– Hey what’s up YouTube fan? Brandon Weaver here once again. All right, so I’ve got some questions about address and names, what you can do, what might help you. Let’s get into it okay. “I have a lot of old
addresses on my credit report. Do I need to dispute them? If the bureaus delete them, will it hinder my length of payment history?” Okay, so let’s take it one step at a time. Do I need to dispute them? Well, disputing them, updating them, getting the old nasty, old addresses off, could potentially help. Okay, now, when I first was doing my credit repair I
didn’t know all the tips, tricks, secrets all right. I didn’t have all the stuff at my disposal so I had to learn a lot by trial, by error, by doing this okay. Now I work with the team here. I work with the team here right, and we’re working together
to figure things out. So, it can help. What we’ve found is
before when I was doing it I dispute, I was getting
results, it’s all well and good. And I eventually did update my addresses. I don’t have fifteen million
different addresses on there. But, what it does is it
can help disassociate from old, obsolete, outdated accounts. Old, obsolete, outdated,
unverified accounts. Old, obsolete, outdated, unverified addresses tied to accounts. Now, some people say, “Hey, I need to update my stuff but they’re giving me a little pushback.” Well we found here, the
team working together. What you want to do on all your good stuff that you have, ’cause I know you have some good positive history
on what your working on. You want to make sure that you update your address with all your banks,
your credit cards, everywhere. So the bureaus won’t necessarily be able to quote unquote
verify, to push back. Look at some of the smaller bureaus. Your Lexus Nexus holds a
lot of those old addresses so make sure that is
taken care of as well. So yes, I would say go after them and with that personal profile update information you
can get this information., the
beyond committed package. You can do this for yourself
or we can do it for you at, it’s one of the very first things that we do. Update your addresses. It gets you all nice and updated with your names, which we’re coming up to. Now, will deleting this hinder your credit history, your payment history? Your good on time payment history. No. You’re only taking care of
the addresses at this point. And other negative,
nasty, erroneous items. So, you’re good on time payment history that’s there that’s going to be maintained is going to stay there and be maintained. The other thing is, I also see my last name of my former spouse on the report, but I never changed my last name, I’ve only
ever used my maiden name. So, is this something I should update, dispute as well? Yes, of course that’s something you can take care of. Because if you never use that name and they’re putting it together because they have a difficult time of knowing who’s married and who’s not. And we’ve talked about that on the live streams about the AU’s and why they can’t discriminate against married couples and not married people that are using AU’s,
and why AU’s still work, and continue to work, AU tradelines. But that’s something that they’re trying to put up and update. If you never change your name. They’re trying to change it, put your name on there, or his or her name on there, your spouse’s name, that’s not 100 percent accurate. It’s a name you never use, that should be updated and
positively off of there. Delete it. Dispute it. That could help you disassociate
you from other stuff. Maybe even things that could potentially have been put in someone else’s
name that’s not your name or your former spouses name. And they think, “Oh this
is a co-signed account.” Which it may not be right. This is why this has to
be 100 percent accurate. So you can do this for yourself. We can do it for you at If this video helps you out,
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