Credit Secrets Book Review: $61,702 Student Loan Removed! Remove Student Loans From Credit Report.

how you doing guys Deebo credit here
today is July 15th 2018 today is definitely a beautiful day here in
Orlando Florida I definitely hope that everyone is having a wonderful day today
I bring you a product review from a product that I actually purchased a
while back year up the year no matter what business I am involved in I try to
continue my education because things are continuously changing inside the credit
repair world so what I did earlier this year is I purchase a product that I was
actually came upon on accident I was actually watching um I forgot what movie
it was but I was watching a movie and in between in between commercials I seen
Larry King Live talking to this guy about some book or product or something
that was going on it was some info commercial and I tend to watch those
things a lot of times I don’t really watch those to buy anything
but I watch to learn from infomercials you can learn a lot from watching those
type of commercials not necessarily by what they’re selling but just watch the
marketing because marketing evolves and changes over time but anyways anyway so
I bought that product it was a credit repair product I bought any credit
repair product out just to see what everybody else was doing see if I can
find any new tricks or you know just something that I could use in my own
business to help others out and today i will be bringing you a review from that
product now the end result from that product is I had a customer that had a
$60,000 student loan and that $60,000 student loan was removed and the way we
removed it is based on this system in this
book and videos that I’m going to show you in just a second here so I didn’t
use my own system of my own way of doing things I actually used another system
testing it out and see if it works and it actually did work and I actually
can’t put my name behind it because I actually use it I can’t promote or
recommend anything unless I test it out myself and I really hope you guys
appreciate that because I’m very tough on products and services and they they
did a very good job they blew me away with the amount of
information that they knew the detail that it was in in the format that was
here but it was very systematic I’m a systematic learner so I really really
appreciate how they put everything together I’m not the type of person that
can go to a classroom sit down listen to a teacher for our two hours take notes
take a test that type of thing I rather take online classes where I can work at
my own pace where everything is in order systematically and I can get things done
a lot faster and that’s basically how this is set up so begin with I pulled up
a the customers transunion credit report before we start working on their report
now this specific report was in the first of the year in uh around 13 2018
so what we’re gonna do we’re gonna go down we’re gonna find this student long we’re gonna find it sooner or later here let’s see no that’s not it yeah okay
here we go all right so the student loan was from the US Department of Education
and this is the account number so well I’ll zoom in in a second but the account
number just pay attention to the account number here is 3 8 7 7 8 4 2 0 1 2 77
and the reason I want you to pay attention to this account number because
we’re gonna see this later to give you proof that I’m not just throwing a bunch
of stuff together that this is actually real and this really actually happened
so this is the account number here now we’re gonna go to now we’re going to go
to the results of this account being removed now it was actually removed from
all three credit bureaus TransUnion Equifax and Experian Experian for
whatever reason they sent the letter saying that they were not going to
remove it and then a couple weeks later they actually remove it but they didn’t
send us any confirmation of you know they didn’t send any confirmation like
that they actually removed it I even went online to check the customers
online experience account and there was nothing there also but take my word for
it it did come off Experian if you really really really want to see it just
leave a comment or just shoot us an email at lower credit solutions at and I can see you a screenshot or short video and log into their
account to show you proof that that Experian account has been removed all
right so first we’re going to go to TransUnion the strategy yeah TransUnion
alright and as you can see here anybody for me with trend
TransUnion this is the results page I’m actually scanning it’s over and actually
you can see know if you can see it from watching
this video but you can see in that background here there is a back side to
this that’s why it looks a little weird but whatever the case as you can see
here US Department of Education that account number that we seen right here
it’s the same account number three eight seven seven eight four two zero one two
seven seven and that was removed as of May 31st 2018 so it’s proof here that
this came off now real quick I’m pretty sure you guys probably seen it but as
you can see that this long was definitely over 60,000 as you can see
here the numbers 61 thousand it’s probably probably was over 62,000 once
it finally came off but yeah 60,000 right here 60 60 60 61 just to show you
that this student loan was over sixty thousand the balance alright so as you
can see here delete it it’s gone alright Equifax we did the same thing as you can
