6 comments on “Credit Repair Secret: Remove Previously Verified Negative Items”


    Love it Bradda keep it coming yessir …👊👊

  2. Jay B 71 says:

    Thank you for sharing. New and Huge fan of your channel.

  3. John Plaisival says:

    Excellent, thanks for the info

  4. Nick Cuttonaro says:

    Thanks for sharing! Great info!

  5. Ebony Ivory says:

    Thanks creditceo I just tried this tactic I certified mailed all three credit bureaus proof of the returned letter & highlighted the incorrect address on 2 out of 3 credit reports…hope this work I will update you.

    I will go on line and file a complaint as well..

  6. Life In General Vlogs says:

    thank you omg im going to try

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