Death Of A Nation: The Khmer Rouge’s Cambodia

We didn’t come to Cambodia to talk about the genocide. We came here to talk about the country, the past and present alike. But to truly explain the backdrop of modern Cambodia, it’s just something we can’t ignore. Let’s look at the Khmer Rouge. But before we get into today’s story, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who’s watched, who’s liked, who’s commented, subscribed, taken part in any way. It means so much to us. This is a unique and new thing and it is so cool to have you along for the ride. In addition, we’re in a new country. Welcome to Cambodia. And with a new country, we’re gonna implement a couple of new styles, maybe change up the camerawork a little bit. We really hope you like it, but either way let us know in the comments below. But for now, let’s get back to this story. Okay, so back to Cambodia. This country is primarily inhabited by the Khmer people. They were once rulers of a great empire based in Angkor. But their golden age was in the 1200’s and that was quite some time ago. Since then, Cambodia has been constantly invaded by Vietnam and Thailand, and in the Colonial Era, France. And when French colonialism collapsed, America stepped in as part of its war in Vietnam. And the war brought unrest. The revolution came to Cambodia in the form of Viet Minh soldiers camping in jungles across the border to hide from the French and American bombs. But it was a bit too Vietnam-focused for the nationalist Cambodians. They banded around the leadership of a Paris-educated elite called Saloth Sar, or more commonly known by his pseudonym, Pol Pot It formed the basis for what would eventually be called the Khmer Rouge. They’d started small, just a rebel group in a distant jungle fighting against a beloved king. But everything changed when America began to bomb Cambodia. Without even declaring war, they began bombing the country in force. The United States dropped more explosives on Cambodia than were dropped in the entirety of World War II by all the Allies combined. It was meant to stop communist guerrillas, but it only made more of them. After all, you can imagine what this was doing on the ground. Civilians were being blown out of their homes with their only sources of income destroyed. Tens of thousands were killed indiscriminately. It drove people right into the arms of the Khmer Rouge and thoroughly weakened the central government. And then there was the coup. The king didn’t suppress communism loudly enough. He was walking a tightrope, but America was fighting a war. They installed a military dictatorship that hated communists the proper amount. And the king, with nowhere to turn for support, publicly promoted the Khmer Rouge. They promised to reinstate the throne. And this opened the floodgates. The average person joining didn’t understand the ins and outs of Pol Pot’s doctrine, but they understood loyalty to king and country. As the Vietnam War ends and Saigon falls, Cambodia’s dictatorship falls with it. They’ve been heavily reliant on U.S. money, support, and military to stay in power, and now the U.S. is gone. The Khmer Rouge come out of the forest and replaced this military dictatorship with something far more brutal. And they waste absolutely no time in implementing their evil plans. They immediately make the city disappear into the countryside. Leave everything behind, give all of your money and items and food over to the Khmer Rouge and start walking. They kill administrators, soldiers, teachers, anyone they consider elite immediately on the spot and turn everyone else into a countryside peasant. Within hours, the government decided that education was unnecessary. After all everything you needed to know in life you could learn working in a rice field. They killed people who wore glasses simply because they seemed elitist. They started to turn all the schools into prisons and work camps like the infamous S21 here in Phnom Penh. Once a high school, it was quickly turned into the most infamous prison in the Khmer Rouge regime. 