Deep Cuts: What Would A South Asian ‘Get Out’ Look Like? | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

We actually do—this is my
favorite part of the show— it’s time to do a Q&A. And you guys submitted questions before
the show and I’m gonna answer them. So. Wait, are you Shadow’s sibling? Dude, I was freaking out during the show. Shadow is our audience coordinator. And I’m like, reading, I’m like, “Student loan debt is a huge
problem—why is Shadow…?” Like in my mind I was like,
maybe Shadow’s like, “Dude, I gotta learn about Navient man. Like, I know I had to
load these guys in, but…” Man, a lot of people
know about Shadow? [Various audience members]
(Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.) [Various audience members]
(We all met him. We all know him.) Oh, you guys all met him personally? (We were as shocked as you were.) About him? [Various audience members]
(That’s Sky. Yeah! His name is Sky.) Wait, wait, wait, you guys have
had a whole conversation? Wait, what’s happening? (His name is Sky and—) But how do you know this? What? (We saw him, Joyelle did it.) Joyelle did this whole crowd work thing? Oh, ok. Joyelle did crowd work and was like, “You look like Shadow!” (Yes, exactly.) Man, you guys weren’t being helpful. Sky, you’re the first question! Oh, man. “How awesome is Shadow,
in Onset Productions, at providing an audience
for your show? —Sky.” That’s a good look, man. That’s a major, major move. Uhh, Shadow is great. He’s one of my favorite
employees at the show. It’s a true honor and privilege to work with Shadow at Shadow, hey! I was just giving you—I was just
giving my testimonial to camera. This is Shadow, you guys. (We met) You guys have met? I know. “What would a South
Asian ‘Get Out’ look like?” That’s hilarious. Ok, so in the South
Asian version of ‘Get Out’, I’m dating Dinesh
D’Souza’s daughter, right? And, I go to their house. And then he’s the whatever,
he’s the psychotherapist. And he’s like, “Hey, come sit down.” And then he has, like, a chai cup. And he just starts
stirring it and he’s like, “You know, we need to
dismantle affirmative action.” And I’d be like, “Dinesh, why?” “Because the Democrats started slavery.” And I’d be like, “Noooooo!” Ajay Kothari’s there, it’d be great. “Were you popular in high school?
If yes, why should we trust you?” Uh, this is from Ayesha. Is this from, like, my sister,
did my sister submit this? No, uh, obviously not, I wasn’t. Wasn’t popular in high school. “What student loan payment plan are you
on, and what’s your expected end date?” You know what, I was
actually very lucky. This is from Julianne. Is that you? (That’s me!) What student loan program
are you on? Are you on Navient? (Osla—I’m gonna owe, like, $200,000.) You owe $200,000? (I will by the end of my education.) Oh, my god. Where do you go to school? (I’m At Columbia.) You’re paying—and it’s $200,000? (Well, I’m in, like, a
dual-degree program,) (So it’s Social Work and
Public Health combined.) Ok. (So, it’s like, a lot of money.) Are you doing the public student
loan forgiveness program? (Yeah.) Does this whole headline,
like, terrify you? (I’m already dead inside, it’s fine.) I know, that’s the way, like, a lot
of people are. They’re just like, “It’s at two hundred. Let’s just—” Like, they treat it the way like
our fiscal deficit is in the country where they’re like, “We owe $2 trillion—” $450? (Yeah.) But you’re gonna be
like, a doctor, right? (I’m gonna be at dental school.) You’re a dentist, it’s fine. You’re like, “It’s dental. The
work-life balance is better!” $200K for social
work. That’s crazy. (I hang out in the law
school so that I can) (find a nice law school
boy to pay off my loans.) You hang out in the law— that’s hilarious. That’s your Instagram discover page. It’s just the law school library. Like, “Yeah, what are you a
first year or a third year? What’s your deal?” I’m not mad at that.
I’m not mad at that. Do your thing. Do your thing. Is anyone here in law school? Anyone here a lawyer? I’m lucky, I lived at
home during college, so… (Woo!) Cost was super low. Woo? It wasn’t woo. It was so sad. It was so sad. But, my tuition
was only nine grand. So like, in hindsight, like, I think, I don’t know, maybe
not having a social life… (UC Davis!) Yeah, UC Davis. Yeah. I went to UC Davis. It was nine grand. It was crazy. Yeah. But, I wish I had cool memories from college. but my bedroom upstairs was great.

