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They give you $1,000 cash a macbook pro and one-way ticket home, so I decided to move to the mainland [u.s.] I landed in California in La at midnight with My bag and my money, and I checked into a back pack of Motel You know what were those first few weeks like I mean are you hitting the casinos in mobs or like? casinos Hookers drugs to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy frequency and vibration and If you can go into your subconscious and create a pattern Infuse it with energy that’s vibrating at a certain frequency You can attract things of a similar nature to it. I Always tell entrepreneurs to look at energy the same way they look at money It’s a finite resource that needs to be wisely managed wisely reallocated and wisely invested. So they’re always imagine that they’ll live forever, but if the new life was finite You start making tough decisions. You become good at whatever you practice practice Also doesn’t have the glitter to discriminate between what’s good and not good for you So when you have an intense experience in your life, you can say your subconscious mind is heating up And it’s a beautiful opportunity to reshape it my goal is to take the thousand dollars that I had and Create a life from it and not to borrow any money because I thought that if I borrowed money now I’d always know how to borrow money, but you want to make money then I’ve always know how to make money This week on the show we have my good friends and Hindu monk dhandapani He was in Australia studying electrical engineering, but as a young boy growing up in Sri Lanka He always knew that he wanted to seek enlightenment and so when he turned 22 years old he decided to pack up everything move to Hawaii [and] spend the next 10 years cloistered away from his friends away from his family away from Starbucks coffee and everything that we take for granted no internet, no iphone no nothing and He became a priest and he said the first year he got his robes, and it’s a lot of fun But sooner or later You have to realize that the rest of your life is going to be spent in Your own brain and you find that you really have to come to terms with all the bad things about yourself and at some point you break and he broke inside the monastery and he talked a lot about what he learned about himself and about life and He left after 10 years and now lives in one of the craziest places in the world New York City, and now he helps entrepreneurs Deal with things like focus, and he had a lot [of] things to say about mindfulness and meditation and he said there’s no point in Meditating for 10 minutes a day when the other 23 [hours] and 50 minutes are spent in Madness And so he’s all about reducing things in your life Conserving your energy for the right people [and] the right things around you And he has so many things to teach us when I heard him talk about his time in the monastery [it] felt to me [like] a pSychedelic experience spent over 10 years of really coming to terms with what’s really important in your [life] and So he had so many great [things] to share, and you’re really going to enjoy this episode Because how often do you get to speak to a monk that’s been? Separated from us for 10 years so sit back and relax I think you’re going to enjoy some fantastic things from [Dandapani], and it makes me really think about What we’re offering coming up in 2017 [which] is our life accelerator class. I’m going to teach you how I? find my own spirituality how I meditate how I For my subconscious brain through affirmations [everyday] and the things that I’ve learned from people like Dhandapani Ido portal movement Dynamic Meditation Elliott Hulse Affirmations all of these things so keep an eye out for your email because we’ll be talking more about the life accelerator coming soon January 1st 2017 and for now, I leave you with the Hindu monk dhandapani This is London real I am brian [rose] my guest today is Dhandapani the Hindu priest speaker and entrepreneur after Graduating university with a degree in electrical engineering [you] left it all behind to become a monk under the guidance of one of Hinduism’s Foremost spiritual leaders of our time [sevilla] Subra Muni Yes Swami For 10 years you lived a life of serious personal discipline and training at your guru’s cloistered monastery in [Hawaii] eight years ago You decided to venture out to teach her lessons in New York City And the rest of the world and make your spiritual tools applicable in everyday life Dhandapani welcome to London real Thank you Brian will appreciate it. Having you having me on yeah on your show It’s an honor to have you here um you [know] I was joking with the guys before that I think it was like 18 months ago You me and Esther perel were cooking food in a kitchen in Napa Valley. Yes, what a scene. [that] was right now What a great conversation [too] right yeah, we had a crazy conversation in dinner afterwards and that’s how I met you and Joe to say none Phil McKernon all through that event so uh I’m just really glad to have you here great to connect again Yeah, and I really knew it was important to have you on I’m sure you meet people all the [time] that want to spend more time with you and so There’s this sense about you That I just want to get to know you better and listen to you a little bit more even though you don’t have Any kind of air that I need to [listen] to you, but it seems like you have some knowledge And so that’s kind of what I wanted to have you on the show. Oh, thank you That intro probably threw people a bunch of curveballs because that’s quite a story, but um when you