Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Reveal — 48-minute walkthrough

Welcome to the gameplay demo walkthrough of CD PROJEKT RED’s upcoming title: Cyberpunk 2077/// — a narrative-driven, open world RPG set in a dark version of the future. Before we start, a small, but important disclaimer —the gameplay you’re about to see is from a work-in-progress version of the game. Everything you see is potentially subject to change. In Cyberpunk 2077, you can fully customize your character using a deep customization system. For this demo, we’re going to play a female. Keep in mind that what you see here is not final. We just want to give you a glimpse of what will be possible in the released game. This is an RPG, so before we get into our appearance, we need to define our backstory. What you choose here will unlock different possibilities later in the game. Also, you can use an array of different options to modify how you look. These include body type, hairstyle, tattoos, makeup, skin tone, and many more. But visuals aren’t everything — you’ll also be able to customize your initial attribute setup. You’ll notice we didn’t pick a class. Cyberpunk 2077 features a fluid class-system, and you’ll be able to modify your class throughout the game. This demo takes place near the beginning of the game. V and her friend Jackie, along with a Netrunner called T-Bug, are hired to find and retrieve a missing person — a girl whose locator implant went dark. Cyberpunk 2077 is a first person role-playing game. This perspective enables us to maximise your immersion. It looks like these Scavengers are kidnapping people to harvest their implants. OK, things are about to get heated. We’ll take a reflex booster that temporarily allows us to use the Kereznikov ability. This is Kereznikov. It turns out a virus disrupted the girl’s locator implant. We’ve fixed that and now help is inbound! That was Trauma Team, a kind of high-end premium medical insurance. We’ve delivered the target, and T-Bug has notified us that the Scavengers have called reinforcements. Let’s get out before they arrive. Cyberpunk is a mature, visceral experience and as such, it will let you explore a variety of different interactions with the game world and as you just saw, its people. The job was a success, and V obviously has some money to burn. OK, Jackie has told us that he has some big news for us, and we have an appointment with our Ripperdoc today. Before we leave, let’s take a look around our apartment. Good morning, Night City! The song on the radio is sung by Rockerboy Johnny Silverhand. It is part of our creative process to draw inspiration from the pen and paper system created by Mike Pondsmith, and to put our own 2077 spin on it. Let’s go grab our gear. OK, we’ll take V’s trusty pistol here. And we’ll also grab our jacket. Since Cyberpunk 2077 is an RPG, the jacket not only provides us with protective stats like armor, but it also increases our Street Cred. Street Cred is a form of experience the player acquires by completing side missions, it is used to unlock new vendors and content throughout Night City. Alright, let’s go meet Jackie. V’s current apartment is located inside a megabuilding, a huge building complex that forms a microsociety of its own. In this timeline, technology and the world have evolved in some ways that seem familiar, but entirely surprising in other. As an example: In this world, people pay with eddies, slang for euro-dollars. We make sure to root every detail in the world’s lore, so everything has its purpose and stays believable. A big part of our RPG experience is having a world that is interactive. Here, a generic ad has morphed into an advertisement specifically tailored for V, informing her of the nearest vendor she can purchase the product from. In this case, it shows us where to find some Nicola Soda. This is Wilson, one of Night City’s many gunsmiths. We won’t be checking his wares today, but you can purchase and upgrade your weapons and gear throughout the city. Cyberpunk 2077 is set in Night City, a bustling metropolis located on the coast of the Free State of North California. It’s a dystopian city where violence and oppression are the norm. We’re working hard to build Night City to be a fully realized, seamless open world with no loading screens. Currently we are in Watson, a former industrial district, where crime now mixes with money. We’ve greatly enhanced our crowd and community systems to create the most believable city in any open-world game to date. The city’s streets are bustling with crowds of people from all facets of life, all living their lives, with a full day and night cycle. Ok, there’s Jackie. It turns out we’ve caught the attention of one of Night City’s bigger players — Dexter Deshawn, a fixer, a person who gets things done. He wants to meet up and discuss a job. Let’s see what he has for us. It seems like Dexter has given us a test of sorts to see whether we are worthy. He wants us to retrieve a piece of high-tech combat gear a local gang stole from the Militech megacorp. We’ll be able to approach this job from a variety of angles. Let’s try calling the Militech contact to see where that leads. The situation is tricky, because the contract giver is a corporate agent who seems high strung. Before we get down to business, it’s a great idea to visit our ripperdoc. Crime is a common occurrence. Night City is not a safe place. Life here is not easy. We’re at a ripperdoc clinic. Ripperdocs are specialist vendors who offer people the possibility to install or upgrade their cyberware. We’re going to install both an optical scanner… and a subdermal weapon grip. With the scanner we can zoom in on things and take a closer look. Additionally, we can analyze objects, get details on enemy weak points or gang affiliation. The subdermal weapon grip links to our scanner and shows us weapon information like ammo count and firemodes, and it increases the base damage on all connected weapons. While some ripperdocs operate legally, others provide black market services. For the right price, they even offer to install illegal military-grade cyberware. This guy looks an awful lot like one of those scavengers we took out earlier… Jackie’s car is a superpowered sportscar running on CHOOH2, the superfuel of the future. Players can explore Night City freely, in many different cars, on bikes and in other types of vehicles. It looks like the scavengers from earlier are still angry at us! I think we got rid of them. That was intense. Night City never