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  1. Ryan Scribner says:

    ABOUT ROBINHOOD 3% CHECKING ACCOUNT… I recorded this video literally a day before this was mentioned. What I will say is that this account is not being offered yet and it seems like they will be having trouble with SIPC insurance. Based on the article below, they will not be SIPC insured accounts. There are other options for checking and savings accounts, I will include a link to a video Graham Stephan did about both of these topics because it is very informative!

    Robinhood 3% Checking Not SIPC Insured ▶︎ https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2018/12/14/robinhood-checking-and-savings-features-not-insured-says-sipc/2310208002/
    Robinhood 3% Checking Review By Graham ▶︎ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gfT7I6X_Qc
    Best High Yield Bank Accounts By Graham ▶︎ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4ImvTvvmJ4&t=16s

  2. Kelvin Glad says:

    Never heard it before

  3. harrisc42 says:

    Cool commerical for Betterment. I'm sure they're satisified. If people are looking for a high yield savings account, you should probably direct them to Marcus by Goldman Sachs. 2.25% APY with no fees or minimum balances. Betterment would have an APY that high but they take their 0.25% fee. Lame!

  4. Zakir Shaikh says:

    Ur videos is always good and gives us all idea
    But its too long to watch . U can say us to pause a video or like give a interval for it.

  5. Ariana De La Concha says:

    What is loosing power of the money?

  6. Get In says:

    BETTERMENT IS A SCAM!!!! DO NOT DEAL WITH BETTERMENT!!! That is why it's not included in the title of this video. IT IS A SCAM.

  7. Dan Babcock says:

    You can easily and quickly get 2.20% APR savings at Ally Bank. That's what I use, thanks to Graham Stephan. But either way is awesome.

  8. Viking Fitness says:

    I hope them numbers on a screen help you sleep at night only 2% of currency is in circulation everything else is 1's and 0's on a computer screen when you get a loan the numbers are typed into your account and then you pay interest with the principal, where is this money coming from how much can the bank lend out vs how much they have in reserves, someone read this comment and please explain

  9. Phoenix Rich says:

    What makes this ass hole think these other options are not going to fail either???

  10. Theonlyonestanding says:

    Whats having a IRA account ? Thats a retirement savings that I'm considering to start..

  11. Melvin Reginald says:

    The money in the bank do not pay taxes.The money in your account is subject to a lot of parasites and commission eater agents , including you .The account is not any more secure and subject to penalty fee for early withdraw and subject to any changes in the operating expense ratio by them and responsible for taxes for the gains.So do not come with that justification of inflation to create a non exist need to risk the money of the people.90% put the saving in the banks to avoid thiefer in the house, who cares the inflation.