hear something like that what do you remember? I mean as far as growing up, and that whole path that led you to to Hawaii [I]? I Would say the biggest thing is that I was very clear at an early age what I wanted to do I wanted to be a monk since about four or five years old and and Ever since then it was really a quest to find a teacher that could train me and I met many wonderful teachers along the way many gurus and monks and I went to listen to them talk and I’d always leave saying I’m going to do everything They told me to do which I did for about four or five days and then all the inspiration motivation went away And I had fall back to who I was and that’s where the problem was they couldn’t sustain The change that I wanted was until I met my guru super muniya swami, and you said his name really well by the way Thank you, I practice agar Dave as we call him which is And was until I met him that I? finally met someone that had really simple practical tools and had a very [systematic] approach to spiritual growth and personal development and Very goal orientated approach as well, and I loved his teachings So I decided I’ll be a monk in his monastery okay now go back to four years old How do you know it for that you want to become a monk because there’s not really the monk cartoon the monk action movie So how did you know Kung Fu with David carradine? Yeah true? He was having your kid Id [like] what so when I was a kid but a little bit older then but no actually we lived in Malaysia and Sri, Lankan monk had visited our home and my [mum] invited him in Traditionally in our culture. We would give a monk some clothes and some money and some food and then you know fishing ball and as soon as I saw him. I said myself. That’s me. I really recognized the robes he was wearing the mockings on his head the beads and Everything about him just resonated with me and he was my fireman you know like kids go up and say like I want to be a fireman. I want to be this and that’s reckon you know Everything about him just stood out to me and they said that’s me What do you think attracted you to him was it at a peacefulness about him or the fact that he wasn’t? Chasing after certain goals, I don’t think any of that. I think it was just more the His his dress and I think what it did was it triggered a memory of a past life And I believe in reincarnation, and I believe I must have been a monk in a past life either once or twice Oh many times before and that’s why it was so easy for me to want to become a monk at such a young age But was until I was actually a little bit older I think of eight or nine years old that I realized it wasn’t really about being a monk It was about enlightenment, and that was what I was seeking The monk was the quickest most efficient pathway to enlightenment so the initial Trigger was Reminding me of the path that I was dedicated to or I am dedicated to But the goal really wasn’t to be a month the goal was Enlightenment and and that came about because I realized in an early age of you know, maybe eight-nine years old that everything in life is Transitory you know everything goes through a process of being created exists for a while, and then it goes away Let’s figure out enlightenment alone, and I love it. It goes off in about five or ten seconds, so no worries The enlightenment alarm, that’s right its stopped enlightenment now we are enlightened officially know that [giove]? I love that This [is] a sign as all I’ve done sitting here time I think we were [talking] about you know you knew you’re gonna become a monk because of that former lives. Yes and also the Point that I think you know the it wasn’t really about being a monk But at the end of the day it was enlightenment I was looking for because one of the things I realized in the early age that everything in life is Transitory in Nature so things I created things exist for all and then things go away I remember was about eight or nine my parents were taking me to my cousin’s house for the birthday party Very excited about it seen the cousins and balloons and cakes and play Getting the car driving over there super excited played for [for] five hours getting the car Driving home. I remember looking out the window and going It’s over And this is life everything [goes] [through] this cycle I Remember I was about eight or nine Looking out the window very clearly one night and just the cause my dad was driving [was] home and going like this is it Everything is created everything exists for a while, and then everything goes away What’s the constant in Life is the way you just see on this planet to go through that cycle? And I go like that’s a waste of time and really is So what’s the constant in life what what is it in life that doesn’t change? And I wanted to find that and that was really the quest of my spiritual path Do you think it’s rare for young men like yourself to be seeking enlightenment? Where are people seeking it in all sorts [of] ways They don’t even know We think they are sometimes yeah, I don’t think it’s right. It’s rare if you believe there’s only one life Because then who’s calling the shots Right why is one kid sitting enlightenment and other kids searching something else But if you believe in the process of reincarnation that were soul living the physical body reincarnating evolving over a long period of time then one soul has just pursued a particular path and [gone] down it further then another person has so for me. It’s just the natural next step okay. Yeah, it doesn’t Make me any more special [than] the next person, okay? This is what I decided to focus on so I just picked up where I left off from my