Credit Union Difference Commercial – Toby (Extended) | Robins Financial Credit Union

The community that I was a part of before
I moved here to middle Georgia, I’d been in for almost 20 years. When you move in to a new community,
everything is different. You’ve got to figure it all out. That was one of the nervous things for me,
just as a dad. Learning new schools, and new friends, and new routines, and new neighborhoods, and all of that. but people have been super welcoming. People have just made us feel
like we’ve been here forever. Being a student pastor, I get to work
with kids in a lot of different areas of their life. In a lot of ways it just means being there, being a friend, being a mentor, or trying to help them in whatever they’re kind of going through. I love it. Being able to see them go from
little 6th graders to 12th graders, graduating, stepping over into college,
or careers, or whatever. and just being able to be a part of that, it’s been great. Once we knew that we were moving here,
one of the first questions was
“Where do you bank?” and “Where do you bank?” and I can’t think of anybody that I asked that
gave me an answer other than Robins. Where I banked in Florida was a credit union, but they didn’t have any type of mobile app or anything like that. That’s something I need,
that’s something I’ve been missing. It really does fit kind of my pace of life. And so after three or four people telling me Robins,
I said “Okay, I guess that’s where we’re going.” When I walked in, I didn’t feel like I
was just an account number. Robins really has been just a good overall experience.

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