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  1. Zahra Sohail says:

    Please cover Kashmir! Or even the feud between Pakistan and India.

  2. faizal man says:

    Forget high school, hassan is popular and trending at the moment.

  3. Usaid Khan says:

    Maybe if Hasan went to some other fancy Ivy college, we'd never have patriot act. Was listening to u on a podcast

  4. Oladapo Okunlola says:

    200 000 dollars in debt to study Social Work??!! I respect people who work in jobs dedicated towards helping people but she will be in debt for the REST OF HER LIFE!! She should have gone to a cheaper school to study that degree.
    It's crazy how people in America go heavy in debt just to have an education. Here in Europe tuition is like 5000 dollars a year and in some countries like Germany its 600 EUROS A YEAR

  5. Nelson Gonzalez says:

    Love the deep bass tune just after the intro!

  6. ruby rose says:

    I watch every episode as it comes out and learn so much……. until I end up getting lost in his eyes. But I ship their love story so (cry cry)

  7. pinkie says:

    UC Davis!!! Woot woot

  8. satanisthedevil says:

    ONLY 9000? That's so much

  9. yugandhar beesetty says:

    “Social work and public health”
    $200k. 🙄🙄

  10. pranav pradeep says:

    about time he talks about pulwama and pak sponsored terrorism. like this comment

  11. Jesse Hernandez says:

    We need more audience member question videos

  12. Lauren-Kate Kush says:

    Hasan can you match make in the comments section? Single in Bay Area help a girl out

  13. Lauren-Kate Kush says:

    Hasan can you match make in the comments section? Single in Bay Area

  14. Lauren-Kate Kush says:

    Hasan can you match make in the comments section? Single in Bay Area

  15. Lauren-Kate Kush says:

    Hasan can you match make in the comments section? Single in Bay Area

  16. Lauren-Kate Kush says:

    Hasan can you match make in the comments section? Single in Bay Area

  17. Rezolutionist says:

    Asian Get Out:

    "Dad I-"

    "You doctor yet?"

    "No, but-"

    "Get out."

  18. Sexy Sheela says:

    Please please please upload these Deep Cuts full and include in the show pleaseee.. we're loving ittttt.

  19. Slayin X says:

    Hasan Minhaj > Trevor Noah

  20. Jay says:

    She is legit doing Social Work at columbia? Im sorry but you dont need to spend 200k to do social work at columbia. You coud've went to a state school. On a social work salary she wont pay that off till she's 80.

  21. basically me says:

    You know sky and shadows parents gave no fux

  22. TeaLeafer99 says:

    Hasan was a privileged Indian kid whose parents clearly paid for him & were wealthy doctors

  23. Palm Top Tiger says:

    People that go to college in 2019 are brain dead.

  24. Christopher H. Meuse says:

    A south Asian get out would be a Gandhi movie with a horror twist…

  25. Maria Roussakis says:

    Y'all gonna hate me bc I only had $45,000 in student debt that I paid off 1 and a half years after grad. But I live in Canada. Thankfully I also had a grace period before my debt accumulated interest so I started paying right after I finished (cuz I got my first job a week after graduation) so I know I'm lucky. Unfortunately Ford is trying to get rid of that grace period though

  26. PARAS GAUR 15BEE1215 says:

    Listen fellow gentlemen,you don't need to pay any pussy's education loan.

  27. funsizedaree says:

    Ugh Hasan, I relate. Grew up in Yolo co and lived at home while at Davis. I wonder if your parents were bigger buzz kills than my Filipina mom, though lol

  28. someone says:

    Living at home during Uni squad 😢🙌

  29. Paul viret says:

    That woman has to spend $200 000 in order to get a low paying job helping people. Your system's fucked America.

  30. Stephanie Rakowski says:

    So the new MRS degree is all about paying student loans?

  31. domino2009ful says:

    $200K student loan for social work? Good luck next 40 years!!

