Credit Union Difference Commercial – Gwendolyn (Extended) | Robins Financial Credit Union

I am the founder and CEO of the Peach Pit
here in Fort Valley, Georgia. The therapy model that I use is called
equine assisted psychotherapy. We work with horses and humans
to help the humans heal. We offer therapy here for everyone. Every year though we do something
that is specific for women veterans. As a woman veteran, that’s my give back. I wanted women to be able to hang out with
other women who understand their struggle and not think about what’s going on
outside of this area and just relax. I opened my first bank account
when I joined the military. It was not a pleasant experience,
and someone told me about credit unions. I’ve been banking with credit unions since then. At Robins Financial, I have a few different accounts. I really have taken advantage of the
different type of services that they offer. It’s a personal relationship, they’re in the neighborhood, and they’re neighborly. Being out here allows me to do the things
that I’m most passionate about. And when people leave here they’re changed. Not because of me, but because of the horses. Credit unions are more like family than I think banks are. At Robins, they value the clients. I guess that’s the biggest thing; they value us
and treat us like we’re close family. That’s the piece I appreciate.

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