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>>>From the Cronkite Studios in Downtown Phoenix, this is “Cronkite News.”>>>tonight’s the last major super Tuesday for presidential primaries, with California and five other states casting their ballots. “Cronkite News” has coverage.>>>the apartment communities in the valley are cracking down on smokers. Find out why managers are wanting them to butt out.>>>and bee careful. We’ll take a look at the recent increase of bee attacks and what you can do to stay safe.>>>”Cronkite News” starts now.>>>good evening and welcome to “Cronkite News.” I’m Katie Burge.>>and I’m Eddie Keller. Leaders of the Democratic Party say now is the time to unite.>>As voting takes place today, the last big primary day, Bernie Sanders says he isn’t backing down. The biggest one up for grabs, California, where Alex Caprriello is live with the latest.>>The California primary is typically an after-thought. However, this year, the candidates criss-cross the state. There were a large number of Bernie Sanders supports despite his dwindling chances.>>they think it has brought back the spirit of what a primary process should be, which is a debate about the topics and issues. It’s not so much about the numbers, but the idea.>>I really want the agenda of Bernie Sanders to be heard even if he is not nominated. I want the volume of people interested in his agenda to be clear and heard so it might persuade policy direction.>>Still democrats appear to want to stick together. Some voters told me they may not love Hillary Clinton, but see value in giving her their vote.>>I don’t want to vote for her, but if she gets the nomination then I’ll vote for my party. I’m not crazy about her. I don’t want to see her win.>>I may not be crazy about Hillary Clinton but I thing she’s the best qualified to do the job.>>With commitments from the number of delegates needs to become the delegate, Hillary Clinton will be the first woman. Bernie Sanders will hope to gather enough support for super delegates to force a contested convention. From the “Cronkite News” bureau in Los Angeles, I’m Alex Caprriello.>>>there’s been a lot of talk about how super delegates play into the democratic nomination process. We have 10 super delegates. Five have committed to Hillary Clinton. Two are supporting Bernie Sanders and three haven’t committed to anyone so far. We talked to Luis Heredia.>>The debate is healthy, so I just believe that if we’re going to be true democrats, we’re going to be willing to work together to come out to meet all members of our Democratic Party.>>In addition to the 10 super delegates, there are 75 Arizona delegates who are allotted in the election. 42 went to Hillary Clinton and 33, to Bernie Sanders.>>>it’s important to note that California isn’t the only state holding a primary tonight. Voters in Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, north Dakota and south Dakota are casting their votes today. This is the fifth and last super Tuesday in the primary season.>>>as Californians were headed to the polls today, Arizonans were hearing back about the complaints about the presidential vote in march. One petition, calling for a new vote, is a matter for state courts. The second, demanding a probe of voter suppression is being addressed. Not everyone is willing to wait. The lawyers committee for civil law sued Maricopa County election officials over the march voting.>>this lawsuit is important because every vote counts and every voter counts and one voter that’s disenfranchised because of a bad election administration issue is one too many.>>Arizona faced strong criticism for long lines in march.>>County officials have taken steps to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen. Meanwhile, Paul Ryan blasted Donald Trump.>>Ryan said last week that he would back trump. He addressed comments about the trump university case and the comment about the judge being unqualified because his parents came from Mexico is unacceptable.>>I disavow those comments. Claiming a person can’t do their job because of a race is like a textbook definition of racism.>>They said it has been misconstrued.>>He said it was unfortunate that it was seen as a categorical attack of people of Mexican heritage.>>>payday loans, small short term loans. Well, some call these loans a life-line.>>”Cronkite News” Wafa Shahid joins us from our Washington Bureau with details.>>The consumer financial protection bureau is proposing new restriction on payday lenders. The goal? To help low-income borrowers from having debt.>>This is a product that is working. If it — you know, because — if people tend to use it, it means that it’s doing what they want it to do.>>The rule would require payday lenders to insure that borrowers can pay back the loans and limit the number of times they can get a loan. Whether that’s good or not depends on who you ask.