DAYTONA REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT 2014-15-16, Cash Flow Property, Producer

Oh, hi there. Fredrick The Yeti here to talk
to you about “Pillow Money”. What is pillow money?
You ask. Good question, simply it’s cash you’re
relying on for your future eeh. Today, year after year it seems the
pillow is getting thinner rather than thicker.. like me. So let’s
change that eeh. We can put you into a Wholesale lower
than market price Turn Key rental property with management for as low as $60,000.00, in the Daytona
Beach Tampa Bay Area’s. Your next month’s net income would be
about $575.00. This is a Turn Key property, a home, with management, all you have to do is
cash the check. how a’bout that eeh.

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