Diamond Heist Achievements [Guide] [Payday 2]

Hey guys! Today let’s look at some Diamond Heist achievements,
specifically, Dead Change; Steal from the Dead. Blood Diamond; Secure the red diamond on Overkill
difficulty or higher. And the Hunt for the Blue Sapphires; Find and pick up every sapphire outside the
vault on Overkill difficulty or higher. Starting off with Dead Change, for this one we’ll have to go loud before opening the vault. Once Bain drops off the CFO (quite literally)
onto the fountain, a cash bundle will be found just next to him. Pick that up and we’ll have the achievement. For Blood Diamond, it’s simply a game of
chance. 10% chance for the red diamond to spawn on
the Overkill difficulty, and 20% for Mayhem and above. This chance is only calculated upon opening
the vault, which by then we’ll already have completed more than 50% of the objectives. So yes it’s going to be tedious since we can’t simply use a HUD mod and
keep restarting. Welp, just keep trying. The last achievement on our list today, this is a replica of the sapphire hunt achievement
from Payday the Heist. However it’s much easier this time as compared
to the first Payday since guards raise the alarm instantly when
they see you for more than 1 second and there are no ECMs available back then
as well. So we can do this achievement right from the
start without doing any objectives. If we have a full team to work with, we can even
ECM rush it easily. Otherwise, if we’re going solo just stealth
until we get caught and then drop ECMs until we grab the last
sapphire. And for this, we are looking for a total of
12 blue sapphires, all within the building and none on the roof. Breaking the glass to quickly grab the sapphires
will sound the alarm and when it does, the sapphires will instantly
retract into the box so nope, just stick with the glass cutter. So, using the courtyard with the statue as
our north and the fountain as dead centre, here’s
what we have. On the upper floor, 3 sapphires in the ring around the fountain and 1 in the west wing immediately to the
left. And on the lower floor, 1 in the canteen, east wing, 1 in the immediate room to the north, and 1 just outside the next room, which is
the Glitter Room. Then there’s 2 around the ring, north and
south position and 1 in the west wing, just like a mirror
opposite of the canteen one. The final 2 can be found outside the vault
in the northwest and northeast positions of the fountain. Do leave the ones outside the vault for last as you can get blocked in by the lasers if
we skip the objectives. Of course we can still climb up the fountain
using the Double Jump or Jump Higher trick but that will be tedious. Alright so I have video clips of the 12 sapphire
locations coming up and then a short gameplay clip to show you
how I did it. Thanks for watching again, I appreciate it a lot and I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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  1. Neko Dominus says:

    Great vid! Could you please talk next about Reservoir Dogs achievements? Perhaps the get off my property or pinky swear, that seem to be the hardest. Thanks!

  2. xddd0329 says:

    your videos are always good:3

  3. Avinash Kumar says:

    Dude I gotta say your new series is really helpful. Your recent previous video of Beaver achievement and other old ones are really really helpful especially the nightclub "kill only with c4" one because I tried a lot before seeing your guide. And now i will be trying this sapphire one. Keep it coming 🙂

  4. P5505PL says:

    it's hard to get 69 views

  5. meme dEaLeR says:

    Let me know. If i have wolfhud for example. The red diamond wont trigger?

  6. Renato says:

    Does killing civilians reduce the chance to spawn the vault?

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