  12. HannuKaleviElo says:

    How do they get customers?
    Through internet scam adds, such as The Bitcoin Code, The Bitcoin Revolution, The
    Crypto Code or by buying data from other companies, false advertisements on google,
    internet websites. Youtube, Facebook etc…All the award claims and advertisements they
    have on their website is MADE – UP!
    The 3 ”Happy Traders”on their website is friends of them in this scam business.Those
    262,000 who have made money with WiseBanc on their website is also MADE – UP to
    manipulate people! They try to find a new ways all the time to lurking and tricking people to
    invest money in their FAKED and SIMULATED WEBSITE!
    [email protected] it’s a robot!
    Their website is well made by Web Developers looks serious, professional and credible.
    They try to lurking people to invest on their website with Russian, Italian, German,
    Spanish, Polish, Arabian, (Islamic accounts) and Japanes languages!!!
    They try to SCAM and FRAUD people all over the world!
    Why Wisebanc aka OptionsXO aka WMOptions aka PrimeCFDs now Wise Banc?
    The reason they change the platform's name so often is because:
    1. Too many bad reviews online, so it's hard to trick people;
    2. Being blacklisted by the banks, so transactions won't work (unless they are using (China
    made terminals).
    3. Good way of erasing customers from their database and stealing their money. Exactly
    calculated everything looks legal but that’s only a back drop just one way to get away,
    escape and not be detected under noses of our authorities, Banks, Police, Interpol,
    Europol, ICC, NCA,FBI, CIA, MI6, SVR, Mossad. Why do authorities, banks, police have
    such major shortcomings in their activity, there is a lack of competence to catch this
    criminals and put them behind the bars!?
    by ISRAELI/ AMERICAN/ UK citizens!
    Once you're in, you will never get out. Biggest SCAM/ FRAUD/ MONEY LAUNDERING
    broker operating on the market, stealing customers money. Not only money they invest,
    but also make transactions without customers approval, never allowing withdraws and if
    they approved a withdraw it will be only a small amount to keep you calm so you shouldn’t
    suspect anything. And you must get a verbal confirmation from a account manager for a
    withdrawal( Which you never will get)Just nonsense.
    Very aggressive, using a faked platform (claiming it's regulated by Cysec), getting
    warnings and fines from different authorities. But year after year they still continue with
    their dirty, Illegal activities SCAM/ FRAUD/ MONEY LAUNDERING.
    Which other countries supporting them? What does BANKING REGULATIONS and
    SUPERVISION authorities, banks ( IT departments should be ashamed ) and
    worldcommunity UN, INTERPOL, EUROPOL, ICC, NCA, FBI, CIA, SVR, MI6 want to do to
    stop this SCAMBROKER!?Are they bought and paid to keep quiet and do nothing?
    Which other countries have acknowledged this fraudster WISEBANC? This is an financial
    rape against those who suffered this!!!They treat people badly! There are hundreds of
    thousands of victims!They owed people hundreds of millions! They destroy people’s lives
    unsrcupulous! This is unsustainable! Which other shady businesses/ activities are they
    involved in? Contraband, counterfeits, trafficking, drugs, sex industry, child pornography,
    arms trade, terrorism!?
    Is there any ”corrupt” bought, mutated politicians involved in this CRIME SYNDICATE?
    Start the INVESTIGATION against WISEBANC! See how long time it will take when they
    change to a new name again and move to another offshore place?
    AMERICA. Looks like that no one can or want to stop this CRIMINALS and put them in
    What interests the USA have here to protect these ISRAELI / AMERICAN/ UK CRIMINAL

  13. Probby Chiwoko says:

    I ve never heard of that wow.

  14. Ray bassman says:

    Banks have always been crooks people…use credit unions for some $ ,,,but put your money where you get real interest, not the pathetic bank interest of 1%. Get 16, 18, 24, 36% interest in buying tax liens from the counties in each state. Wake up people and seek this knowledge.

  15. Cammo says:

    Bro u only have 30 seconds , I will never watch another one of your video .

  16. Money Like Celtics says:

    Well this Method of Short term bonds is not a bad deal… but i think that putting your money on a savings account that has from 2.20 to 2.25 %APY (Ally Bank, Goldman Sachs) while being FDIC INSURED is a better option. Not only that but you can do whatever you want with your money when talking about putting money in or taking it out and all you do is wait 2-3 business days for your money to show in wherever you wanted.

    Just Saying.

  17. Fila Fresh says:

    Don't get Jack Squat from your bank😂

  18. rila kuma says:

    I know bonds existed but don’t know much about em

  19. Alice Christian says:

    Only idiots buy bonds, your obviously ignorant, people need to find how to buy assets that generate revenue. So a dollar invested creates endless increases, only poor people buy junk debt bonds. Never lock your money down, you want liquidity and flow, never ever buy into debts. Lol. Shame no it's not a good investment, you buy a car wash, you pay 30 grand you hire a few workers, and quadruple your returns, the poor invest in river money and how many rich folks do you know playing bonds ,when you can have an initial investment with unlimited return potentials. If your holding money your poor, rich people invest into assets, which generate more thAn the inputs. Bonds R the worst idea ever, states are broke, corporations to broke, gov is broke, you don't become a fish to go fishing you use a net. You don't cast for a single pole, you spread a net, Stop thinking your holding onto money it's not real, it's a construct, a tool to a goal, never invest. You become success by knowing how to use money. So go buy a real cash asset. Cash cow, generates unlimited return. If it's fixed or stagnant it's an expense, if you buy into carp you end up with carp.

  20. Crypto Taskforce says:

    Great video. Say no to banks. Say goodbye to 3rd parties. Only 1 to 1! Crypto! I made also a video why it is important, to say "no" to Fiat and banks in general!

