Crypto Speculation with Student Loans?

Welcome, welcome to One Minute Crypto! I’m your host, Chronos, and today we’re going
to take a look at an absolutely shocking survey result on college students this month. The poll question was simple: “Have you ever
used student loan money to invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin?” Now, if I were to guess the number of students
that answered “yes” to this question, I might say, well, not everyone has even HEARD of
bitcoin, so the number is going to be pretty low, maybe 2% or 3%. I’ll give you a moment. How many do you think answered “yes”? Alright, here are the results: 21.2% answered “yes.” Whoa. WHOA! 21%? That is crazy. There’s two aspects of this number that really shock me. First, that’s a huge number of people buying
bitcoin! It makes me think the market itself is overvalued,
as these students are likely to sell their investments if they start losing money. But secondly, bought with student loans? That’s money you’re going to have to pay back,
and if the crypto market crashes, that’s going to be no fun at all. So I put some thought into this, and I came
up with three guidelines by when it comes to investing with student loans. First: Don’t use borrowed money to buy bitcoin. Second: Don’t use borrowed money to buy bitcoin. And third: Don’t use borrowed money to buy bitcoin.

5 comments on “Crypto Speculation with Student Loans?”

  1. Chronos Crypto says:

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  2. J. Hanley Smith says:

    Payback terms for student loans are extremely favorable. With my masters degree, I can cap my payments at 10% of my income after 18,000 and have them completely forgiven regardless of the amount remaining after a Max of 20 years (10 years if I work for the government or a non profit).

    Imo it is likely that the dollar will hyper inflate, all student loans will be forgiven, we descend into fascim, or realize an AI Utopia in the next 20 years. Whatever the case lots of college students obviously believe a lot more in crypto than they do in our fucked up economy.

    This system is dying whiz, I hope you can see that.

  3. X X says:

    Interesting…I didn't think the % was that high.

  4. Rishi Kataria says:

    You are right, If prices go up or down, there would be no guarantee to weather you would be able to return the loan money or not. Anyway the Market is crashing so if a student bought some bitcoins when the price was $18000~$19500 They Would have lost More than Half there money, as while writing this comment the price of bitcoin is $6500-$7500

  5. Matías Pierdoménico says:

    And they probably lost a lot of money doing this… The market is crashing hard… It doesn't say how much they invested, so maybe it's not that bad.

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