>>You’re going to be underwritten to the same thing, which is the ability to repay.>>it doesn’t sound like a policy solution and we get ridiculed for it. The thing to do is to do nothing.>>it doesn’t sit well with those who say it prays heavily on majority groups.>>It affects millions of Americans. There are more payday loans in America than McDonald’s. They are living paycheck to paycheck. They are below the national income average.>>Critics claim that free enterprise is at stake.>>I don’t see any positive, really. If you look at the cfpb’s own estimate, it is up to 85%.>>Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will talk about it until September 14. Reporting live in Washington, I’m Wafa Shahid, “Cronkite News.”>>>Arizona health officials are looking to lease extra space at the mental hospitals to the private sector. They may want to lease space on the 93-acre campus. The move would not effect existing government programs at the hospital.>>>you may see more smoke-free zone signs popping up around the valley. A Maricopa County survey shows people want to live and play smoke-free. Christina Tetreault spoke with department managers and smokers who are also seeing the trends.>>I think it’s a gross habit. Really. I don’t know many cigarette smokers who are like, totally down with cigarettes or tobacco.>>Skarsten may not be comfortable with his habit and he’s not alone. 70% of Maricopa County residents want to live in a smoke-free area.>>There’s a very large growing trends.>>Bryan Fasulo manages 12 apartment communities, two of which are completely smoke-free. And, he says he understands why it’s popular.>>If one person’s smoking, it can permeate the entire corridor.>>Fasulo says more people work and play in their communities.>>Communities are seeing a lot more activities.>>And, they don’t want to be stuck in a haze of smoke. Skarsten says he understands the discomfort with cigarette but he doesn’t think smoke-free communities will be easy to enforce.>>I don’t think it’ll be super effective just because most smokers I know will smoke wherever they want.>>But in the future, smokers may find it harder to light up, even in their homes. In Phoenix, Christina Tetreault, “Cronkite News.”>>>with summer in full swing, you would normally expect long lines at the airport.>>>coming up on “Cronkite News,” how the TSA is making progress on shortening your wait time?>>>Cincinnati Zoo’s gorilla exhibit is open.>>>Flown recently, you may have noticed. Thousands of passengers missed flights due to long lines. Peter Neffenger said 99% of passengers waited less. They have sped up the TSA process.>>First, it’s an automated conveying belt. There are five stations. You can move five people at a time up to the checkpoint.>>They will increase staffing at peak periods.>>>you can fly out of Sky Harbor to El Paso, Los Angeles, Albuquerque at $49. They are offering flights around the country, starting at less than $100. This sale crashed the website last year.>>>the gorilla exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo reopened today. That’s where a Silverback Gorilla was shot and killed when a 3-year-old boy got into its enclosure. Before its reopening, they added a new, taller barrier.>>We felt a new bigger barrier helps reinsure our visitors and guests and redoubles our effort to make sure our animals are safe and our visitors are, as well.>>The zoo added three security cameras after prosecutors announced they would not file charges against the boy’s mother.>>>Tropical Storm Colin in the Florida Gulf is downgraded to a cyclone. It is leaving behind damage and flooding. The storm brought down trees and flooded the streets. Florida governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency and 6,000 guard troops were ready to deploy to the hardest-hit areas. Scott warned drivers to stay away from standing water.>>We have the risk of Zika right now and so we need to get rid of all the standing water around the state.>>Colin is the third tropical storm name.>>>beach-goers be aware, sea lice are popping up along the gulf coast. Biologists say it will move south along the coast line. Sea lice are jellyfish larva. They have the same stinging cells and they’re microscopic and impossible to spot. They are most active April through August.>>>the debate over Mexican gray wolves continues.>>>it’s all we’ve been buzzing about lately, bee attacks across the valley. We met with experts to find out what you can do to prevent being attacked.>>>It’s happening again in Arizona. State health officials have confirmed another case of measles. It’s in Maricopa County. Officials say the new Maricopa County case is tied to a private detention center. Just like all the others. The person is no longer infectious. It is at 14. All but one.