Diversity and Inclusion Series: Women’s History Month 2018

(inspirational music) – What is a queen absent of her crown? A queen. What is a crown absent of a queen? Nothing. And if the only legacy you
leave behind are stories about your resilience, if it is only your
children telling stories about how their mother
was never given a crown but still moved like a queen, if you don’t have children if you just come from a
lineage of women who sacrificed their bellies to feed this hungry world. That is enough. Let this poem serve as
acknowledgement of your royalty . Let this poem be a reminder
of how the sky would be dark without all the days you
grinded your bones to dust just to keep the lights on. Let this poem be the hey
sis, thank you and I see you when you’ve become invisible to movements you’ve created or you’ve carried sadness
two times your body weight yet still showed up to
the functions smiling when you felt less than electric yet somehow power others
with your purpose hey sis, I see you beautiful even when you choose not to smile, with or without makeup, in board rooms rocking
skirts or pants suits. Hey, sis, I see you as more than feast. I see you as more than
temple or structure. I see you as magic. I see you as black girl magic. I see you as me too as time’s up. As our time is now. Hey, sis, I see you in
solidarity with your sisters. I see you always fighting for others. I see you, sister. I see you. Queen. (inspirational music)

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