99% plus death rates of prisoners. It didn’t matter your age, your gender, your creed, your position in the party, if you entered the walls of that prison you would eventually end up here, in the killing fields just outside town. The Khmer Rouge believed that they were making a perfect society. In their eyes they would change everything until all people were the same. Not equal, but the same. The same thoughts, the same ideas, the same life, the same experiences. An impossible ideal, but they were willing to kill for it. Loving someone without party permission meant death. And they weren’t giving up jobs based on skills or experience because that would imply that people weren’t the same. They were giving them out based on loyalty, on who was a member of the party. There was even a 12 year old who ended up running an entire section of the country. An administrative task that she definitely was not up for. And so, you end up immediately with starvation, of course. But once starvation comes in, people aren’t allowed to forage for food, because foraging implies individuality. It implies that you’re not eating the same as everybody else and therefore you can’t be the same. The government literally preferred that their people starve to death then show even the slightest hint of individualism. Soon as the country began to collapse, the party decided to blame spies from within. This is always so common. It’s not our fault. It must be saboteurs within the party who are stopping us from achieving these lofty goals. And the only way to get rid of saboteurs is to kill them. They didn’t just kill them though, because whenever they tortured them they made them give names. There were no names to give. These were innocent people. They had not done the crime they were being accused of. So what names would they give? They gave the names of people they knew. Maybe they didn’t like them. Maybe just whoever, under torture. It ended up killing families. These prisons would take friends, families, co-workers, anyone you’d associated with, and kill them alongside. And for 3 years straight, around the country, in killing fields such as this one, the regime repeated their terrible pattern. It wasn’t sympathy from abroad that stopped the Khmer Rouge but hubris from within. Even though their population was starving, their leadership had been purged and their army was weak, they decided to invade Vietnam. It was the sort of tactical leadership you’d expect from the Khmer Rouge. It was the sort of idea that could only come up if everyone was afraid to say no to you. Vietnam wiped the floor with them. It was barely even a war. Within a few days, they had already taken almost every major city. The Khmer Rouge fled back into the forest and Vietnam set up a government of its own like it. But the Khmer Rouge weren’t dead yet. They’d survive for another roughly 20 years in the jungles, actually keeping some power and putting a lot of pressure on the government to change, to fear them. It was because they had major powers backing them abroad. People who were so opposed to what was happening with communist Russia. How the Soviets were coming down to Vietnam to impose their style of communism, that they were willing to back the Khmer Rouge despite what they’d done internally. Knowing that the genocide had happened. So the Khmer Rouge stay in the jungles until the late 1990’s. Not really keen on fighting a rebellion in Cambodia, the Vietnamese try to step back but they can’t let the Khmer Rouge take over again. So they sort of find themselves in limbo up until the 90’s, whenever the UN steps in and puts the king back in power. The king from the very beginning. So they’ve basically reverted 30 years before as if none of it’s ever happened. The Khmer Rouge are still in the jungles. The king is in power. There are external threats constantly deciding the fate of Cambodia. Almost as if it’s reset. But of course it hasn’t reset. This terrible thing has happened. This trauma, this homicide, this genocide of the people is looming over everything. To convince the Khmer Rouge to come out of the forest and disband to become part of normal society again, they make a deal that gives them near amnesty. Despite these leaders having committed a holocaust, a genocide of their people, they go unpunished. To this day, despite UN efforts, not a single one of their leading members has been to prison for their crimes. Some have been on trial, but nothing came of it. So 40 years later, the trauma remains unfinished. There’s no catharsis to end this experience. It’s just sort of trickled out. And you can see how it affects everything in the modern day. Cambodia is more than just the story of the Khmer Rouge. It is the story of Angkor. It is the story of modern Phnom Penh. It is a story of a bright, friendly nation seemingly worlds away from the struggles of their recent past. It’s a country of skyscrapers, smiling faces, and optimism for the future. Yet the legacy remains. The Khmer Rouge era is over. It’s gone. But it can’t be forgotten. This is Rare Earth.