sleeps. Danger lurks around every corner, even during the daytime. Random encounters like these are an example of how your actions directly influence your open world experience. Okay, Jackie! Many forces are fighting for control of Night City, but the megacorporations are the real showrunners. The agent we’re going to meet represents Militech, one of largest companies in the private military sector. Since Cyberpunk 2077 is an RPG, preparation will be key when dealing with Night City’s powerful, especially when these are corpos. Instead of just rushing in, let’s assess the situation with our freshly installed Kiroshi Optical Scanner. These guys are a higher level than we are. Let’s try to approach them carefully. The corpos have hacked us through our Personal Link and have subjected us to a kind of lie-detector program. The dialogue system in Cyberpunk 2077 is fully gameplay-driven. It might be tempting to reach for the gun, but the consequences could be dire. Remember, these guys are really tough. The agent gave us the money to buy the bot we need from the gang. By choosing to call the Militech agent earlier, we have now opened up a non-violent path to approach this quest. Of course, we could try and keep the money, but that would mean we’d have to take the merchandise by force, which requires a lot of firepower. Even now, we can choose how to approach this quest — do we go in guns blazing, or do we try to negotiate for the bot? For this demo, let’s try the more diplomatic approach. The guys we’re about to meet are dangerous. They are members of the Maelstrom gang, and their obsession with body modification goes way beyond even this world’s standards. On their path to becoming machines, they don’t shy away from even the most extreme measures. It looks like they made this abandoned All-Foods Meat Factory their hideout. Charming. Remember, we’ve chosen to buy the tech, not steal it. Hopefully, this will go fast and easy. This is a pretty well-guarded place — you might imagine what would have happened had we used the violent option. It turns out the credchip we got from the Militech agent contained a virus which fried their systems. Royce, their leader, is making a break for it. Before we figure out a way to leave, let’s take the splinter that controls the bot from one of these dead Maelstromers. The inspection system allows us to take a closer look at the splinter. You can inspect specific items to reveal details that can help in solving quests. OK, let’s equip the splinter to our Chipware Slot. With this done, the bot will now follow us everywhere we go. All right, what else do we have here? Nice, a street-modified tech shotgun. Tech weapons fire rounds that shoot through walls and other types of cover. They also have an alternate fire mode that allows you to power-up shots and deal more damage. It looks like there’s several ways out of this room, like those gates, for example. However, you’d need to be a skilled netrunner to hack into this terminal. Luckily, our Engineering skills should allow us to disassemble that maintenance panel so we can get through the door. There are many skills in the game that players can apply in solving problems. The Engineering skill can be used to fix, disassemble and disarm devices blocking your path. So, from this point on we’re going to unlock the abilities of a high-end character to showcase some of the different mechanics we have in the game. One of the new weapon modules we now have installed is a ricochet targeting system connected to our eyes. This allows players to bounce bullets off of walls and hit enemies hiding behind cover. This is another targeting system that will reveal enemies behind walls. Paired with the penetrating rounds of our tech shotgun, it‘s a deadly combination. Looks like we found some loot! This is a smart gun. It’s one of the more advanced weapons in the game, allowing bullets to track and follow their target. This is one of many different weapons players can aquire. Weapons are built of modules that allow for deep customization and progression. This way, you can be sure to find something that suits your playstyle. Just a reminder — everything you’ve seen and are about to see, including this particular feature we’re about to show you, is from a work-in-progress version of the game, and may change over the course of development. OK, let’s try something different. We’re going to take this guy down and connect directly to his neural socket. In the world of Cyberpunk, once you are jacked into a network, you have access to everything it connects to. Through the Maelstrom gang member, we’ve now connected to the gang hideout’s internal network. This is the building’s Personnel System. Let’s focus on the squad containing the Maelstrom ganger we just connected to. From here, we can deploy software that affects the whole squad. For now, we’ll simply unlock the ability to perform quickhacks. All right, time to show off our new, high-level abilities. With quickhacking, using the backdoor we unlocked a minute ago, we’ll install a virus that jams the connection between the Maelstrom ganger and his weapon. This will prevent him from firing. Looks like he’s having a problem, now. Nice! Some of you guys might recognize these mantis blades. We can also double-jump and bounce off of walls, which makes us a very agile Fast Solo. Sweet, we found a corporate tech rifle! Corpo weapons are top-of-the-line. Let’s scan this guy and see what’s going on. It looks like Royce is back and he’s prepped. He’s got an armored exoskeleton, and we won’t be able to get rid of him that easily. Our weapons are not dealing a lot of damage, because he’s packing an autonomous shield. Luckily, the scan we did earlier revealed a weak spot. Attacking it should help bring the shield down. Shield’s down. Let’s finish him off. OK, let’s put him down and get this job over with. That wasn’t the smoothest job, but we’ve got the bot, and Dex should be happy. But think back… What would have happened if we hadn’t met with the Militech agent? Or told Royce about the agent and her plans? Or just decided to buy the bot ourselves? So many options, so many possibilities, and each will have consequences rippling through the game world and your story. And that’s just one quest. Let’s head out and finish this job. OK, let’s call Dex and tell him how things went down. We finished the job, but our story is just beginning. This concludes our gameplay demo walkthrough. Thanks for watching!

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