  32. praneet matkar says:

    Ending is great

  33. Sameeksha Saxena says:

    Lots of love from India Hasan Sir….love ur show a lot…

  34. Sr Ve says:

    200000 for social work and public health…. nahhhhhh

  35. skyejacques says:

    Lol… Most of us are redeeming ourselves from an underwhelming college experience… (Traditional Muslim values + severe depression + taking a degree not really what would get me employment in the end…) All good in da hood 😊

  36. DRSNova says:

    I would be devastated if my bank balance ever reached negative numbers in my life. I have no idea how I would even go on living knowing that I have $200.000 in debt. My university education was fortunately free.

    I guess it sort of evens out, given that we would of course pay much higher taxes than Americans would – but still, I would much rather recieve a lower amount each month in the first place than having it in my mind that I need to pay back a mountain of debt with my now higher salary. And of course knowing that any medical emergency will not set me back a few years on payments.

  37. Sri Widhia Bayu Santoso says:

    the way he treated his audiences makes me really wish i was there watching hasan live

  38. Veto says:

    Student loans are so crazy to me. For my 6 semesters of university to complete my bachelors degree I pay around 720€. That's 120€ per month, and those include a bus and train ticket for the whole semester that allows me to take the trams, busses and trains in and around the city (that's like 70€); free entry to the city theatre (2€), and the rest goes to the university. The US are probably wasting a lot of intellectual potential with costs that high…

  39. daniyal k says:

    real story ahead ,Asian Get Out,
    "mom dad i got 82 in math"
    "Get Out."

  40. S Sayali says:

    3:49 same girl

  41. Dhruv Chaturvedi says:

    I lll find a boy from law school🤣

  42. mk99 says:

    I just watched US and all this shadow talk really got me scared tbh

  43. MXD Magic says:

    Yo this is like Between the Scenes but wit a different type of comedy

  44. Vibe says:

    You are a Cupid in most of the episodes.

  45. Emily Schueller says:

    The girl with $200K in student loans doesn't sound like the brightest. Amazing she got in.

  46. Fauziya Manga says:

    I love you Hassan

  47. coda west says:

    no. other. show. does. this. it. is. GREAT.

  48. Shamanta H Shammi says:

    Hasan please do an episode on Bangladesh's politics being an autocracy. This really needs global attention!

  49. So sehe ich euch (Kanalinfo) says:

    Disgusting people and audience

  50. Natal Kumar says:

    South Asian Get Put really happened , that is what you call the Muslim Invasion of India.

  51. Himalaya Sharma says:

    This section is too good.

  52. Madi K says:

    there is no host as personable as this man. bless you hasan.

  53. why name? says:


  54. Kunal Malhotra says:

    Wtf is this shadow sky bs

  55. Grace Biswas says:

    I’m in love with this man, and can’t do anything about it.

  56. Vaibhav Birla says:


  57. strongpowerthankyou says:

    “If yes, why should we trust you?” 😂😂😂

  58. Vanessa Acosta Hernández says:

    Joyelle is a cool ass name

  59. elemeno82002 says:

    to everyone saying they live in a country with free education, my advice is to be very politically active so that it remains that way. all around the world there's been a push to privatize education and healthcare to move it to a more profit friendly America lite model. ppl want to make money where it can be made.

  60. Angry Young Man Vanquisher of Tyranny says:

    He means the Indian subcontinental not south Asian as he doesn't use Pashto Afghan or Myanmari words

  61. Ansh Gupta says:

    What is shadow and sky?

  62. Radiant Bladez says:

    Deep cuts is so addicting.

  63. Tim Power says:

    Pimping herself out to “law school boys” to pay for her education. That’s depressing. I’ll take Loveless Marriages of Convenience for $600, Alex”

  64. Shahinur Miah says:

    Wait his tuition was 9k and that’s low for you guys?? Of course in comparison to 200k but here in the uk they made our tuition go from 3k per year to 9k and we’re all flippin out at the prospect of owing 30-50k. Feel sorry for you Americans man.

  65. Satish Shinde says:

    4:20 there…right there, feminism goes to dump. Hope someday such statements won't be funny anymore.

