Credit Score Boost: 5 Little-Known Ways to Improve Your Score 50-100 Points (Fast!)

Today you’re gonna learn five proven yet little known strategies to help you improve your credit score by 50 points fast. In fact my brother, Mark, recently used just one of these strategies and saw his credit score jumped from 591 to 620 in just a few days. Hey everyone, I’m Chris
Huntley with Credit Knocks. And by the end of this video, you’ll learn the stupid-simple strategy responsible for my
brother’s lightning fast credit score increase, along with four more
powerful credit score boosts. Let’s open up that credit door, baby. (upbeat music) Okay, so let’s dive right
into tip number one, but I want you to know that
these are lesser known ways to increase your credit score. I’m not gonna bore you
with the same old tired credit building tips that
you can find anywhere and that you probably already know. You need to keep a low
credit utilization rate. Be sure to pay your bills on time. Hey, don’t get me wrong. While making your payments on time and keeping low balances
are super important, you’re looking for insider tips here, and that’s my promise to you. Lesser-known credit building
tips without all the fluff. I’m bringing the heat, baby. Best of all these strategies
take little-to-no time and little-to-no money. In fact one of the strategies I’ll share, the borrow-a-kidney strategy, takes just minutes and
it won’t cost you a dime. Having said that, let’s get on to credit
score hack number one. Credit score hack number one, the Goldmine Strategy. We call this one the Goldmine Strategy because you are literally
sitting on a goldmine that you don’t even know about. All you gotta do is grab that pick and start reaping the benefits. And the crazy thing is most
of you can do this right now in the next 10 minutes
after watching this video, and you’ll see a credit
boost within weeks. But I also know for a fact that most of you have never
heard of this strategy. In a recent survey
conducted by Credit Knocks, we asked 590 young adults
in America, aged 20 to 29, how many of them were paying
rent or other utilities bills. About half, 51% of them were paying rent, and 62% were paying gas and electric bill. So why am I bringing up your rent and utilities payments in a credit video? Well, because in tip number
one, the Goldmine Strategy, I’m gonna show you how
to use these payments to increase your credit score. You see, we’re all aware that if we pay our
credit card bill on time or a car loan and maybe
a store card religiously, that that gets reported
to the credit bureaus, and that can help our
credit scores, cha-ching! But if you’re paying rent or utilities let’s say to a gas bill or a water bill, and you’re paying on time every month, you know how much credit you get for that as far as your credit score
goes and on your credit report? You get nothing! You lose. Good day, sir! And you’re sitting on a goldmine because you can get credit for that. It’s so simple. If you wanna get credit for
your utilities payments, Experian, one of the big
three credit bureaus, has a service where they allow you to report your bills for free. All you do is you go to, you sign up for free, link your account from which you pay your utilities, then you choose the bill
that you want to report. Examples of utilities
could be your home phone, your cellphone, gas, water, electric bill. When I signed up, they even
included my solar payment. Now Experian reports that
85% of users with bad credit who signed up for Experian
Boost raised their credit and reported an average credit
score increase of 14 points. Now it’s important for
you to know that Experian will potentially find and give you credit for payments that you’ve
been making for years, not just your future
payments but they look back, and that’s where your boost comes from. You get all that positive
payment history instantaneously. That’s why you see users like this, HummingBird_52 on Twitter, reporting an instant gain of 15 points when she used Experian Boost. Just keep in mind that Experian Boost only impacts your Experian score. Experian will not report your utilities payment history to the other big two credit bureaus, Equifax and Transunion. Now also as I said earlier, they have to link up to your bank account to verify your utilities payment history. And I know a lot of
people don’t like that. So be aware of that. And also Experian can only
link up to a bank account. So if you pay your utilities
bills with a credit card, it’s not gonna work for you. Part two of the goldmine strategy is our tip number two, and that’s to also report your rent. So think about it. Very few property managers report your diligent, on-time rental payments to the credit bureaus. And that’s not fair, you
should get credit for that. And it’s easy to fix this problem and get an instant boost to your credit. You simply use a rental reporting company. So just like Experian allows you to report utilities payments, well, there’s rent reporting companies and they allow you to report