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    Great content!

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    I m Cambodia

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    Thanks 🇺🇸 always destroying lives around the world ! What a wicked nation

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    They killed all the smart people they destroyed factories
    Before Khmer Rouge we can build motor bike cars boots hats everything
    Can’t believe this

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    Say thank you to Vietnam

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    If you want to learn more read the book “never fall down” it is about this!

  9. aleksander suur says:

    A challenge! Can anyone, from entire world history, think of a more insane regime than Khmer Rouge? There have certainly been rulers who have been individually more insane, but honestly I can't think of any country or nation as a whole in any period to rival the sheer insanity of Cambodia under Khmer Rouge. That little bit of history just forms an entire league of it's own when it comes to insanity.

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    Such is the way of Socialism and Low IQ

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    This video is absolutely perfect… really good.. thank you

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    After Pol Pot's death in 1998, Cambodia's population and economy grew a lot. As of 2019, Cambodia IS THE 6th fastest growing country in the world.

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    Man, I dont want to say that Americans are only good but saying that "Americans step in as a part of war in Vietnam" is just unfair, because it were vietcong forxes who first violated Cambodia neutrality and established Cho Chi Min trail.

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    Great content! One comment: you can't apply the term Holocaust for the genocide of the Khmer Rouge. What distincts a holocaust from a "regular" genocide is the industrialozation of mass killings, which was not the case with this genocide.

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    Imagine this people, he was a teacher, he was given education, he was send abroad for higher studies, he was soft spoken, was smiling, and yet was able to even convert schools to places of tortoure…all dictators were and still are people who are seen as saviours by their uneducated, poor(also the educated and elite minority) country men and women and we are executed for being of a different race, class, political view, choice of food, language, culture that is different from that of the dictator to whom power was/is handed over by the masses who think that the grass is greener on the other side, but no matter what, doesn't matter how many mass graves are marked, or concentration camps turned into museums, people will make money out of that for tourism, but of course will say that we should do it so that people are not forgotten, people will not do this again,etc. But the truth and grim reality is that people will do it again and again, and the people who do it will always have the justification for doing it and give fiery speeches and inspire people to murder, rape, torture and whatever, justifying the means to their ideal, glorious past and promising a utopian future… and that's hard for the masses to say no to, and the dictators know that the people will do anything to achieve it…

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    It’s so sad how my school just brushed over the Cambodian Genocide. It wasn’t part of the curriculum but my teacher decided to do a one day lesson on it and my whole class was so intrigued, but since it wasn’t part of the curriculum we all ended up doing our own research on it

  29. MrCowboyJesus says:

    All of the Khmer Rouge Killers remain free today. It was a genocide that remains entirely unpunished. Only a very few top leaders were ever brought to Justice. That was what is so horrible about this Mass killing. The president of Cambodia today is a former Khmer Rouge Cadre. And he has refused to allow any justice to take place. It is a shame that the people in Cambodia do not rise up and do something.

  30. Xàm LoL TV says:

    That is the reason why we, the Vietnamese, fought to the bitter end against the Khmer Rouge. We fought to protect our people, to save our neighbor, to fight for what is right.

    No thanks, no recognition, and we were condemned for that

  31. Xàm LoL TV says:

    That is the reason why we, the Vietnamese, fought to the bitter end against the Khmer Rouge. We fought to protect our people, to save our neighbor, to fight for what is right.

    No thanks, no recognition, and we were condemned for that

  32. Xàm LoL TV says:

    That is the reason why we, the Vietnamese, fought to the bitter end against the Khmer Rouge. We fought to protect our people, to save our neighbor, to fight for what is right.

    No thanks, no recognition, and we were condemned for that

  33. Xàm LoL TV says:

    That is the reason why we, the Vietnamese, fought to the bitter end against the Khmer Rouge. We fought to protect our people, to save our neighbor, to fight for what is right.

    No thanks, no recognition, and we were condemned for that

  34. Xàm LoL TV says:

    That is the reason why we, the Vietnamese, fought to the bitter end against the Khmer Rouge. We fought to protect our people, to save our neighbor, to fight for what is right.

    No thanks, no recognition, and we were condemned for that

  35. Xàm LoL TV says:

    That is the reason why we, the Vietnamese, fought to the bitter end against the Khmer Rouge. We fought to protect our people, to save our neighbor, to fight for what is right.

    No thanks, no recognition, and we were condemned for that

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    You're right there has been almost nobody held responsible for the horrors and most former Khmer Rouge remain living peacefully and more often than not with privileges still. I've spent a lot of time in Cambodia a few years ago and know the place and people well. A Khmer hotel owner and well connected older woman there whom I know was a school teacher who somehow survived. Her obvious wealth and connections today make clear why that it. The UN history in Cambodia is atrocious too. They are known for having debauched so many of the young girls there's even a standing display depicting this at a village museum in Siem Reap.