see here US Department of Education the account number same account number three
eight seven seven eight four two zero one two 77 this item has been deleted
from your credit file so as you can see here proof solid undeniable proof that
the system that I’m about to show you it works and I’m also actually going to
show you some inside information that I think you guys are really gonna enjoy
all right so we got Equifax and weak TransUnion Stud all right so what we’re gonna do
and this is the product that I purchased so if you guys never seen this
late-night infomercial this is the product that they actually have with
Larry King and we’re not gonna go through all this just a quick backstory
is that on this program and book was created by a couple named Scott and
Allison Hilton very great couple they’ve really did a very very very very good
job putting this thing together and the the format that they give the detail
that they give is just it’s amazing it’s really amazing and after looking through
their stuff I’m actually gonna try to put something together based on this
more of a video based type site where it really breaks it down even more than
they’ve already done and I think you guys would really appreciate that again
I’m a systematic learner and I think for the most part a lot of people are
systematic learners where they need step-by-step guidance to lead and guide
them through something that they’ve never tried before if you’ve never tried
something before you need that step-by-step instructions to get things
done but here’s a list of the table of contents we’re not going to go through
any of this I’m just kind of just giving you a little inside information about
what’s in it everything’s in here so whatever credit situation that you might
have there’s detailed information in this
book that they have and you not only get a download a downloadable copy but you
also get a physical book also so that’s a very great thing so you got all the
dispute letters you need including inquiries judgments whatever you
whatever situation that you have they have something for that I’m just
gonna roll through the table of contents so you can kind of get a deal what’s
know going on in here all right so that’s left you can always pause the
video if you want to look at the table of contents there well this is Scott and
Allison right here very nice couple you know they’re the real deal folks they’re
the real deal in this credit repair business there’s a lot of scam artists
out there they are not scam artists is I can vouch for that
and also anybody that is looking for services from my company lawyer credit
solutions we’re also not a scam get that question a lot I’m not really sure who
would actually say yes we are a scam but for whatever it it for whatever it’s
worth we are not a scam and Scott and Allison Hilton are also not a scam these
are real people doing real things helping hundreds of thousands of people
just like you and just like me all right so I’m going to stop here I’m not going
to show more any more of the book but what I am gonna do this is actually the
inside the membership site but we’re not gonna go there yet what we’re gonna do
now I’m gonna give you a website and if you go to CS dot Deebo that’s
the site that you can actually go to to purchase this book the book is around 40
bucks before shipping or after shipping it might be four or five bucks more
sometimes they do have an option to get free shipping but it just all depends on
the time of day in here that you actually purchase so again if you go to
CSD PO this will take you to the site that you need to go to purchase
and they have a wonderful presentation yes they have a wonderful presentation
here I’m not gonna play this video but if you come come and visit CSD Bowl you will be taken to this page and just watch this video if you
want you don’t have to watch the video but you can check it out it’s a very
interesting video that you can check it out and you know if you do decide to
purchase just feel your information out here click on rush my order and you
won’t be disappointed now once you do purchase you will
receive 3 million books it looks like you actually get another bonus I didn’t
actually well I got it eventually but when I first purchased I only got let’s
see did I get oh no I’m sorry no I got a I got all these I’m sorry it’s been so
long since I purchased this secret money method I first didn’t think I got that
when I first purchased but I actually did so you’re gonna actually not only
are you gonna get this booklet that we just pulled up here but you’re also
going to get my god to a business credit and a Quick Start Guide and secret money
method those are very powerful I’m not going to go into it just for the privacy
of the owners but believe me you will not be disappointed for the low price of
right now it’s 39.95 that’s for for somebody that doesn’t have the money to
pay for credit repair services because even my credit repair services are I
feel for the average person it’s a little bit on the expensive side and I
understand that and why the reason why I charge so much is because my time is
very valuable and I don’t have much free time so I have to up my price to a price
that I feel that it’s worth my time and effort because I spend a lot of time
myself helping people with their credit and I can’t do it for a low price and
for those who can’t afford my prices or maybe another credit repair companies
prices this is probably your second best option that I’ve actually found from
