“Credit Repair Programs That Work” | “How To Deal With Collection Agency Law Firms”

hey how you doing this is Mona her the
value NER here with process 609 credit repair program here with another great
video for you now have you ever gotten a letter from a collection law firm right
you’re like oh my gosh what do i do right you get that letter
from the law firm they’re like you know this is come to take your money and you
know kidnap your kids you know law firm Esquire right and we’re here to collect
the debt well I’m holding in my hand right now something very powerful that
is part of our process six of nine credit repair dispute program is a
letter that you can send to the law firms says they’re at the top all right
returning communications from the financial institutions lawyer all right
or the collection agent here’s the thing you do not have a relationship with that
law firm or that collection agency and you can let them know right here in the
letter it says you are acting on the presumption that some relationship that
you have with the creditor and you put the name of that that creditor is in
some way related to me all right and you could terminate communications with them
and say hey I want to work with your original creditor so you send this
letter to the law firm or end or the collection agency and also to the
original creditor very powerful letter a lot of people don’t know that they have
this power alright because they get the letter from the law firm and they think
that is is it like oh my gosh I’m going down the drain right like is this from a
law firm I’m screwed no and they’re just looking to collect the debts you could
turn the communication now of course they’re gonna be times where you get
served papers right for garnishment all right well you get served papers and you
know the share comes to your house serve the papers you got to go to court that’s
different okay that’s different you go ahead with a court situation because if
not when you look up your ways to being garnished okay so that’s their situation
you go to the court and you deal with the core
but it is just a law firm collecting on the dead representing the original
creditor you sent his letter said get out my face get on up out of here this
time just beat him alright I remember that beat it mmm tell
them beat it gonna get give out my face shot alright
you know you just be standing with you with your G with your G stands like get
up on face alright so if you want exit to this letter and other letters that
can help you and repair your credit click on the button below down in the
description area we have two programs we have the one where you do it yourself
okay we have a do-it-yourself program and within our programs is there are
videos for each letter to know exactly what to do we also have a coaching
program in the inside so you if you feel you need some guidance and and walk
through the process we can we can be there for you we our second program is
where we do all the work for you you just send us information and we get the
letters out to the credit porting agencies we had a few inquiries on
collection stuff like this and you know really go to battle for you at the same
time getting some coaching and guidance and then within both programs you’re
gonna get access to our financial offense program because credit repair is
just one of the pillars of financial success and inside of financial offense
v wealth secrets you’re going to get all the financial pillars so that you’ll
never need anyone like our program again you want to be financially free you want
to create wealth for yourself now and for your generations make sure you get
access to our financial offense v well seekers training is really gonna help
you become more financially alright so mona heard the value near a tell those
collection law firms that you mean business
I’m just joking get him out of there send this letter and also the collection
agencies send this letter and it should really help you in your process so we’ll
see you on the next video [credit repair programs that work]
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  1. Chris Whitman says:

    Marlon, I have a problem and not sure how to fix it. I forget my password to your site and my email as well because they were the same and I created them both at the same time. Hotmail is being dumb and basically have closed my account because of inactivity and therefore I can not use the recover password through your site as it just sends an email to the address that they closed that I can't recover. What do I need to do to fix this issue because I want to continue using the product that I paid for. Thank you, I look forward to hearing back from you.

  2. george colbert says:

    I have two paid GA state tax liens on TransUnion. Equifax deleted them. Do you know how to get them removed? I paid them off years ago. I also have a charge off that had been paid. The company that bought the debt is listing it as a late payment on Experian.

  3. Marlon Hurd The Valuenaire says:

    Watch next: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfmBKbJKalo

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