Dance Party Safehouse Trophy [Guide] [Payday 2]

Another Safehouse trophy guide video: Dance
Party! Achieve 25 SMG kills in 25 seconds. Now there was an excellent suggestion in the
forums from Abomination Jones and if you frequent the forums you should have seen his name around. Now what he suggested is to use Birth of Sky
and yes that indeed is the best heist to do it but yeah I know, it’s DLC. But don’t worry, I have something for those
of you who don’t have the Point Break DLC as well but let’s start with the recommended
build first. I’m not going into details for the build
so take a pause if you need. I’ll leave a link to my recommended build
in the description below as well so you can check that out. Armour and perk wise, ICTV with the Hitman
perk deck works for me but choose whichever suits you best. As for the weapons, both akimbo SMGs and regular
SMGs work just as well so take your pick. Starting off with Birth of Sky, the plane
portion has a lot of scripted spawns, so it’s pretty easy to get this. While we’re in the starting zone, just place
an ammo bag right here since we’re going to need it later. Then we can waste all our ammo for the weapon
that we’re not going to use so that we can use Bulletstorm for as long as we can. So rush our way through, occasionally kill
a Murky or two that blocks the way, hit the controls and then get back into the starting
zone. Then we’ll waste our ammo until we have
just a few bullets left. When a Murky jumps right in, that’ll be
our signal to refill ammo and go wild. And if Bulletstorm isn’t enough, that extra
Swan Song should help. And that’s 6 easy Continental coins… and
a trophy. Now for the no DLC approach, let’s start
Jewelry Store on Overkill. Again the same thing, place our ammo bag somewhere
easily accessible and go loud. We’re going to hang back at this rubbish
bin for about 2 minutes until the assault wave comes on and while we’re waiting, let’s do the
same thing for our bullets. So when the assault wave comes on, just fill
up and go guns blazing. And that’s the Dance (Party) Trophy for
you. I’ll have the Birth of Sky and Jewelry Store
footage at the end of this video so you can check that out for a clearer view. Stay tuned for more video guides and gameplay. I’m Unknown Knight and I’ll see you next

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