’re trying to find inaccuracies,
so that we can morally, ethically and legally get stuff deleted from your
credit report. So list the accounts, one for each Bureau and fill in your own
wording here. It doesn’t have to be this exactly and it’s better if it’s not. We
want it to sound like you and sound unique. Don’t sound too demanding or
like you’re gonna sue, you don’t need to do that. Just sound like a regular person,
tell them why these negative items are affecting you. If you’ve been denied for
a job, or you’ve been denied for a mortgage, or a car loan or a credit card,
those can be great reasons to add down here. Then at the bottom, you’re gonna
put your full name, your date of birth, your social security number and to each
letter you’re going to attach the two to three forms of ID. Once you have all of
those items you’re going to get an envelope for each individual credit bureau. Here are the dispute addresses. I’m going to put those at the bottom of this video as
well. What you’re going to do is you’re going to stuff the envelope with
this letter and with your IDs and you’re going to take it to the post office
and send it certified mail with a return receipt. It’s gonna cost you eight to
nine dollars for each letter and it’s going to be worth it. Once these
disputes have been received by the credit bureaus, they have 30 days to
respond, unless you did what I told you not to do and pulled an annual credit
report. But, they have 30 days to respond. Don’t act like they’re not gonna
fight this stuff, they are and that’s why credit repair companies are in business.
We know how to fight the extra hard stuff. In the comments let me
know if you are mailing this dispute letter! Let me know if you had success
and let me know what questions you have. I will make another video
explaining how to do round 2 disputes when any of these accounts come back as
verified. I’m excited to help you with your credit, make sure you subscribe to
our channel if you want more info on improving your credit. I’m
excited you’re here thanks for watching! If you found this video to be helpful,
please like it subscribe to our Channel and leave us a positive comment below, I
read all of the comments and I love you guys! Keep up the great work and I
will see you on the next video Please Subscribe!

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