Democratic Presidential Debate – June 26 (Full) | NBC News

9 comments on “Democratic Presidential Debate – June 26 (Full) | NBC News”

  1. Angeli St. Matthew says:

    We need Texas minimum wage raised! 🙁

  2. tyyahnna says:

    he spoke spanish to make sure for those who don’t speak english – that are watching , can understand

  3. tyyahnna says:

    i like warren … hmmm

  4. D-monster 43 says:

    They'er all crooks . No justice on stolen land !!!

  5. Sum Ego says:

    During obama’s fake presidency, he would repeat himself on almost every occasion describing Americans as “this is not who we are”.

    What demorats stand for today must put a crooked smile on his weaselly face .

    Vote America. Vote Trump 2020! WE are the champions, democrats-shillary-Biden-cortex squad-they are the losers!

  6. YoungBlunt &Mizguided says:

    I’m surprised at how much they dodge questions or not completely answer, it seems like it’s more about making a statement that everyone would like to hear and not necessarily about addressing the issues at hand

  7. Caroline Blew says:

    I didnt like warrens hesitation when asked about if her plan would have limits to abortion…not only did i feel like she skirted the actual question and answered it in a backwards way but it to me seems obvious that she will have limits on abortion…castro hit that head on, didnt hesitate and included reproductive rights for the trans community as well…

  8. E 26 says:

    Where is Kanye West for 2020🤣

  9. Josheph Michoto Dorimann says:

    only real president material by far: tulsi gabbard

  10. Alpesh Abhijit Chowdhury says:

    Let Gabbard speak you hacks!

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