beginning to end even I I mean I sell a product myself and this product is
better than mine and the reason being is because it’s more of a step-by-step
process my product is more of just a list of credit dispute letters I mean I
do have a certain system that I use but it has to be tweaked sometimes so it’s
hard for me to explain all the information that I have because if I did
I think that the book or the information would be so long that it might scare
people away and I really didn’t want to do that but the way this couple did it
is that they kind of condensed everything to simple steps and if you
ever need support they’re also there to give you that support so again that
website is CS dot Depot all right so now what we’re going to do
we’re going to go to the back office alright so once you do purchase you’ll
be emailed some login information where you have access to your products online
also so I’m gonna go through everything here for you guys alright so this is on one of the first
areas that you’ll go to this is your just jumpstart area or this is your
QuickStart area and basically this is just a video let me know your first
couple steps so once you get started just go through this and the first step
normally raises your credit score this here says how to raise your scores but
up to seventy seven points in as little as seven days that’s definitely true
I’ll say the average point stood up I personally seen is anywhere between 30
and 40 points so yeah and they show you how
to do that in that video and also in the book also and then you have your
business credit guide this is it here you just click this and download your
free guide to business credit so if you have a business or even if you are
thinking about getting a business this is very a good investment and again
there’s no additional cost for this book here alright so the secret money method alright so this is a secret money method
area there’s a video here and it basically teaches you how to get
available credit on your credit report even if you have poor credit they have a
number of videos here very informative I’ve used some of these they haven’t
used all of them because I didn’t particularly need these because my
credit it’s very good my credit limit is very high and I didn’t need any of these
I did hire a test out one or two of these sources and they did actually work
and increase my clients report all right so we have some more stuff
here this is called the VIP smart money club now Oh actually I skip on dating
I’m sorry now for additional now everything else that I’m gonna show you
from here on out there is an additional cost the additional cost can be anywhere
between don’t quote me on this but if I can remember correctly $27 worst was the
lowest and then the highest was I think $97 at the time of this purchase but
according to the company prices can change and from time to time they do
send out discounts to customers who did not initially purchase the upgrades are
the additional programs that are available but one of the programs they
have is called the Automator and what this actually does is it has
pre-installed dispute letters and basically you would just fill out some
information hit a button and the letter prints out by itself that way you don’t
have to worry about typing up the letter yourself now if you didn’t want to edit
the letter they definitely the software actually gives you the option to do that
I’m not gonna go through the Automator because I’m not here to go through a
step-by-step tutorial on every single section just giving you an overview of
what you have option to get and this is this just saves so much time I actually
use this a couple times and it works as advertised so the Automator a lot of
people love that software now this is something called a VIP smart money club smart money club give me just a second
because I haven’t actually been back hearing well looks like there’s a lot of
new stuff going on back here okay I put the smart money club every
month they have a video of some sort the information is so valuable I don’t have
time to get into it maybe with another video but you get you get some real
secret stuff going on back in here this is definitely another additional cost
like I said I pay for everything guys I pay for my education so whatever they
have any upgrade they have I purchased it and I wasn’t disappointed with any of
that but smart money club VIP vault I’m not going to go too much into it
but yeah you get a lot of secret stuff a lot of good information if you click on
all these little side tabs they go into other sections of the site we’re not
going to do that right right now but there’s a lot of information for you
guys alright we’re going to keep it moving all right
VIP webinar archives so from time to time they do Q&A with Scott and John
Dave and Stefan and you can learn a lot from that and if you guys can see it but
we also have a Facebook group and we’re going to go over there and a little bit
and that Facebook group is by itself and that is another additional cost that
that’s not included with the booklet that you would get for $40 but like I
said I buy everything and that group is amazing we’re not going to go too much
in that but this is a webinar section I credit secrets audiobook and basically
if you want the audio form you can always download it to your computer or
your smartphone if you want to listen to a while in the car maybe you’re working
out at the gym you can listen to it on the go we have a section called the
expert files this is just John talking about different subjects that come up
