Done in 60 Seconds [Payday 2]

Todays’ focus, “Done in 60 seconds”, is a speedrun achievement from the Bomb Dockyard
heist. It’s pretty straightforward; we have to open the dock gate using 2 keycards, within 60 seconds of starting the heist, which is do-able only in stealth. It’s still reasonable for a solo player, as 60 seconds can be covered by 2 maxed out
ECMs. Even better that we now have the Hacker perk
deck. I’ll assume that you guys are familiar with
this heist (more or less) but if not, all the keycard locations will
be shown at the end of this video. And before we do any strategizing, I’m going to share how the map works. So most players would know that in Bomb Dockyard, there will always be 2 keycards. These keycards are distributed among the various
office tables, and also the locker room on the right side. Players will also know that there’s a special
feature; instead of the standard 1 security room, there are 2, which both have to be taken out in order to
disable cameras. The Normal difficulty however (which I assume is rarely played) is different. 3 keycards will spawn instead and only 1 security room will be occupied. Additionally, the security room that is empty, will become a possible location for a keycard
to spawn in. And then also on the Normal difficulty, there’s a bonus for a single human player
(we can still use bots). All keycards will only spawn on one side; either the left, or right side of the dockyard. So based on these information, regardless of whether we’re going solo or
not, the Normal difficulty is the best to work
with. Let’s see the strategy, starting with the solo one. As per the previous section, for a solo human player, all keycards will spawn either on the left
side or right side. So whichever side we start from, we’ll juggle between dropping ECMs, and checking through the various possible
keycard locations. If we don’t find a single keycard at all, that will mean they spawned on the opposite
side, so we’ll just do a quick restart and try again. Also in the previous section, I mentioned that a keycard can spawn in the
empty security room, but only the left side’s room is easily accessible through breaking of the glass. The other security room on the right can only be accessed by picking the doors, which is a waste of time so we’ll skip it, unless we want to bring a saw along. And once we find a keycard, we’ll head straight for the nearest control
room. But instead of running all the way into the
control room, we can save time by circling to the back, jumping and inserting the keycard through
the wall. And that’s one control room done. Then we’ll head back to grab the next keycard and run along the dock gate as a shortcut to the other control room to complete this
achievement. Multiplayer would be straightforward; Players can either split up and handle one
side each or go together, in case the keycards spawn on the same side. As always, communication is key. If we find a second keycard, just inform our team of its location before we go on our merry way. And that’s all I have for you guys in this
video. Stick around for all the keycard locations, and also 2 solo gameplays, one for the left and one for the right. Thank you all for watching.

8 comments on “Done in 60 Seconds [Payday 2]”

  1. BlackHawk TP says:

    I was so quick this video was privatized and I literally freaked out.

  2. diana qouta says:

    2nd comment

  3. Joydurn Yup says:

    Whats ur opinion on holdout? I think spawns are insane with too little cover

  4. FazHound says:

    Using the preplanning map to show the exact locations of the keycards alongside the screenshots would be helpful to some people.

  5. big z11 says:

    it’s nice to wake up and see this

  6. Davtwan says:

    There is a way to get into the right security room by breaking its window. There is a set of boxes you can use to jump into the broken window. There's even a set of white boxes inside the room you can use to get out. However, the jump into the room can be tricky to those who aren't experienced with the controls to perform an on-the-spot long jump. It's probably best for less experienced players to skip it. Nevertheless, it's a way to get into that room much quicker than picklocking the door (although the saw is probably faster).

  7. A. C says:

    Nice and straightforward, thanks for the guide! 🙂

  8. Chuchu says:

    Thanks for made my request!
    I've been testing out the Sewer Rats achievement from Go Bank and I've some attempts.
    Still not tried everything the game gives and I could almost be able to win, this one is very hard to get on solo, but it's possible.

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