DON’T Buy The Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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100 comments on “DON’T Buy The Samsung Galaxy Note 8”

  1. Unbox Therapy says:

    Samsung Galaxy Note / S8+ / S8 skins –

  2. Pedro Santos says:

    Galaxy note 8 the most reliable and competent phone I ever had!!! I am using it at already 2 years and I am still in love for it. Hope the note 10 surprised me like note 8 did.

  3. Haamid Sharif says:

    got this phone for 400cad…bargain

  4. yaswanth naidu says:

    Shut YOUR Mouth !!!!

  5. I am a Nigga says:

    I bought the phone with 500$ only

  6. I am a Nigga says:

    I got the note 8 😂😂😂

  7. Ali Hamza says:

    This guy is a retard

  8. B n says:

    So, now that the phone is less than $200, does that make it a buy?

  9. CaptainBeatDown says:

    Note 8 works for me cuz I have big hands

    And i draw 😀

  10. Alice Paris says:

    10M fools watched this video lol its normal all phones are expensive when they are new and when they get 4 years old they will be 100$ price no one buy new phones and all the companies will close and stop making phones haha

  11. Turkish-manT-Series Pie says:

    You don’t know what you are talking about why wouldn’t you buy it

  12. shemika baldwin says:

    Lord why he sooo fine 😍😍😍😍

  13. favord49 says:

    I definitely disagree, I got my note 8 earlier this year and it's an amazing phone, the battery life Isn't the best but it lasts the majority of the day with constant use.
    Edit. And concerning the fingerprint sensor I like the location of the fingerprint sensor, it lines up perfectly with how I hold by phone and its extremely responsive.

  14. amir radmehr says:

    xiami mi 9

  15. Zoey Perry says:

    Your clickbate tho DONT buy it LMAO

  16. Zoey Perry says:

    Him makeing good points me : but the big one has a pen

  17. Hermes Liberty says:

    You talk like Jus Reign from Ontario.

  18. ar vans says:

    Hi 2019. Im getting used note 8 for $300. Hahahaha

  19. No U says:

    It’s 330 now so ya

  20. rogereanu says:

    Let's not forget about the 2gb of extra ram for the note 8. Still a flagship phone for the summer of 2019.

  21. sammy R says:

    I just bought the note 8 gsm unlocked

  22. iErikonaツ says:


  23. Bujar Rraci says:

    Really bad rewiev….

  24. TheGingerLord 93 says:

    im still rocking the note 5, still a great phone👌 think the note 9 is calling out for me now though.

  25. Matthew Cross says:

    The Galaxy note 8 is the best phone I've ever seen in my life. God damn your nuts.

  26. Sjaak Schulteis says:

    My Note 4 is about to die…. now I'm going to get the Note 8… But I totally agree with Lou. I would never buy the latest and new Note version, because it is ridiculously expensive. The Note 8 is now in a good price range, even though for the price there are other brands with more features (except for the pen – which is the main reason I want to have a note), but the specs are very good and I will use it until it breaks, like I did with my Note 4.

  27. 《iDBZ》ḯj̈́ä́ä́z̈́ Ɗ乃乙 says:

    Go fuck ur self

  28. rosie posie says:

    Anyone else get the "water in port" thing often? Even if you didnt get your phone wet?

  29. Gina Fancy says:

    I've had my Note 8 since it released. Hands down best phone and Note phone I have owned. I can't tell you how many times I've dropped this phone. Still works perfectly and never a crack. Love the Notes!

  30. Ezrathe challenger says:

    You are stupid

  31. noel william says:

    I don't use pen and paper anymore. I use the s pen. Better for the environment.

  32. Samuel Morado says:

    I tend to agree to see point about the stylus . I've have a Stylo 2 and Stylo 3 and I rarely used the Stylus. Note 8 pre-owned is 399 or so. If u want a powerhouse of a phone Note 8 is worth it in 2019 if you are on a budget under 500 bucks.

  33. Samuel Morado says:

    That music gotta go Bud.

  34. John Tran says:

    Got the Note 8 for $315 – brand new.

  35. Aniya Perkins says:

    I went from the 8+ to the note no regrets

  36. keep me up-to-date says:

    Why don't you difine value of apple products…

  37. Weirdo says:

    The…the captions…. 😕

  38. Arun Lukey says:

    Note 8 vs lg v30 which is better ?

  39. T E D Woghiren says:

    I think it all comes down to choice. Samsung has something for everyone. The note is great but not the price but it's still cheaper than apple that gives so much less for much more money.

  40. True Valor Tube says:

    You should do a video with a rapper named Andy Mineo. I swear you guys could be brothers.

  41. Ashley Valentine says:

    Just ordered the note 8 for $10 a month, gently used. What a steal!

  42. Sumit Sharma says:

    Fuck yourself!

  43. Imsoong Rai says:

    I'm looking for a phone cause I'm just getting into secondary school but I'm in a budget this seems great

  44. Jeremiah Pragas says:

    Don't buy the Galaxy Note 8. Buy a Galaxy Note 9.

  45. John Chaney says:

    the screen is big so I can watch my porn 3d

  46. Membershipofbus says:

    The old smart phones is a bad idea to buy new smart phone are good to buy

  47. jaxons jam says:

    Clan I please have it

  48. Mohammed Taqi says:

    I smell a note hater

  49. Skeptis Trader says:

    This guy is a total faggot

  50. Blake Comenduley says:

    Still rocking my note 3, considering finally getting a new phone after almost 6 years of active service from the note 3

  51. Kirk Ford says:

    Anybody know how much a replacement screen costs?

