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don’t forget to turn on your post notifications so that you’ll never miss an upload and washed away with it but yeah we have enjoyed video hey whats up guys its Chevy Monique and today I’m going to be doing a very important video for you guys and it’s gonna be a video reviewing a app / website called credit Sesame so i decided to go ahead and view of this video and bring this to you guys to come together on more of a serious level just talk to you guys a little bit more about your credit so a lot of you guys I know are pretty young but I think a very very good day for you guys to know at a young age is to be aware of your credit and what credit means ok so what it means is basically your ability at the consumer to obtain goods before actually making payment and basically based off of trust so your credit is actually like a reflection of you it’s a reflection of your financial stability and your ability to make payments in your ability to be responsible so credit is basically like a trust report card it’s like your report card on how a lender you think or I’m credit union or basically yeah auto finance place of mortgage lender it’s the way that they will know that you are trustworthy and they should trust you with making this purchase for you and you paying them back payments so to have credit it of course is a very very good thing if you want to have a lavish house and you’re not and you don’t know any know that you’re gonna have to make payments on your mortgage you’re not going to be able to just buy a house right out with cash so if you I mean maybe if you got it like that but the majority of us are a lot of us will have to get a mortgage loan at one point in our lives and auto finance loan at one point in my life and its really good for you to start early i wish someone would have told me when I was 17 18 years old that credit was important and why I was important nobody had that conversation with me and because nobody had that conversation with me i missed my credit a very very early age I was only like 18 19 and when I got my first credit card right after the credit card a card that I should have got the high interest rate credit card had a high interest rate I got a couple loans because there was things that i wanted i was living beyond my means and I was in the military so you would think that I had like a smarter brain to know what I was doing but in my mind it was like who i want that what I want that what I want that and I was just like yeah I could just get it on my credit card and just making smarter decisions when you’re young you feel like if you know everything you feel that sense of freedom because you’re finally like free you’re out of your parents house and things like that but it will come back and bite you in about two to three years later when you start getting a little bit more responsible or were you just not realizing that it’s getting hard for you you begin apartment i’m there comes a time when I mean credit is looking for everything for you to get a phone if you want to get a phone without a down payment and almost all these different things like like you to leave everything you have to have a down payment in order to get utilities turned on sometimes if you have bad credit you have to have a downpayment promise everything if your credit is bad there’s a lot of things that you’ll just wish and some point in your life you’re gonna be like why did I mess up my credit why did I mess up my credit so I’ve been being aware and being there and marry each is definitely something that we are she get to start doing and we should start doing I’m not what i want to tell you guys about app called credit Sesame so it’s a nap but it’s also a website and it’s very fast-growing website it is bitter time for a little while now and I definitely been using it for a while now i have it on my old phone i took up this one but haven’t been as credit focus but i did download it again so that I can show that I am partnering with credit test before this video to basically bring awareness either and let you guys know what what it’s all about it is a free service so i’m not going to go out there by anything I’m just letting you know i was service that is available to you so that you can make sure that your credit for is in check at all times the credits were is updated monthly they also offer a credit analysis where it kind of analyzes your credit they provide you with tips for managing your finances I’m they actually have like a section of this site where they like him recommend different credit cards based off your credit score of that you may be able to get approved for they provide you with a free identity theft protection up to 50kg the coverage and it’s just really really well-rounded great at if your credit officer and I think that we all should be focused on your credit um I at one point was completely obsessed with my credit like red forearms on a about credit credit me have some very very good knowledgeable fats on their website that can help you with your credit whether you already have bad credit whether you had a couple methods whether you just check your credit just in case if you’re young you just want to make sure that you have this app on your phone so every month it’s going to be updating you your credits was ready to go look at your credit score and no you have that peace of mind that you’re good and it’s a good beat that for protection identity that being like that if you’re kind of four drops are you know I’m saying the credit monitoring who helped you basically building this into the site that gives you like a credit report or anything like that it’s mainly your credit score an analysis of things you can do to make sure that your credit is to her so I hope you have enjoyed this very section of the video I’m going to go ahead and show you guys the app on my phone so that you can see what it’s about what it looks like i was gonna show you the app on my phone but you couldn’t really see it so i’m going to first show you the website so you just go to credit Sesame dot-com you see there to get started for free so you can select that option to start and sign up and let you know there’s no credit card required and that you never have to pay a cent they do have options if you want to sign up for additional basically credit monitoring things like that that you can pay additional but you don’t have to i’ve only ever used the free version Richard actually really likes it too to monitor his credit as well so this is what the screen looks like 12 you are selected to want to go ahead and get started and it just tells more about the website and credit Sesame I’m it tells you the newspapers and things that it’s been featured in and those are the different options of information that can give you it can give you like your best credit card options home purchase mortgage-finance different home value assistance tips with buying a home and different things like that your ID that student loan information and information regarding your free credits for your free credit report card and your free credit monitoring which is actually one of my favorite uses for the site it provides you with a list on when things changed when things change on your credit report and things that you definitely interested in knowing our will be interested in knowing as you go over there I’m just showing you a little bit of the credit monitoring and what it’s listed under there the type of assistance at the website provides i hope you guys enjoyed this type of video I know it’s different from my traditional video but i hope this is helpful to someone out there and just basically trying to broaden my audience and see what may interest everyone so let me know how you guys feel about this video let me know if you are going to try out this site you’re interested and credit Sesame make sure to check the link in my description box and head over to credit Sesame dot-com to get your free monthly credit scores I hope you guys enjoyed this video make sure to head over to the link in my description box it is free it’s absolutely free won’t have to use a credit card or anything like that is ok if I definitely used it before several times but we begin now and yeah we enter the video thank you for watching and yeah

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