rent to the credit agencies. And it couldn’t be simpler. You pay a one-time fee,
usually less than 100 bucks, and the rent reporting
company will reach out to your landlord to
verify your rent history, and then reports their
findings to the credit bureaus, giving you a quick credit score boost. Now unlike Experian Boost, most of these companies don’t require you to give your bank info. And in a lot of cases they’ll report to more than one credit bureau. So you get a boost to more than just one of your credit scores. And a lot of these companies will report as far back as two years
of your rental payments. And let me tell you something, this strategy really works. In fact here’s a couple
testimonials from the company that we recommend for this service, RentReporters. Katelyn signed herself up and her husband and said that they were amazed to see his score jump 60 points overnight. Shauntae saw an incredible 120-point increase to
her score at Transunion. In fact RentReporters claims that their users see an average increase of 40 points in just 10 days. 10 days. Now if you use the rent
reporting strategy, just be aware that these companies will be reaching out to your landlord. So the speed at which it works is a little bit dependent
on your landlord’s response. Also keep in mind that not all rental reporting companies
are created equal. Many of them only offer to report to one of the three major credit agencies, so that means that your credit score will only improve at
that one credit bureau because the agencies don’t share information collected with one another. In my opinion it’s a waste
of your time and money to pay a rent reporting service to only report to one credit agency. The only way to maximize
your rent reporting is by choosing a service that reports to more than one credit bureau. One of the companies that
does this is RentTrack, also known as CreditPop. They’re the only reporting service to report to all three
of the major agencies. However unlike the other
reporting services, they require you to make your rental or lease payment through their company, which then sends the
check on to your landlord. Problem with that is that you have to
make your payment early. You probably wanna send it
in about seven days early to make sure it’s in time so that they can send
it on to your landlord. And if you’re like most Americans, you probably are paying your rent on the very last day that
you can possibly pay it. So it’s just not a feasible
solution for a lot of Americans. That’s why the company that
we’ve been recommending a lot lately is RentReporters. It’s quick and it’s easy. They report to two credit agencies, Transunion and Equifax. And all you have to do
is pay your rent on time like you always have
right to your landlord, and you’ll see a credit jump by an average of 40 point in 10 days. Okay, so let’s move on
to tip number three, the borrow-a-kidney strategy. Now remember I mentioned this one earlier as something that you could do to increase your credit score fast and is entirely free. Well, here it is. It’s a lesser known credit strategy that we call the borrow-a-kidney strategy. And here’s a real life example from Marty who wrote us saying that she
was gonna try this strategy on her 19-year-old-daughter
who had no credit at all. Marty had a credit card that
she had opened years ago with a great payment history, and it had pretty big credit
limit of $21,000 on it. So here’s what she did. She called up her credit card company and asked them to add her daughter as what’s called an authorized user. Now even though her daughter didn’t get an actual physical credit card, she got added as a user to the card. So she got her mom’s credit
history from the card, and the results, well, after one month, her daughter’s credit score
went from nothing to 766. So here’s the borrow-a-kidney
strategy in a nutshell. You simply ask your
friend or family member, typically it’s gonna be mom or dad, who has an established credit card with solid payment history, to add you as an authorized
user to their card. Your credit report will adopt
the card’s payment history usually resulting in a quick
credit score boost to you. In other words the payment
history of the cardholder becomes your payment
history and you get credit for potentially years of on-time payments. Okay, so here’s another example of how well this strategy works. I mentioned a poll that we
ran here at Credit Knocks that was a nationwide poll
amongst adults ages 20 to 29, and one of the questions we asked them is how many of them have been
added as an authorized user. Unfortunately only about 10% of them had. We found out some really
interesting things about the respondents who have been added as an authorized user. Out of the ones who have been
added as an authorized user, 46% of them had a 680
or better credit score. Then you wanna compare that
to the poor miserable souls who had not been added
as an authorized user, only 28% of them had a credit
score of 680 or higher. And my friends, I know
