Credit Reports Demystified – Know the Score – Chase

FARNOOSH: School’s out but when it comes
to our finances we’re still getting graded. We’re asking New Yorkers “how well do you know your credit
report?” FARNOOSH: Which of the following is on your
credit report – is it A) your date of birth, B) your employer’s address, C) your credit card
balance or D) all of the above? NEW YORKER 1: A? NEW YORKER 2: I’m going to say my employer’s
address. NEW YORKER 3: Uh, I’m going to go B. FARNOOSH: It’s D, all of the above. NEW YORKER 3: Oh okay. FARNOOSH: Date of birth, your employer’s
address, your credit card balance, all on your credit score. FARNOOSH: Now, when was the last time you
checked your credit report? NEW YORKER 4: I couldn’t tell ya. NEW YORKER 5: Probably about 2 years ago. NEW YORKER 6: six months ago. NEW YORKER 7: Not ever. FARNOOSH: Not ever? It’s time to check your
score. FARNOOSH (v/o): So, you may not be familiar
with your credit report but it is worth checking out. It’s chock full of insights, including details
on past and current credit and loan accounts, how well you’ve been paying your bills and inquiries to see
your credit profile by lenders, creditors, insurers and even landlords. Public records like tax leins and
bankruptcies also show up and can stay for up to ten years. FARNOOSH: For Chase Slate, I’m Farnoosh

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