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  1. deepa ma says:

    Well, second one to like the video…. Again! A great video!!!!😄😁👍


    Nice one

  3. Adrian Hearle says:

    the example really helps and very clear – well done

  4. Accounting Stuff says:

    This one is a beast! But I didn't want to skip any steps in calculating Cash Flow with the Direct Method because there's a lot going on in there. How did you guys find this style of learning? I like to try out new things to see what people find most effective.

    Big thanks to everyone who has supported the channel by subscribing! As I type this the channel is sitting at 999, so hopefully we will have 1,000 by lunch. Always appreciate your comments, so please let me know what you would like covered in future videos!

  5. EVERY THING AVALIABE HERE by akash says:

    More views and subscribers

  6. Teema Abdul Zahra says:

    What does the DEALER stand for????

  7. Arexsis says:

    Mate, this is beautiful. I'm using this to relearn some stuff for my 3rd yr acct class – so this can be a bit slow sometimes – but overall this is a huge help. Wondering if you'll go into more complex stuff ( like maybe 3rd year acct stuff ;] ).

    Thanks, and cheers

  8. Mont Brae says:

    How do we calculate interest paid without an interest payable on the balance sheet?

  9. Jayvee Criss says:

    You're my inspiration.

  10. Sophia Chen says:

    learning accounting from your videos, watching it one by one. the best! thanks!

  11. Sodaba Niazi says:

    Thank you so much for the detailed explanation. I was looking for direct method with t-accounts calculation and I finally found it.

  12. Anita Hawkins says:

    There's a typo at the end of the description (the the, instead of with the) sorry. I'm a proofreader and editor 😬.

  13. Countess Dracula says:

    Why the hell did i just found this video? This is like the most useful for people like me who needs a step by step calculation to understand. Thank you so much for this. I have a cash flow statement project due tomorrow.

  14. Squirtle Squad says:

    Very well explained compared to other videos. Thanks

  15. Jessica Morris says:

    Do you ever have any information that I can print off, like a power-point or other form?

  16. robsessedddxoxo says:

    Woah this video needs way more views! Thanks for saving me for my finals!!

  17. jasonauslander says:

    Spending all this money on college and here you are teaching this FAR better than my professor. Thanks!

  18. Giannekinneth Plaza says:


  19. ThyInfamousAssassin says:

    You sir are a life saver, thank you so much!

  20. Rajat Srivastava says:

    you need to do some marketing for your videos. Your videos are the best I have found on the youtube and are better that what is given in CFA books. The views need to go up.. Thanks a ton

  21. Harieta Mitchell says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I have an accounting exam next week and this is my first time ever doing the subject (Im in my first year of college) and jeez its so hard finding quality videos like this, your video was so much help compared to what my coordinator taught us!

  22. Timtam 92 says:

    OMG! I have to say this video is awesome and so easy to understand since the way you explain this concept makes me feel excited instead of falling asleep like I normally do when listening to my lecturer. Thank you so so much. I feel much more confident about my final exam in the next 3 weeks

  23. Helen Day says:

    Lovely clearly presented, well-paced lesson which helped me understand it much better than my text book, which was beginning to feel like being forced to read a mass of terrible small print which didn't help at all (and it felt like the author wasn't actually TRYING to explain it, it was more like a list of words). Thank you so much for explaining so clearly how one can use T accounts to work out cash flows, you're an angel, it's brilliant.
    I'm 63 now and during a lifetime have had experience of good and bad teachers and if there was a Teachers' Walk of Fame, I would nominate the presenter of this video to put his hand print somewhere on that walk.

  24. Sheridan Sullivan says:

    Cheers, and still really finding these videos invaluable, and really appreciate your taking the time to answer follow-up questions. Just a little hiccough here, though, one rather typical for me, in that I'm not quite following some of the maths. In the "Cash Paid to Suppliers" example, in the PPE T Account, how do you know to subtract 202 and 70 and add 234 and 23? I'm just not seeing anything in the arrangement of those numbers in the T Account that says "right, add this to this, and subtract these, that's how those numbers interact…" This question applies to some other parts of the example as well, in Salaries Payable and Accounts Receivable. Also, I'm not quite getting why you say "-105, less 86, less 95," but are actually doing (-105) + 86 + 95 for 76. I notice, however, that's not the case with finding the COGS, though, where it is both said and, uh, "mathed," I suppose, 94 – 68 + 60 = 80.

  25. Nadia B. says:

    I came here for info about the cash flow statement and ending up staying longer than I expected because of the charming young man in the video! Oupsie!

  26. philani welcome says:

    Perfect, thank you very much

  27. Elena Capulong says:

    Thanks very much for this detailed, simplest and easiest explanation of the direct method! You are awesome!

  28. Annie Guo says:

    This is so helpful!! You can explained it way better than both my textbook and lecturer did! Subscribed 🙂

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