  66. Crocoshark says:

    2:04 to the topic of the video title

  67. Enthusiastic Zestful Villainy says:

    South Asian Get Out would have song and dance numbers and the run time would be 3-4 hours right?

  68. Rishabh Dey says:

    Indian get out: Nikal laude pehli fursat mein nikal.

  69. boris brian says:

    I'm gonna ask this one last time
    Who tf is shadow?

  70. Lindsey P says:

    i get the feeling – not 200k, but still a lot of money, only to be paid an education salary :'(

  71. Dee Dee says:

    The sad part about those student loans is that most of it was for room & board. Hasan was lucky to have lived near UC Davis & be able to save himself a mint. No shame in that. My son also lived at home four out of the five years he attended UC Davis local rival (Sac State). The one year he lived on campus cost him 10K! No joke! The daughter of a friend of mine went to NYU & got a degree in English. She graduated with $100,000 in loans! Much of it was on room & board. Crazy!

  72. Caverlee Dahill says:

    9 grand for college??? It's gonna cost me 9 grand just to apply ffs

  73. Cassie A says:

    Mannnnn hearing how much debt they are made me feel so lucky, I'm American but I attend university in South Korea and I have no loans nor debt, just the fact that if I work a job over my summer and winter vacations pays my whole tuition blows my mind

  74. Jgot hoopdreams says:

    He looks like an Asian big sean

  75. harrypotteravenclaw says:

    Wait, but he sees the questions beforehand so he must've known that Sky was in the crowd, because he asked about Shadow??

  76. Alex Paris says:

    Is sky/shadow Hasan’s Will Macovy Moment? #nooneisnamedellen

  77. Menahel Khan says:

    200k for humanities? Boy, the US higher education system is done for.

  78. Steven Espinet says:

    This whole time, i thought he went to UC Santa Cruz

  79. icwsi says:

    Lol, we have free schools..

  80. Skritzz YT says:

    The negatives of being British not being able to go to this show because it's in America😠😠😠

  81. Rin Rin says:

    I love Hasan's easy interaction with his audience.

  82. Emma Nts says:

    Their house would prb have that buddha head decoration

  83. Willy Wilson says:

    UC Davis graduate here, here.

  84. Erato Eros says:

    $200?! Wow! I am thankful that my total college tuition was equivalent to $76 for 4 years.

  85. Beck V says:

    His audience is filled with the most intelligent people! 😀

  86. Kulsum H says:

    Binginggg Patriot Act and it's 3am -_-

  87. Swat says:

    Hasan feels like Michael Jordan’s Bulls in the 90’s. Their team is putting in that work and producing 🔥 🔥 🔥 content.

  88. Rohan Ramani says:

    I died when she said that "I hang out by the law school so I can find a nice law school boy to pay off the loan".

  89. Aaron Anand says:

    I like how half the people are white and don't get it

  90. The Imperialist says:

    atleast your bedroom wasnt downstairs (BASEMENT)

  91. beethovenjunkie says:

    Americans acting like a 9000 Dollar tuition is not still ridiculous. I mean, mine is like 350 Euros per semester and includes a student ticket for al of Berlin.

  92. Monica Restrepo says:

    Seriously every time I hear him describe his parents and I’m did my Colombian parents read Indian parenting books 📚 I lived at home in college! A girl can’t leave home unless she’s married no matter what.

  93. Chris Summers says:

    South Asian get out

  94. Hannah Banana says:

    “I’m already dead inside. It’s fine”
    I want this on a T-shirt

  95. Libra Princess3 says:

    I’m also a Columbia student and the cost to go to that school is fucking insane. I already have student loans as well.

  96. ZannaZatanna1 says:

    "I hang out at the law school so I can find a nice law school boy to pay off my loans"

    oh honey – they will have even bigger loans than you

    -me, a law school girl

  97. Manu Gulati says:


  98. khadheeja azad says:

    im 16 and im super happy about being 16 besides for the fact that i cant get into the show unless im 18

  99. Mohammad Ariz says:

    You are not the only indian muslim on earth i got you bro

  100. Narwhaliana says:

    Shadow’s just chilling behind the scenes in the shadows.

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