Credit Union Difference Commercial: Rainea – Extended Cut | Robins Financial Credit Union

Growing up in Macon, about 15 years old,
I started working at one of the libraries downtown, and I needed somewhere to put my money. My dad actually opened an account with Robins Financial. He absolutely loved it. He went there, instantly made friends with the entire staff, and he thought that that would be a great place for me to grow financially. It’s the only bank account I’ve ever had. I’ve never banked anywhere else and I don’t want to. When I was a kid my dad played the capitals game. He’d say a country and one of my brothers or I would say the capital of that country. He’s been to every continent except Antarctica. So I guess he put the travel bug in me. Hearing my dad talk about these things but then being able to go and stand in spots where she stood 50 years before, it was everything, it was everything for me. I just call Robins and say “Hey, I’m going to be gone from this date to that date,” and it’s covered. And I know 100% that I’m safe with them. I’ve really made the most of my life passion, which is traveling. Every step of the way, whether it’s a loan or it’s just me opening my first credit card, with Robins, it’s about you as a person. And to be able to walk in and for someone to really want to invest their time in me, That’s the difference.

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