previous life and just kept going Okay, [so] that was eight or nine um you were in Malaysia at the time I was in Malaysia okay, and then my family migrated to Australia when I was a teenager I did a couple years high school, and I went to university Did engineering met my guru after two years of being in engineering school wanted to leave enjoying his monastery He didn’t allow me he wanted me to finish my degree. How do you meet a guru? I’m sure there’s not like an online site meet your guru back How do you actually meet ritter just like everybody else you know there was no traitor back then? he actually found me he was visiting, Australia and Was visiting perth where I was living in Western Australia and my family Incidentally knew his guru really well because his guru lived in Northern Sri Lanka [and] the town called Japheth and were all disciples of his teacher so we went to meet him and It really was love at first sight and when I saw him you met each other we [just] connected and he was there for less than 24 hours and we built a strong friendship and as almost as [if] two old friends were meeting each other again and It gets a past life stuff exactly, right? I mean, there’s some people that you known your whole life your cousin right for example you might have known for 40 years that you’re not even close [with] and Then there’s a stranger that you meet and within two hours you feel like you’ve [known] them you Life, and you feel super close to them. It was like that with him as soon as we met we were just So connected okay. I did a little research on him. He’d seem like a really charismatic guy Really amazing individual quite. Uh quite a story and just to give you [a] quick one-minute inside [into] [slide] so he was [born] in Lake Tahoe [in] Northern California in 1927 he was often when he’s quite young his dad died when he was about [8] or [9] He’s actually smothered a person in a year so late his father passed away And he was adopted by a close friend of the family at 10 years old and she asked him What do you want to do with luck in life, and he said I want to dance so 10 years old He was very clear what he wanted and so he started learning dance and the people that trained him and dance with mistakes from Europe so not only did they teach him how to dance but they also taught him how The mind [works] how the body works how his nervous system works and how energy [flows] through his nervous system? [and] so he had amazing mystical training at such an early age in the 1930s [and] then by 16 17 years old He was the premier dancer for the San Francisco ballet company was the best ballet dancer in America at that time Decided to quit at the peak of his career when he was about 18 years old 18 [or] 19 jumped on the first ship to sail from San Francisco from America to India after world war two took three months to get [that] made his we’re just made his way to Sri Lanka I studied with a few mystics around them and finally gave away all his [belongings] and possessions went into these caves In this mountains and southern in the jungles in Southern Sri Lanka and promised himself he would fast and meditate till he attained enlightenment this was a 20 year old American boy in the 19 late 1940s very brave and then Ended up becoming one of Hinduism’s foremost spiritual leaders wow, right his guru in Sri Lanka who brought him into the hindu faith initiated him as a hindu monk and sent him back to America to bring Hinduism to the west and so he established the first hindu temple in America and brought Yoga and meditation and the hindu teachings to the west and [yeah], [so] led a pretty dynamic life till he died in 2001 A Very blessed to to known him and actually lived with him and [studied] with him probably I Would say the greatest years of my life And I don’t think anything would ever top that right so you finally found The guru that was going to keep you motivated more than four or five days yeah, and I really wasn’t looking for motivation You know Brian I was really looking for tools It’s like people always ask me are [you] a motivational speaker like once it’s right away off the bat I say no, I don’t motivate people what I do is share with them tools And I share with them [a] process and how to find define a goal because once you have a process And you have a goal, and you have tools then you can apply in your life And you can lean on your own spine and my guru always used to say that To the monks don’t lean on me lean on your own spine because if you lean on me, and I go away [you’ll] fall down so lean on your own spine and gavest tools, and he gave us a process and he showed us how to apply the tools in our lives so that we can solve our own problems and solve our own challenges and and make progress in our growth and A lot of people in my industry who do [self-development] and coaching don’t do that You know because it’s it’s not [a] good business model a good business model that’s where you have somebody coming back to you again create reoccurring revenue, so you don’t solve their problems and You inspire them because you know the inspiration will go after a few weeks, and they’ll come back and Bible It’s a drug right right [good] business model though, okay. Make a lot of money from it. You’re trying to provide real tools Yes [that] can make change and these are the things you’ve learned by being In the Monastery 410 exactly I don’t want people coming back to me I want them to solve their own problems right you know figure out their life and use the tools in their life to create what? they want But a lot of people [don’t] do that, and I finally found a teacher they could