14 comments on “Dispute Credit Report Secret 1: Charge offs(2019)”

  1. Mark Clayborne says:

    Watch Video 2 From the Dispute Series: Dispute Secret# 2: Late Payments


  2. Mark Clayborne says:

    Make sure you watch video two in the series.

  3. bill walker says:

    Only equifax is reporting a charge off , I have been challenging it’s voracity I think I’m on like around four or five now

  4. Percy Starr says:

    Hi Mark, I was just started the credit dispute process using factual information. But I do have a question if I find an inaccurate information and that's my dispute reason can a credit bureau turn around and use it against me and not delete the account.

  5. Becky Sellers says:

    So when the dates are wrong, the comments are all different, and the personal info like addresses etc are all different, do I go about using the "Validate account" reason or " the following personal information is inaccurate" reason? Thank you for your help!!

  6. Radhames Reyes says:

    Thank you for the videos. Can I send a copy credit report of the error showing the credit bureau with my letter.

  7. Thomas Bledsoe says:

    Mark this is how I do investigations I never say it does not belong to me. I ask them to validate the account and please insure the accuracy of the account. If it comes back verified I file an immediate claim with the cfpb if all three reports don’t match. So my question is am I doing it right.

  8. Julio Pinzon says:

    Good morning mark I have a question what site your using to get all three reports?

  9. Donelle Banks says:

    What letters are to be used when disputing and inaccurate information that’s on the credit report

  10. Charles A. Floyd, II says:

    Hi Mark, This is an EXCELLENT presentation. I am a member of your community, have your software, and completed your Mastery course, but still felt something was missing. I am so pleased to see that you are walking through a credit report and showing errors. Going forward, it would be a great addition to your training to provide credit reports that have errors that your students will have to identify. Please expand on this video, and include this practical training in your teaching materials. This is EXCELLENT.

  11. Steph E says:

    Can I send in a copy of my report with the dispute letter circled like you have in the video?

  12. chito alvarez says:

    Thank you! Love the video. Question, what web site did u use to get that Credit Report Format?

  13. Darryl Polite says:

    Hi Mark, great video. I have a question for you in regards to this method. I've tried this on 2 negative items currently showing on my credit. I've found 2 inaccuracies and disputed it showing proof of the inaccuracies to the Bureaus but the information was updated across the board and now it all appears to be matching.

    How should I proceed from this point if everything is matching now? I've tried printing the reports from my credit monitoring and paying for my reports to find something that's inaccurate but it seems as they have the information matching now. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

  14. Paige Graves says:

    Hi Mark, I 3 got charge offs off 2 of Experian and Transunion, I printed out my updated credit report and its still showing on Equifax, they said they verified it but the other 2 took off, so what is my next step? I was thinking to send them the copy of the report but in was told that wont make a difference, Please let me know

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