we’re not gonna go through all of them but just more secrets guys just you get
insider information and if you watch the video on CS dot Depot John
explains a lot as far as about the actual program and I’m not gonna go too
much into John but John’s the real deal John is the insider he’s one of my
insiders now that someone that I can turn to when I’m having issues with my
business or some type of credit repair issue alright and there’s another
section here called a home buyer secret kind of self-explanatory so if anybody
is looking to buy a house this they actually have a section here as far as
the step-by-step instructions that can help you out and kind of lead you and
guide you on the steps that you would need to take to buy your house so
there is a lot of information there’s 22 lessons again this is an additional
charge I don’t remember the actual price but it was very minimal I think it was
30 or 40 bucks something something like that alright so that’s pretty much the
entire system here and then down here once you get started you just click on
step one and you just follow the steps guys when I say there’s a step by step
instruction system I mean you’re looking right at it one two three four and five
so that’s that now what we’re gonna do now let me see here let’s go over to a
square root of Facebook all right we’re gonna go over to
Facebook and we’re gonna go to the group here all right so this is the Facebook
group this is again this is an additional charge is not included with
the initial purchase of the book but in this group here this is where you can go
to get your questions answered you get to go to see people’s progress it’s just
a wonderful thing it’s just whatever you need I guarantee you can find it in here
for example let’s say we’re trying to let’s say we’re trying to win more
information on student loans I’m gonna type in student loans then what it does
is it goes through every single post that were ever that was ever posted and
it’s gonna pull up everybody talking about student loans and there’s so much
information in these threads it’s absolutely amazing it’s amazing I’m not
gonna spend too much time in here but for those who might need it to extra
help or want it to be in like a support group you know it’s all ways to go about
doing things as a group so I would definitely recommend for those who need
you know more of a group or if you wanted somewhere to go to get some
questions answered pretty quickly this is a good place to actually go now let’s
real quick here I’m gonna search sm c wi in now what that’s gonna do it’s going to
pull up a lot of people that’s been having a lot of success we’re not going
to go through a lot of these and we’re just gonna randomly click on some of
these Oh where’d it go oh this is somebody that looks like they end up
getting a lot of cards here as you can see there is a lot of American Express
Amazon Bank of America Best Buy so this person looks like
they’re on track here looks like somebody says all student
loans are deleted along with the few collections FICO went from 6-10 to 777
it’s like it was TransUnion so it’s just one example I showed you an example
myself and these are actually real people out here doing this where they
got navient loans deleted all these student loans you know all by going to
see s dot Depot and using this book and it’s it’s a
wonderful thing just all these people with success there’s a lot of them like
I know this over a thousand I know that for sure it’s just way too many to go
through right now but um but yeah definitely hope you guys understand that
I am promoting this book and this system because I
really believe in it I used it as you can see I just showed you right here on
Facebook that other people are getting things done
she was approved for sixty seven hundred and credit lines twenty inquiries
deleted it it’s just amazing it’s really amazing
again CSD Bell you guys got any questions or concerns
just email me at loyal credit solutions at and I’ll definitely be
happy to return your email I don’t take many phone calls I’m just too busy
there’s so many phone calls I’m only one person and I have a lot of other
business stuff going on and that’s one of the reasons why I had to find or
create a system like this I didn’t have the time to create a system like this so
I actually found one for my clients that I can offer if they’re not able to pay
me to do their credit repair or at heart inquire removal for them hope you guys
really appreciated this show drew the results I went through as much
information as I think that you guys would needed lawyer credit solutions is
not a scam no your credit solutions it’s definitely not a scam I’m a real person
as you can see on my facebook this is me Damien Prince I’m a real person I have
real friends I’m not a scam I actually got a Facebook page too I don’t really
use it that much but we can check that out real quick here this is my Facebook
page really they don’t do too much on here just very hard finding the time I’m
just always just so busy but that’s it guys I’m about to get off this video
upload it to YouTube and I’m actually gotta get ready to cook
some dinner and try to get a nap I got a lot of work to do tonight so you guys
take care be blessed be safe out there guys stay motivated no matter what
position your credit is in there’s definitely options out there don’t give
up don’t give up keep pushing keep pushing
Deebo credit I’m out of here guys take care

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