do that for me, and I’m so grateful So you meet him in perth you were two years into your degree, but you didn’t join him then you finish your degree painfully Yes, okay on his insistence or your parents [are] his own hisses and so as soon as I graduated Well, I didn’t even wait for my graduation ceremony I found out that I passed my last exam bought my ticket flew to Hawaii and left it all behind. How old are you? 23 24 I would say okay and was a Traditional Hindu Monastery what I’m what does? [that] actually mean it means that when you actually go to a monastery you you leave everything behind So you leave your family your friends [your] relatives all your possessions Get away, all my cDS [we’d] see these back then any money in the bank you’d have to take it out Give it away, so you basically burn the bridge behind you you don’t leave any safety net then you can go home, [too] Just in case monk life doesn’t work out, and I spoke to my family. Maybe twice a year on the phone Let us poke to any of my relatives and friends again, so it’s a real renunciation and people don’t realize What that actually involves and why why do that? What is the logic behind? Closing yourself off you stay [on] the compound for [10] years Do you you do sometimes we travel we travel to other monasteries? My guru get invited to go speak at [seven] places And he would take a couple of months with him so every now and then we would leave and travel [okay] I go into town to buy supplies. Okay, but in 10 [years] you’re not seeing family or friends or anyone So really is a new life. Yeah, you live in a cloistered Monastery and it’s It’s like almost someone hit the restart button right and which is the idea now. That’s engineered For what to happen okay? You know, what is I saw it behind the existence of a monastery well Thank you for asking that question nobody ever asked me that before But the whole reason behind it and I I can only speak for him [to] monasteries right every faith has monks And they all have different philosophies and different beliefs but in hinduism the whole purpose of monastic life and that Staying away from family and friends and material things it’s about conservation of energy so we believe that energy is always flowing out of us to people and things around us and One of the ways [to] get enlightenment is to first stop the Loss of energy Then you harness that energy from going out of you you would draw it into you you Concentrate a new channel and energy up your spine into your head to awaken higher states of consciousness But in order to do that You need to conserve as much energy as possible The more people you have in your life the more things you have in your life. The more you energy you expand It’s almost like if you take a space shuttle that once you go into space. What’s it strapped on to a rocket, right? Which is filled with fuel as soon as it gets past there to atmosphere. What happens? releases Rockets Rockets fall away the shuttle just keeps going and you could almost say what you’re trying to do is take your awareness and Move it up your spine into your head into deeper states of consciousness and to be able to do that you need tremendous amount of energy, and that’s why monks have very few possessions a few people in their life, and they practice celibacy as well, so celibacy is really about Conservation of energy at least in Hinduism. We don’t look at sex as a bad thing [I] mean after all we wrote the Kama Sutra so we even have a manual for doing it right, right? But it was all about conservation of energy right so celibacy minimizing material possessions minimizing the number of people in your life So a lot of times they say on you hear people say that material things are bad We didn’t believe so every month. I joined a monastery got a set of robes a set of beads earrings and a Macbook Pro The Macbook Pro exactly every [month] was issued a mac so we didn’t believe that material things were bad We believe that the simplification of it keep a few things that you really need a few things that you want and And live your life that way okay, and it’s all about Preventing the loss of energy okay, so you join the monastery yeah, what is that? What are those first few days, right? I like the first few months and then the first year or two. I’m guessing you’re super excited. You’re 23 24 years old I’m going away. I’m gonna dive in I got this guru I can levitate hey rice balls You’re wondering when you can start doing these things right [that] You still remember what those first few months are like is there monk hazing going on? I mean is it totally there is yeah, because you go in And you’re excited because everything you know about Monastic life It’s what you’ve read in books what you’ve seen Hollywood movies and watched a few episodes of Khufu David Carradine And you know like this is what months do right the candles the rice paper? Totally walking slowly sweeping the sidewalks talking in this very soft [voice] Right and it’s nothing like that at all [and] you go in and you’re excited and then the reality sets in after a few months After a year you realize [that] this is going to be the rest of your life you’re going to be living in a cloistered monastery leaving a cell leading a celibate life away from Family friends and Everything you know the simple things of like food and drinks that you are accustomed to chocolate fruits, so Your favorite dishes your favorite drinks Just going to the beach the things that you just want to do I’ve been used to be used to doing for the first quarter century of your life You don’t get to do [anymore], and then that reality sets in [there]. [that’s] and it’s quite painful because the subconscious Needs to adjust because the first 23 years of your life. It’s [grown-up] thinking is that in the way Accustomed to said way of life You can go to your kitchen and open the fridge and those like have access to all kinds of food that you wants reach in And grab something walk down the street feel like a cup of coffee walk into Starbucks and just grab something no, you can’t and Everything inside of you needs to adjust to a different way of life, and that’s quite painful and there’s no rice paper and candles and martial arts would use the [day-To-day] like in a monastery we We had to be in the temple by 5:30 in the morning So you could wake [up] at any time some monks will cover five some at 4:45 I used to get up between 4:00 and 4:15 in the morning. Get up take a shower I do some practices on my own in my little hut I lived in a 10 foot by 10 foot by 10 foot tall Square, hut in the forest and 5:30 would Come to the temple we’d have a ceremony together for about half an hour then we meditated as a group for one hour and People often think that monks meditated all day. We did not then we exercise from 7:00 to 7:30 for half an hour a day to encourage to do Then we had breakfast and then the monastery broker the monks broke up into five [groups] there were five departments one looked after the graphic design and Web development One looked out to the finance and the Endowments and paying the bills one looked after the church Congregation one looked after the land and we all went to work, so we worked till 12:30 12:30 to 1:00 we were each assigned a place in the monastery to clean so some clean the toilets and pathways the rooms [1] to [1:30] was lunch 1:30 to 3 we took a little nap a little siesta and then 3 to 6 we went back to work again You know suspected departments and then six to seven was the free time to do whatever he wants amongst exercise some did carpentry and Then seven to nine. We [watched] TV. And then I went to bed You know the schedule like the back your hand oh did it for ten years ten years and my [shoulder] was a little bit different After three and a half years after my guru died I took on a little bit more of an intense Shadow temple in the monastery Had a 24-hour vigil system, so every three hours There’s a monk on duty in the temple this has been going on for about 46 years now the monk was in the temple worshiping doing chants meditating yoga, and it was really a Shift and my shift was from midnight to 3:00 a.m. So I would go to bed about 8:30 at night wake up at 11:30 Come in from my hot shower change get dressed up like this Being the temple by midnight. It couldn’t be a second late and [not] I had to do another three hours Be awake from midnight to 3:00 and doing my spiritual practices and then go to bed again by 3:30 wake up at 7:30 the next Morning, and go on with my day okay, [so] you’re holding a constant vigil In honor of him dying or there was always a vigil it was always that okay, so you took that on yeah? and I did that for about six and a half years which was a pretty intense that Exhausting it was and actually me and another monk did it and so we did it? I did it for a month then he did it for a month, and we switched on and off But waking up at 11:30 at night You know for six and a half years and going in doing practices from midnight to 3:00 and was Probably one of the most intense things I’ve ever done Okay Because that’s the time when you want to sleep the most right and all of this makes you start to examine yourself Right you go inside because there’s not this artificial stimulus that we’re so used to so I’m having a hard [day] I get on Twitter. I’m a little bit depressed. [I] get a Starbucks coffee [I] do this I can you know call up a [friend] of mine and have a quick chat, so The rest of us are kind of putting these artificial stimuli. [I] call them like Patches really hatches You know okay, because if you’re not feeling well, where do you go online, right? You look at people standing at the bus stop for ten minutes waiting for the bus They get uncomfortable with being with themselves. They pull out the phone and they start engaging with something is to actually be with you It’s probably one of the most challenging things you can face in life and the whole purpose of the monastery is do you strip everything? In everyone away from a person and they only left with themselves you give then two sets of robes put them in a little hut and you’re like here live with yourself and Becomes extremely painful because there’s no escape talk to me about that. There’s no pain. There’s no patch right, right? There’s no [it] [Stafox] [comfy]. There’s no food. We have three meals a day no snacking in between and you Don’t even eat your favorite foods. You just eat. What’s served to you? So where’s the escape there’s no escape right? And so what did you start to learn about yourself? Everything you see all the beautiful things about yourself and you see all the ugly things about yourself and the way to Survive right [off] the bat is to learn to accept you for who you are and if you don’t accept yourself for who you are You [will] never make it in the monastery You just really have to put one two arms around yourself and go this is me Accepting doesn’t mean condoning. It’s just acknowledging that this is where you are right now, you’re made up of Good things and not-so-good [things] and it’s okay, and always look at myself as a building under construction There’s still work going on the scaffolding those tools lying around the nails but it’s a work in Progress and And that’s the first thing you have