there are a lot of factors that go into building a credit score, but this was spread out
across all income levels, education levels, and ethnicities, people with bad credit,
people who were new to credit, and that the authorized user
in fact does not discriminate. It just works for just about anybody. Now most likely you’ve never heard of the borrow-a-kidney strategy, but even if you have, odds are you still haven’t been added as an authorized user, but we’re gonna fixed that. Oh and a quick note to those of you who don’t have mom and dad wrapped around your little finger, hey mom, can we get some meatloaf? Ma! Meatloaf! We want it now! God, I never know where she is. But seriously you might be thinking, my mom or dad would never go for this, or I don’t know anyone
with an established credit. Or maybe you’ve heard of this strategy and you’ve already asked somebody and they told you no,
they wouldn’t add you. Stick around, learn the strategy. I got a workaround for you. It works fantastic. Bottom line is whatever your barrier is, it’s inexcusable. The benefits of this are just too insane. So you gotta get in on this
borrow-a-kidney strategy. So here is the three easy
steps to get started. First step is to identify
the friend of family member with the best credit card for
the borrow-a-kidney strategy. Now you wanna ask your
friends or family members, most likely again it’s gonna be a parent, if they have credit cards that
they’ve had for a long time. So here is the ideal account. The ideal account has been
opened for five plus years and has a large limit. I mean generally speaking it’s gonna be the bigger the better. And you also wanna make sure that it has an excellent payment history. You wanna make sure they haven’t
been late on any payments. You don’t want that on
your credit history. And you wanna make sure that the account is currently in good standing. Step two, ask mom or dad,
friend, brother, sister if they’d be willing to do you a big favor and promise them that it’ll be quick, it won’t cost them any money, and there’ll be no risk to them. And this here is how
you’re gonna convince them to add you as a user. I mean the truth is there’s
very little risk to them as long as you don’t get a credit card and start making charges. You can even have them call
up the credit card company. This will give them the warm fuzzies. Just have them ask the
representative about this strategy. Chances are the credit card rep has seen this and done
this for people 100 times. They’ll speak very favorably of it. It’s a legitimate strategy. And they’ll say, yeah, you should go ahead and do
that for your son or daughter. And then they’ll tell you
everything that I just told you that you don’t have to
send them a credit card, and it’ll make them feel more comfortable. And so if you can just
get them on the phone and have them call in to
the credit card company, that’s gonna be a monumental step for you. And so I know some of
this sounds a little bit like weird, like if you’ve
never heard of this. I know when I first heard of it, I thought is this even legal? But seriously this is a legit strategy. So if they need even more
convincing, be ready. Do some Google searching on
the authorized user strategy. I mean you’re gonna find
studies and articles from reputable places like Wells Fargo and NerdWallet and Credit Karma. All of them have written about it. And you can have these things pulled up and ready to show mom and dad that, look, this is a legit strategy, it’s been done for years
and years and years. It’s not gonna hurt anybody. And it’s only gonna help me. It’s not gonna cost you anything. Can you do me a big
favor here, mom or dad? And that brings us to the last step where all they do is they hop on the phone, they call up the credit card company and they give them the information that they need to add you. Again it’s gonna be typically your name, date of birth, address,
and social security number. Again it only takes a couple of minutes. And in most cases a credit card company doesn’t charge anything
to add an authorized user so it’s typically gonna be free. And it’s really for free and for the time that
you’re gonna put into it, it’s really one of the
most beneficial things that you can do to give
your credit a big boost in virtually just days. Okay so let’s talk to those
of you who don’t know anyone who has a pristine credit card history, or maybe you’ve asked someone before and they told you that they
wouldn’t add you as a user. All is not lost my child. So what you can do is use a
company that sells tradelines. Now one of the companies
that we like who does this is Tradeline Supply Company. They offer placement as an authorized user on low utilization tradelines. It’s very similar to how you might get added
to a parent’s card. I’ll have a link in the description for more information
about buying tradelines. Okay, so credit hack
number four is to open up what’s called a Fingerhut account. Now this is the one I told you
about that helped my brother to raise his credit score by