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    I want to thank Rare Earth for covering such a dark past in history. Im Malaysian and I’ve never even heard of the Khmer Rouge before until I briefly came across it in my school textbook. I hope for the leaders to receive their punishment and for the victims to recover from such a traumatic incident which still feels recent.

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    I live in Cambodia, Siem Reap. I flew to c Phnom Pehn in Cambodia and went to the Killing Fields, and Tuol Sleng.

  76. Electric Boba says:

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    And you know what? Behind Khmer Rough was China's support. Throughout the 1980s, they had consistently demanded Vietnam not only to retreat its army, but also to constitute a new Campuchia Government includes Khmer Rough. China had always declared that there was no genocide at all, and Vietnam just told a fake story, using it as a cause to invade Campuchia to reunite Indochina. In my opinion, Vietnam interfered Campuchia not only because its needs of peace and security but also for humanity reasons.
    Now we see. Khmer Rough is a devil which killed so many people in vast brutal ways. And we can also see, China is a liar, a big big liar in Asia. It is (not was) because it continue to lie about their nine-dots sovereign in South China Sea. Actually, they has legally occupied those islands by forces. They took some from South Vietnam (1974) and took some from Vietnam (1988). They shot and killed 64 Vietnamese soldiers.
    South East Asia, be careful and thoughtful with China.

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    It is so strange that the Cambodians fear Khmer Rouge but they don't try to wipe them out of the country. They think that it will disappear naturally without do anything.

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    My mom and dad survived, thankfully.
    My dad told me stories of how he travelled with my grandma and his sisters and brothers through the jungle to escape. He said that he once saw the Khmer Rouge paint a grenade orange to resemble an orange and watch them throw it into a hole. And the starving people would go into the hole to eat, but they all died. Eventually my dad escaped to Thailand, where the French were setting up safety camps.

    My mom lost her biological father due to the war. She said that her dad was shot but didn’t die, rather, he was burned alive. She also remembered stories of sleeping in a house with her mom and sisters. And she heard the Khmer Rouge invade their land. She explained that there was a guy who couldn’t speak. ( he was mute and “stupid”, which is just a disability.) the Khmer Rouge interrogated him, but he couldn’t talk. My mom said that they hit him in the head with a shovel, multiple times, just hearing his screams. She eventually escaped to Thailand as well. Thankfully both of my parents didn’t step on a mine.

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    The WORLD cannot define where the foundation of many conflicts has taken its form. Theyd forgotten something: THE COLONIZERS. Why not demand the Vatican-raised Spaniards, the Portuguese and the French to answer for the debacles wrought by their destructive adventure at the South East?

    What must be the good derivatives of the modern world to the former monarchial states of SE Asia? Nothing! France , divested The kingdom of its precious heritage. Adulterated and disturb its ancient culture. Colonist France installed a puppet monarch and after the people suffered much from their mistakes under a protracted length of time, brought another defective monarch from the same puppet line of Sihanuok.


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  84. Zavd Dkah Arda says:

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    -C.S. Lewis

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    I visited these places yesterday.. The history lessons back in school didnt do it justice. What a hell it mustve been, heartbreaking

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    Thank you for this amazing and eye-opening documentary. It is really sad to see what happened to a great nation under the oppressive regime of the Khmer Rouge. Yet still the spirit of the nation will help it rise again and build a brighter future for the generations to come…

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    This video proves that the United States is the enemy of world peace.

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  94. brother gamer says:

    Thank you for a glimpse in to what happened in Cambodia. One point that is rarely mentioned is the role that China played in supporting the Khmer Rouge.

    It has been my observation is that to this day, the Cambodian people were/are too traumatized to speak of what happened and that too many, even to this day, do not understand what happened because they way of knowing what was going on outside their own village. Their overwhelming concern was simply being able to survive today so they could live until tomorrow.

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