>>>a 100-acre fire is threatening private residences in northern Arizona. It started yesterday morning, already leading to evacuations.>>>if you’re in the area, be aware that some unincorporated lands are self-evacuating. The main forest road leading to the reservoir will be closed.>>>this comes after three lightning-caused wildfires were allowed to burn for weeks. The smoke-clouded Sedona also settling over parts of the valley. Forest officials will explain how they decide whether they allow fires to burn or they suppress them.>>>Arizona is one of six states where Africanized honey bees are located. Many Phoenix hikers are likely to come across them. They spoke to them about their bee safety.>>Just like snakes and scorpions, bees are a part of the hiking trail. They build their hives in several places. According to Elizabeth Smith, there’s nothing more important than to bee prepared. Under rocks and crevices are all areas you may find a beehive. Elizabeth Smith says South Mountain park has a protocol in place.>>something where there was a beehive very close to a trail, you know, something that just gave us an indication, we will call a company in to remove the beehive or we’ll close off the trail for a period of time until the activity has lessened.>>This time of year, bee removal specialists are moving from call to call.>>The African bee arrived here 15 to 20 years ago and slowly but surely, that population has increased so it got bad 5 to 10 years ago and they’re progressively getting worst.>>South Mountain park hiker isn’t afraid of bees, but have dealt with swarming bees.>>He swatted it away. I don’t know if he killed it or not but a whole bunch of bees swarmed us and then we just had to run back down.>>If you’re attacked by bees, it’s important to stay calm and take off running, up to a half a mile.>>You can’t zigzag on a trail, so run straight. You may get stung by one or two or three or 50 bees, but it’s not in same as getting stung by 1,000 bees.>>Wearing head phones can be a huge distraction because you miss out in hearing the bees buzzing in your direction.>>>the Mexican gray wolf battle continues. One group is looking to jump into to legal fight. They all filed a motion saying the state has no authority to block the release of the predators. New Mexico is seeking a temporary restraining order that would require the fish and wildlife service. This is fighting the federal agency’s insistence to continue with the recovery wolf program.>>>it’s a slam dunk for the community and it’s all thanks to a former nba star.>>>coming up on “Cronkite News,” we take you on the court and show you how a former Phoenix sun is teaching basketball.>>>The Steven Hunter basketball academy is back in session. “Cronkite News” reporter Lindsey was there.>>Former sun center, Steven Hunter believes in giving back. After spending a season in Phoenix and a decade playing professional, hunter returned to be an ambassador.>>When I grew up, we didn’t have a lot of these type of programs that are available today. I’m in a position now where I can come back and help kids and use some of my network of people to gather around and help this cause.>>For hunter, the academy isn’t just about basketball, it’s about having an impact on youth in the community. The two-week camp held throughout the month of June puts basketball and life skills, including teamwork and communication.>>My favorite part is the kids. Just their responses. Just the joy of them being here. You know, their faces light up when they’re around me and they get to talk to me ask me questions about the nba and how did I become where I am today. Just putting a smile on the faces and being a positive role model and mentor to them.>>He reaches out to underserved communities. Half the kids are here on scholarship.>>we ask businesses, individuals, if they’d like to donate and we’re really excited we got so much scholarship money. There are a lot of kids out there that would absolutely love this camp.>>The goal for next year is to raise enough scholarship money so every kid who wants to attend will be able to afford it.>>>the next session will begin June 20. If you want to enroll, each student will receive a jersey and water bottle. The cost is $550 per student.>>>”Cronkite News” is proud to be a division of Arizona pbs.>>>on the next Arizona horizon, an update on the state’s finances and we’ll check out a local high school where students are learning the culinary arts on the next Arizona horizon.>>>on the next NewsHour, a public high school with transgender students on its wait list.>>>that’s it for “Cronkite News” tonight. Thanks for joining us.>>>for top Arizona stories anytime, go to

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