29 points in just a few days. Now the truth is he actually raised over the course of a couple
of months on Fingerhut, raised his credit by about 50 points. Yes! Yes! Yes, yes, yes! So here’s the steps to
the Fingerhut strategy. One, you sign up for a
Fingerhut online catalog card. It’s very similar to like a store card. The difference with
Fingerhut is they approve just about anyone with bad
credit or with no credit. Two, make small purchases
every couple of months from the Fingerhut store. I mean the site is very similar to Amazon where you can buy just about anything that you can find over at Amazon. The difference is that Fingerhut’s pricing is quite a bit higher, okay, but let’s keep our eye on the ball. This is a credit building strategy and you’re only gonna be making a small purchase once in a while. So we wanna do this because they’re gonna be reporting this to the credit bureaus and it’s gonna help your credit. And speaking of helping your credit, that leads us to step number three, you gotta pay your bill
every month on time, but you don’t wanna pay
off the whole balance, so you wanna keep a small balance, say about 10 to 20% of
your limit at all times. And there’s a very specific credit building strategy for this, and it’s because Fingerhut, as long as you keep a small balance and pay on time every month, they will increase your
credit limit usually, and that helps with things
like credit utilization which accounts for 30%
of your credit score. So basically what this is it’s like an unsecured credit card except you can only use it to buy things in the Fingerhut store. So it helps because it’s
a revolving credit line. It reports to all three credit bureaus. And because they’re giving you credit, it increases your credit utilization which as we’ve said is gonna
help your overall score. And here’s how that works. So my brother got a 591
credit score when he applied, and they gave him a $1,000 limit. And at the time he only had $2,000 in other revolving credit
with credit cards that he had. So by getting approved
for the Fingerhut card, well, he increased his credit
limit by another 1,000 bucks. He went from 2,000 to 3,000. That’s a 50% gain in seconds. So that immediately decreased
his credit utilization, and that’s why he saw the immediate spike in his credit score. Overall this is just
one of the simplest ways that you can improve your credit. You do have to buy a few things from, a few overpriced things
from the Fingerhut store, but if it’s stuff that you were
gonna buy anyway on Amazon, you can look at it almost like
a free credit building tool, and it works really well whether you have new credit or bad credit. So we highly recommend this strategy. Now the last tip that
I wanna share with you, and maybe I’ve saved the best for last, is to get a credit builder loan. This is one of the kinda lesser known or lesser understood credit building tip. So you all know how a loan works, right? So you take out a loan
and what’s the bank do? They give you money right upfront. Now you have to pay that
loan back over time. So you’d make payments
with interest over time. So a credit builder
loan is similar to that, but instead of getting your money upfront, in a credit builder loan instead of getting your money upfront like in a regular loan, you’d get it once you finished
making all your payments. So you get it on the backside. Now this is a dream come
true for the lender, right? I mean there’s no risk to them at all. So it cuts out the risk, but the flip side of that is it becomes an incredible credit building tool for people who have bad credit because there’s no credit check, and as far as your credit score goes, it looks to the credit bureaus just like another type of installment loan such as an auto loan, except they’re very small dollar loans and they usually have much shorter terms like six months to two years. So does it work? Absolutely. Self-Help recently studied
hundreds of borrowers who took out credit builder loans with Federal Credit Union and found that the average borrower who held their loan through
to the end of its term and made all their payments, they increased their score
by an average of 68 points. From our experience here at Credit Knocks what we found is that most
people see a small bump in their credit score immediately
after getting the loan such as 15 to 25 points, and then they see a
small monthly increases averaging about just five points per month over the life of the loan. Okay so those were our
five lesser known tips to help you to build your credit score 50 to 100 points fast. And head over to and get our free 4-Week
Credit Boost e-book. It’s a perfect complementary cheat sheet that helps you go along with this video. It breaks down all the best
tips that we just discussed and has an additional bonus tip that you don’t wanna miss in there. Thanks so much for
joining me in this video. If you loved it, please leave a comment, please subscribe, please share. And thank you, we’ll see you again soon.

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