Credit Union Difference Commercial – Denise (Extended) | Robins Financial Credit Union

My name is Denise Bowman and I have three awesome kids, so I’m usually in a mad dash. Everybody goes in different directions at different times. Get off work by 4:30, home by 5:30,
and definitely have to be somewhere by 6:00. Even though you try to prepare as much
as you can the night before, there’s permission slips that get thrown
at me on the way out the door:
“Oh I forgot, I need you to sign this!” Certain things I can’t control. Online banking from Robins just helps me stay
completely organized in the areas that I can. I don’t have to stop and wonder,
“Oh gosh, did I forget to pay that bill?” because it’s already taken care of. So right now, it’s pretty much chaos
with graduation activities, but very aware that in just a few short months,
Taylor will no longer be in our house. I’m so excited for her, but sad at the same time because I don’t want her to leave. Robins has been just amazing for us and our family. I have the ability to teach Taylor the financial responsibility that she’ll need in life. We’re able to transfer money back and forth,
she pays her own car insurance and her own phone bill. We’re just able to do some of those things together. Robins has been essential for our family.

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