to do as a monk as accept yourself for who you are Because as soon as you’re going you’re going to see everything and if you don’t accept [yourself] for who you are You’ll want to leave can you talk to other monks about this stuff? we Were encouraged to talk only tugger in the other months because they were all going through the same thing and they were all going through Their own you feel their energy like can you feel some people are struggling with themselves or having a hard day or Maybe some guys have a couple of bad years. Oh, yeah for sure I mean is if you only have a gu to talk to I mean it seems like you could get stuck Well every now and then we would chat with each other But we were encouraged really to talk only to the guru because you don’t really want one monk dumping his problems on another monk Who’s going through his own stuff nobody wants to see that no no? Exactly depressed hmong currents like terrible and what would the some of the things that your guru said to you? Do you remember? Like to kind of you know. I don’t know counsel you at these times. [uh] he always defaulted back to Are you doing it practices every day and my answer whenever I went to see him was always know I? Had Fallen behind in my practices You know and then I would [just] get up and leave But that what else was there to talk about they put it right back [on] you He put it right back on me And that’s what I loved about him you know and I [meet] I met so many teachers along the way who? Want to solve your problems who want to fix you when I you know Who are like almost a Messiah figure that can wave a wand and like? Fix you and he always put it back on me And that’s what I loved about him because that’s at the ultimately at the end of the day what I wanted [I] Want to be in charge of my life. I want to be in charge of my future I want to be in charge of how I feel and my own happiness and he put it back on me and Gave me tools. What would the practices that he wanted you to do? Well, it’s almost like going to see a doctor right There’s [just] no one medicine for one [ill] [man], so depending on what I was going through he [here] dished out the right medicine he might give me certain practices to do whether it was meditation or Process of accepting myself who I am working with my subconscious mind in the dealing with my past And he would give particular tools, and he would say like okay. I want you to go do this every day for an hour And then I’d do it for two weeks or three weeks or month and then I might stop doing it And then problems would arise and then I go see him and I was telling the problem coming up and was like hey He’s still doing in practice, and I feel like oh, no it stopped last week. Oh What do you want [for] me? Get back to work. [yeah], well I mean if I go see a doctor, and it gives me pills, and I take it for two [weeks] And then I stop taking them and then have symptoms again, and then I go see the doctor like symptoms came back Are you taking your pills? No? I’m not well. What do you want me to do? Shove them down your mouth mmM. Go take the pills. I think I think we were having dinner in Napa You said to someone like we were taught how to do so many basic things that sometimes humans are taught Like we were taught how to focus or taught how to go to sleep? [I] think you might have one time when they’re having dinner didn’t like yeah. Thank you. I remember you said that now You’re like we’ve never been taught how to go to sleep Yeah
We’re taught how to go to sleep we were taught [how] to wake up we were taught what to do and we slept? Like during to sleep here would you actually do just? Sleep we were taught how to be awake We we’re trained how to meet up in the dream will and study together and continue to Educate ourselves We were taught [how] to breathe how [to] eat how to shower? All kinds of things you know we’re just born into this world and people [so] like here linnea nursery [rhymes] Learn your abcs 1 2 3 s go to school learn geography learn history science the periodic table Why whenever you ever going to use the periodic table again, but simple things of like basic life human skills We never get taught who teaches you how to go to sleep? How many people out there struggle to go to sleep me millions right because they assume everybody knows how to go to sleep? How do you go to sleep? How do I go to sleep without any problem? Did you have a process [that] they talked about they do this? This this this yeah? and it’s a simple process you lay on your back with your hands by assigned the palms facing upward you visualize your nervous system and you visualize all your energy coming into your nervous system, and Flowing from different limbs into your spine so imagine all the energy in your leg your left leg Being absorbed into the nervous system Flowing up the nervous system into your spine and then the same thing with your right [leg] your left Upper torso and your right side of your upper torso and your arm here pulling [into] [your] spine And your whole body gets [Dohsa] [sleep] Because when you relax your nervous system, you relax your muscles [and] when you relax your muscles the whole Arm goes limp And this was a teaching that you learned in the monastery yeah And then you just fall asleep and the next thing you know it’s time to wake up And you’ve had great sleep because my [groom] wanted Well-rested monks that could help him fulfill his mission So in order to do that He needed to make sure that when they slept [their] batteries got charged or 100 percent not 75 percent How terrible is it when you wake up in the morning and your smartphones only got 30 percent