Discover the U.S. Bank Loan Portal

[MUSIC PLAYING] So you’re ready to
buy or refinance a home, and you have a lot to think about– when to buy, how to sell, how to refinance,
where to get your mortgage. With all these
things to consider, it’s important to find
solutions that fit your life. With the new U.S.
Bank Loan Portal, you get a safe and secure way
to apply for your mortgage, all in a way that
fits your needs. Apply online at your own pace
on your phone, on your laptop, no fax machine. The Loan Portal offers
an intuitive process that brings together both
convenience and customer service in one place. Applying online,
or with the help of a mortgage loan
officer, is the first step. Just follow the steps within
the application and submit. Or apply by phone or in person
with one of our mortgage loan officers. We get it. Sometimes life may get in the
way of the important stuff. With the Loan Portal, you can
just save your application and come back to
finish it later. If you’re on the go and
away from your computer, you can pick up where
you left off right from your mobile device. You might have some
questions along the way. Our mortgage loan officers
are available to help answer any questions you might have and
help you complete the process through email or phone. With the application
process, you’ll need to provide a number
of documents for review. Instead of having to email them,
fax them, or drive them over to your mortgage loan officer,
you can safely and securely upload them right
into the Loan Portal. You can even upload
documents directly from your financial
institution, payroll provider, or tax preparer throughout
the application process. The U.S. Bank Loan
Portal gives you a way to help find the
right mortgage that fits your life. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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