  52. Brad English says:

    This guy 🤦🏼‍♂️

  53. Dev Sehgal says:

    Who ruined the captions 🤦‍♂️

  54. Foxy says:

    I got my note 8 for $300 (including tmobile service and warranty)

  55. Shubhajit Chand says:

    Samsung 'S6 and above' and 'Note7 and above' are beast

  56. Ebonyivory Gaming says:

    Just bought a brand new one unlocked for 370$ usd

  57. Christian Thom says:

    2 yr contract runs out in a month. Will NOT be replacing my Note 8. Still getting a full day out of the battery with regular use. Screen is immaculate. Hasn't slowed down at all. Phone not only has been great, it is still great.

  58. AXL SALVATOR says:

    I own a Pixel 3 Xl alongside with a s8 plus. I am trying to decide should i get a note 8 or a galaxy a70 they are about at the same price. I got the best camera on Pixel so i don't need the camera. The a70 had a 6'7 inch display, 128 gigs of storage expandable to 512 you can get the phone close to 1 tb, 4500 amp battery, decent triple camera setup, just a mediocre processor alongside with 6 to 8 gigs version of ram. Note 8 is older so i don't really know on paper you get much more on the a70 plus a on screen finger print sensor. Can someone help me clear up my thoughts it would be much appreciated?Please.

  59. Nathan Gilbert says:

    Watching this on a note 8

  60. inue windwalker says:

    Watching this on a note 8 lol

  61. Tu Maldita Madre says:

    Go hard

    -Willy Du

  62. manal mckinney says:

    Thank you so much! I know little about phones and you educate me a lot❤

  63. Ka-EL Zakiah says:


  64. Rajesh J JRX says:

    Honest opinion is appreciated. Now the price of Samsung galaxy note 8 is $500 & Xiaomi Redmi k20 Pro.. I'm an extensive photoshooter, gamer & multi Tasker. Which one to choose? It would be great if I receive a reply from you Lewis George.

  65. Chris Carey says:

    Does the note 8 have AR mode

  66. L0kiE_Clan says:

    have anyone seen the captions

  67. Nicolo Don Diego says:

    Now dont buy galaxy note 10 😂

  68. The two best sisters Rimas & Rama says:

    Watching this video on my note 8 but thinking about buying the new note 10+ … i feel like I'm cheating on my phone!

  69. Jason J says:

    Screw you I got a note 8

  70. Phxntom says:

    Who's here after watching his Note 10 video?

  71. raidou13 says:

    Note10 is out! time to get the note 8!

  72. Stephen Austin says:

    What is that autistic screeching going on in the background

  73. Jasbir Singh says:

    the comments just made me order a samsung note 8 😂😂

  74. Jonathan Patrick says:

    Im watching this video on my note 8 after releasing the galaxy note 10+ to feel more sadness

  75. draft menship says:

    How to notice click bait
    1. Notice title”why you shouldn’t buy note 8”
    2. Notice thumbnail ‘have note 8

  76. hawkey5000 says:

    930 buck for this. in Norway the price was 1,100 dollars that's beneath the 10000 kr limit.

  77. Amin Shah says:

    can we buy it in 2019? 😜

  78. The Eden Network says:

    Watching after launch of note 10. Strongly considering this note 8 or note 9. Depends on what I can find for what I'm willing to spend lol

  79. Joe Campos says:

    This guy well im watching with a note 8 and i love it

  80. Ambik Thapa Magar says:

    Is it ggod to purchase it in 2019 anyone reply

  81. black ops 2 game tips/cheats/Easter eggs says:

    Watching on galaxy s10+. Watching this video after watching a video on the note 10+ sucks cause the note 10 has no headphone jackkk

  82. Cahaya Mati says:

    Now the new note 10 launch

  83. Muhammad Tanvir Ahammed says:

    চুত মারানী

  84. Deena James says:

    I'm Watching this on galaxy note 8 :/

  85. RC Hobbyist Extreme says:

    Bitch bitch bitch. You cannot make everyone happy. This guy probably owns an APPLE. I LIKE a BIG ASS PHONE. You never said anything bad about anything technical about the phone. Like battery weakness, lack of signal, dropped calls, lousy speaker, yada yada yada. Really? Ergonomics is your beef? OMG!

  86. Vision Gaming says:

    Well then the Note 10 is around now so I’m just ready to buy a Note 8 for cheap

  87. Addi Ellison says:

    i hate iphone

  88. Christopher William says:

    One year later…. and this video still stinks.

  89. Jenzi says:

    Got my note 8 for $379. Love it!

  90. night fury says:

    Why is the title "dont buy the note 8" ??

  91. J D says:

    Note 10 coming out soon already have reviews now note 8 gonna be that much cheaper

  92. Marcin Marzec says:

    Well, I feel entertained. Thanks 🙂

  93. Niranjan C.S says:

    3:15 best moment of my life lol 😂 😂

  94. Niranjan C.S says:

    3:15 best moment of my life lol 😂 😂

  95. Niranjan C.S says:

    Phew !!! 😇😇
    Now that Galaxy note 10 is out I can finally get a note 8 !!!

  96. Francis Afelik says:

    The note 8 still cost more than my budget, daamn I'm broke

  97. Ever Sánchez says:

    Note 10 is just $30 more, $950 retail price, who else is watching this after Note 10 has been released?

  98. Joe Spilzwell Volpe says:

    Back again on my note8😁

  99. jack mills says:

    Pre ordered note 10+

  100. Denise Shephard says:

    I own a note 8 and its brillant

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