Credit Union SA Primary Teacher of the Year – Karen Schilling – Winner

Tintanara area school is located about
two and a half hours from Adelaide and we are a preschool to year 12. So I’m working to improve student outcomes in maths with pre and post-testing in small group differentiation and this together with some
intervention programs in maths is starting to make a real difference for
students in a short space of time. I like working with other teachers. I like working with them on
like early career teachers, working with them to show them how
to use the data to inform their planning. Karen is very diligent. She’s really friendly approach to
school in a very professional manner. She just doesn’t go the surface level, she goes really deep in everything her programs, her planning is meticulous she really knows every one of her kids in her class, when you are teaching and you’re asking the right questions and you see them make the connection between
one part of their learning and another that’s really rewarding to see their faces light up when they realise that put those ideas together.

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