Declaraciones de Jon Rahm en la 1ª ronda del Quicken Loans National

okay i am here with the number one ranked ammeter while heading into this week anyway john rom who shot a 7-under in his first round out here at Quicken Loans national so John how would it feel to be out there in your first PGA Tour start as a pro it was a good feeling I certainly had the feeling that you know I love to be here I love to you know to be one of the PGA Tour players it’s certainly a great feeling and you know to top it off with a round of today like today was it was just great you didn’t have a single bogey not a blemish on your card so what was clicking for you out there two things mainly my putter had really had the speed down today which he was great because I love me you know to match the speed underlining most of the putts and then the driver off the tee I was extremely confident today which I got lucky both of those things potting and driving can kind of got together today and that was a good combination for me today have you leaned on any other pros or maybe any other Spaniards to kind of help you out are you going to talk to anybody to get you through the rest of the week here if I can yeah obviously I’ve been asking other pros and I’ve gotten different answers some of them have told me to just go ahead and win others told me to keep my expectations down and you know I think I try to compete you know to play my best and win but trying to keep my expectations were down was wasn’t mean the main thing I had to do and so far as been working what’s it been like to come here to Quicken Loans national as your first tournament I really feel blessed and honored to be here to have my PG to her start after oakmont to come to congressional to one of the most iconic golf courses in America I felt it was amazing I mean that feeling I had today on the first EBO actually in the 10th tee one of them greatest par threes in the world I was like it just can’t get better than this today like and then luckily another weather was great so I just I just felt so humbled and honored to be there thank you and we wish you the best of luck the rest of the week thank you

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