of battery life and you got oh? Should I charge it right because you want to wake up and you want 100 percent in you on your phone not 30 percent? so most people go to sleep and wake up with like 60 percent of battery in their life and For me my goal is to go to sleep you fully rested and wake up with a hundred percent of energy so that I can go and have a Dynamic Day and Do things that I want to do okay and eating taught you how to eat as well. Yes Can you how to focus on eating how much to eat? We had a rule in the monastery that your first serving should fit in both hands If you’re still hungry go back, whatever fits in one hand one hand, so hopefully you don’t have [too] big hands But um simple rule like that overall I eat slowly Do you visualize the food you think about these things you eat slowly you chew your food properly When we had lunch we sat together and had lunch we were watching TV we weren’t doing anything else who went reading a book we just focused on eating okay, and Enjoying our food. [I] had some scrambled eggs before you got here and I was eating [them] I was eating them fast because I was getting ready for you And I was like I bet down tapani would be like Brian enjoy your eggs Think about your eggs think about where they came from yeah, no, my girl would say similar things live enjoy your food You know in nourishes you and take tightening and actually? Enjoy eating it the meditation was an hour a day which most people thought you might be meditating 12 hours a day But you said before that you were preparing for that meditation Yes, the entire day exactly you explain that yeah And this is the concept people don’t get right people think that the more you meditate the bed is so 20 minutes of meditation is Not as great as three hours of meditation And exactly not how we work for us. We believed in quality as opposed to quantity we spent the whole day preparing to meditate so in Hindu philosophy What comes before meditation concentration concentration comes before meditation? So you need to learn how to concentrate in order to meditate we believe that you can’t meditate if you can’t concentrate So we spent the [whole] day focusing on concentration So when I spoke with someone in the monastery I spoke with another monk I gave them my undivided attention when I worked on my laptop I focused on working on my laptop when I swept the sidewalk I focus on sweeping the sidewalk So throughout the day I’m practicing [concentration] now when I go to sit down to meditate I’m really focused and I can have a dynamic Meditation session, and I always use the simple analogy [of] you know, take [loose] [a] bolt for example the sprinter right I? Don’t know much about him except he won three gold medals fastest man on Earth from Jamaica [I] Can make an assumption and tell me if I’m wrong that his whole day is structured That he eats the right kinds of [food] and drinks the right amount of water He goes to the gym if you look at the boy, he’s ripped right probably works out runs every day I’m sure [Sprint’s] does all kinds of things But his whole day Is preparing him [for] what nine point five seven seconds or whatever it is his world record is not the other way [around] [people] [come] up to me all the time Brian and they say [done] the [potty] I’m so stressed down it got so much happening in my life Do you think if I meditate for five minutes in the morning you know oh, I’ll help my whole day. I’m doing like Well, what are you doing? The remaining 23 hours and 55 minutes? That’s what I want to know because if you try to meditate for five minutes the morning the rest of the day You just live a chaotic life that’s not yeah, it’s a good start, but it’s not really helping you It’s like eating a carrot in the morning and then eating hamburgers and fries all day and hoping to have a healthy diet you Have to understand that your whole day your lifestyle is What’s going to support your meditation practice at the start and then it then your meditation practice grows? And then it turns around and supports your lifestyle, right? But not the other way around you don’t create a meditation practice to support your lifestyle you create a lifestyle first meditation second Then meditation affects a lifestyle not the other way around Everybody in the west has got it Backwards and what should we be doing with [our] lifestyle to make it to where it’s maybe more meditation friendly Well a couple of things [I] would say one is simplify your life. Everybody [is] so busy Everybody’s got a lot of things to do we don’t actually have a lot of things to do right We like being distracted you to them. We don’t have to think about ourselves Well yeah, and we we don’t have priorities in life most people don’t have clear priorities in life you know I for me my goal is to simplify my life simplify the number of people in my life and simplify the number of things in my life [we] only have a finite amount of energy each day great But every [year] we have more people in our lives Is that a fair statement more Facebook friends? You more people you’re connected with yeah, but your energy stays the same So that’s not a proportionate growth if your energy is increasing every year proportionately with the number of things and people in your life Then we don’t have to talk [about] this, [but] [your] energy level is the same But the amount of people and things in your life, [we’re] growing almost exponentially So where that doesn’t work so for me? It’s always about simplifying first the people and things into your life into who and what’s most important taking that finite energy that you have each day and Focusing