Crime Spree Trick (DLC achieves w/o DLC) [Payday 2]

For todays’ video I’ll show how we can get DLC achievements using Crime Spree, without owning the DLC
itself. But some of you might ask, “Isn’t this the same as joining a public game or getting a friend to host?”. Er well, that’s true. So if you can help to host, or have friends who can do so by all means go ahead. On the other hand, if you’re the type to play offline AND do not own some of the DLC heist packs, this is something you can try. But of course, this trick comes with limitations. We’re going to have to start and stop Crime
Spree repeatedly, so goodbye Crime Spree progress. I personally don’t touch Crime Spree so that means nothing to me. Then next, not all DLC heists are accessible, specifically Bomb Forest, Alesso Heist, Golden Grin and Goat Sim. They can however, be found in Storyline mode. Difficulty is locked to Overkill, which makes some achievements much harder, like 5 powerboxes instead of 2, to defend
on Bomb Dockyard. And on the other end, it makes getting higher difficulty achievements like “Matrix with Lasers” impossible because of the Deathwish requirement. Lastly, it doesn’t work with all types of
achievements. Crime Spree heists are specifically recognized
as “Crime Spree” instead of for example “Train Heist”, so difficulty achievements won’t work. Which by extension, includes any equipment or kill check type
achievements, like “I Feel Like Robin Hood”, “Failed Assassination”, “Apartment Sniper” and so on, since those also check for the heist played. What does generally work though, are achievements awarded within the heist
itself, anywhere from the start of the heist to the escape but before the statistics screen. A few examples would be “A Rendezvous with
Destiny”, when we reach reach Charon within 6 minutes, or “Dr. Evil” from Counterfeit, when we secure more than one million dollars
of counterfeit money. When I last counted, there are 47 such achievements, of which 14 are worthy achievements. But I won’t list them all here, there’s just
too many. Check out the “Do-able without DLC” section in my Steam Achievement Guide to find out
more. And of course, if the guide is helpful, do help me out by rating it up. The link will be in the video description. If at this point you’re still interested enough
to try this, or you just wanna see Unknown Knight do weird
Payday 2 stuff, then let’s continue. I’m going to assume we have no Crime Spree
progress. So step 1, let’s start a new spree, at Spree
0, so we don’t have to spend any coins. Then the game will present us with 3 choices; Chicken, fish or Mad Vlad the Bat. If we want Jimmy the looney or Dragan “Who goes to heaven” instead, we stop the spree (not suspend but stop), and repeat again from step 1. It’s pretty tedious to do this with the mouse, with all the moving around and clicking. So an easier way, would be to use the Enter
key and arrow keys. Just make sure that in Crime Net, the mouse
cursor is over the Crime Spree icon and it will respond to the Enter key. That makes it way faster. So let’s say we’ve gotten what we’re looking
for, we tried to get our achievement, but we screwed it up. When we get back to Crime Spree we’ll see “Crime Spree failed” but it’s not a big deal. We can attempt the same heist once more, at
no cost, by immediately selecting “Continue”, the same heist and then “Start”. If we do accidentally leave the spree at this
step, it will be refreshed to a different set of
heists, then we’d have to start from scratch. And that’s the Crime Spree trick. Not elegant at all but it works well enough, especially when trying to get 14 of the worthy
achievements. I’ve prepared some demonstration clips and 3 gameplays at the end. Enjoy watching, and I’ll see you in the next video.

5 comments on “Crime Spree Trick (DLC achieves w/o DLC) [Payday 2]”

  1. MT HN says:

    well thx to crime spree i got more that 10 milion coins

  2. Resintax says:

    Welp new subscriber from me

  3. BlackHawk TP says:

    Reported for piracy.
    Just kidding. You've probably saved someone's wallet lol.

  4. Renato says:

    can you make a tutorial on how to use PD:TH music on menus and loading?

  5. VoltFraze says:

    Is there crime spree on offline?

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