Credit Union Youth Ambassadors Paul and Gary O’Donovan

When I was with Enable Ireland,there was a group class with kids and occupational therapists. I was passing through and I had my medal in my pocket…. I pulled the medal out for the kids and they were all delighted to see it..and a lot of them didn’t know what it was about, they were probably too young I suppose… One of the young girls anyway – one of the younger guys passed it to her to put around her neck and she stood in for a picture and then…. ..afterwards, she was about to walk away, but she turned around…and then she put it back on over my neck… ….it was just a nice little moment…but her mother was nearly crying afterwards because she said that.. …. the girl, she doesn’t really interact with people and stuff, and…. Even though she didn’t know what the Olympics was about or the medal or anything there was still that kind of…. ..that special moment or something, and it was pretty nice to be part of that

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