second step is learning out of focus and concentrate that find that amount of energy [into] the people and things that truly matter Now you start to create a lifestyle that you actually love because you’re invested into people and things that matter and the byproduct of that is happiness and You said happiness is not a goal. That’s correct. Yes happen That’s not a goal, and if you ask most people, what do you want in life? They say all want to be happy Right would that be a fast thing literally they took it in the us constitution. I think [the] proceeded happiness pursuit of happiness I always say you should never pursue happiness Don’t pursue happiness pursue a lifestyle where the byproduct of that lifestyle is happiness So happiness comes as a byproduct. I spend time with the people [that] I love What is my by-product? I’m happy I spend time with [people]? I don’t like I’m not happy so don’t pursue happiness Lifestyle that gives happiness but in order to then to pursue that lifestyle you need to be clear what you want in life What’s your purpose in life? And people don’t know this because they don’t spend any time with themselves You said you’re marketing one time you sat [down] with a bunch of entrepreneurs And we’ll get to later where you went after the monastery because now you you travel the world Speaking with you know a high caliber entrepreneurs, and you ask them. What’s their purpose in life and the nobody could answer although? I’m [sure] they could give you their business model like the back of their hand But there’s only tell you that purpose right no. I remember a few years ago. I was in Australia and Spoke at an event with some very very successful entrepreneurs and they took me out to dinner afterwards and there was four guys and two ladies and two wives and [a] Everybody else had left and we had dinner was like 12:30 in the morning. Maybe a third [or] fourth glass of wine And I asked everyone that they gave wine now. Sorry you drink wine now I do actually I had my first glass of alcohol in the monastery. Oh, I never touched alcohol at all until I joined the monastery and uh We brewed our own beer in the monastery amongst a mentor beer. I don’t [know] if you know that or not know What’s it? What is ohm? Oh yeah? They invented beer right and and champagne right or probably okay, okay? See what monster [I] started drinking when a monastery started drinking and So I was having wine with these entrepreneurs, and I asked him. I think it was like 12:30 in the morning. I asked Just everyone at the table. What’s your purpose in life? Nobody [could] answer two people said I don’t know Two guys rambled on for five minutes which meant then no idea One Lady had known and one of the wives said I don’t know the other wife started talking and then she broke down and attacked a husband There you go simple question [what] [I] hope is in life no idea What color is your tie brain think it’s red. It’s red right? I mean not very difficult to answer But people don’t know because they never spend any time with themselves. I always say you know people People make time for everything and everyone else in their life But they never make time for themselves If you go up to someone who you know and say like [would] you like ketchup for coffee? Let’s do coffee Like oh, I can’t this week, but I can next week. How about Thursday [7:00] p.m.. Perfect. I’ll see you at this place When was the last time someone is [willing] to take time out of their life to spend time with themselves? So if I wanted to get to know you and we’ve had one dinner [I] had a great conversation [with] spending time here. If I wanted to get to know you. I would have to spend time [with] you We’d have to meet up for coffee a glass of wine. [I] really want to get to know you Maybe we read up once a week every Friday night. We go out for a glass of wine We chat for a couple hours after you get to know you really well, you get to know me really well But it requires me spending time with you So if you want [to] get to know yourself you need to spend time [with] yourself but in in a way that You can inquire right so people say to me things like I walk my dog in the park That’s my time with myself, and you’re like no, it’s not that’s you walking the dog And we go like a heist, you know I? Go for a jog that’s my alone time now. That’s you jogging avoiding traffic Watching where you’re stepping so you don’t trip and fall over spending time with itself is sitting down closing your eyes Not interacting with the outside world and actually going inside and having that conversation the same conversation I would have with you and say like hey Brian. So where [did] you grow up? you know You said California. Do you like to surf? No hate the water. [I] love the water Tell me right and people don’t have that [conversation] because they don’t have that conversation with themselves They don’t end up knowing what they want in life Because they don’t know what they want in life They can’t focus that find an amount of energy And then they don’t live a lifestyle that brings them happiness and most people end up being happy unhappy as a by-product And so what is the tool [that] you suggest people use to start is it that focused? Meditation is it just being with themselves alone asking questions Continue watching this fascinating conversation for free by clicking on the link below to visit our website, and I’ll see you on the inside Taught people all these amazing monk stuff chanting and cross a nostril breathing and like how to pull your energy in how to be celibate and harness your sexual forces

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