  21. Sentient being says:

    A scary world

  22. LunarX says:

    That's cool and all, but the purpose of having a savings account is so that if anything happens, I have the funds to take care of it right then and there.

  23. LInda Lockhart says:

    So how do I pay my bills?

  24. TUCO ALTIERRI says:

    Sorry Folks but my FIDELITY 401 K Works great for me , 24 HR ACCESS A LIVE PERSON, IF I NEED A CHECK I GOT MY MONEY IN 4 DAYS

  25. Scott Schechtel says:

    Banks are just as much a scam as the IRS and working for a company that offers a 401k and health insurance. Instead, invest in crypto, become an affiliate and/or start a small business.

  26. Steven Bolin says:

    ty 4 the great info,1rst timer

  27. Idowebs says:

    Remember many if not most bankers need to be in prison like in Iceland. LOCK THEM UP ! People don't use savings accounts anymore. That was in the 1950s. People use checking accounts. There are many other reasons why NOT to use for profit eff you and the Earth ripoff commercial banks. Use member owned people before profits community oriented credit unions. It doesn't' always have to be about GREED! It can also be about helping neighbors. Another GIANT reason NOT to use F you banks is because they are the lifeforce of the swamp. If you care about anything, drain the swamp by draining eff you banks of money NOW!

  28. Diesel Blaze says:

    I got a credit union account!

  29. Bulldog FIT says:

    I’ll just stick with on line banks only. Ally and Synchrony offer 2.25% APY on savings accounts. FDIC insured up to 250,000 and no minimum amount needed in the account. No thanks smart saver.

  30. Juliet Oluwatowoju says:

    Can this only be used in the uk?

  31. EJS says:

    great advice 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  32. ousman tunkara says:

    I have never heard

  33. Thami Zama says:

    Great video Ryan. Would this work in South Africa? Give advice please!

  34. Mark Howard says:

    My work expenses went up 20%in 6 months, no clue Stew, that's you!

  35. Kevin Naj says:

    Great video! Could you please give me advise on the best solution for protecting $15K in IRA account?

  36. Gerald Bennett says:

    I'll trust the bank first, because they are types of money machine, at the end of the day all you income and dividends need a flexible place to go that includes the bank all of us don't have money like some to avoid the king and queen the Bank God blessed the Banks and God Blessed America 👸🤴

  37. munair Lumumba says:

    He did get to the point. Your brains are dead.

  38. The Cherie Amour Show says:

    Thank you. I have to study this a bit more, but I knew that there are better options.

  39. Lauram Flores says:

    Thanks for sharing information.

  40. Pun Jab I says:

    Dumb video and dumb justification. Banks serve a purpose.

  41. Lee says:

    What are the fees? What is the rate we earn?

  42. jinger jar says:

    New too this; but with Deutsche Bank taking it out.

  43. tractor says:

    Get lost !

  44. John Boutakis says:

    Physical Precious metals and Cryptocurrencies are the way to go, all paper currencies will eventually become worthless, do not keep your wealth in paper or digital paper for that matter, whether it be savings accounts, term deposits, pension funds, savings, retirement savings, money in the share market, superannuation even real Estate as well, every paper currency ever printed throughout history has always reverted back to its intrinsic value of zero, it always has and it is always will going back to 1024AD in China where they were first printed and tested, google it for yourself.

    Personally myself, I don't advertise or market anything that pays you in cash or digital cash for that matter.

    You can earn $100,000, $500,000, $1,000,000, $10,000,000, $100,000,000 or even $1,000,000,000 a year, when it becomes worthless, it's worthless, PERIOD.

    100,000 X ZERO = ZERO
    1,000,000 X ZERO= ZERO
    10,000,000 X ZERO = ZERO
    100,000,000 X ZERO = ZERO
    1,000,000,000 X ZERO = ZERO

    Whether it's digital or Physical it will not matter, worthless is worthless, PERIOD.

    Are you getting it yet ?

    All they will be good for is monopoly money, toilet paper or lighting and burning a huge bonfire.

    Now whilst your paper still has some sort of value attached to it, let me suggest that you convert it into Cryptocurrencies, Physical Gold and Silver, even land.

    Because regardless of how much paper or digital money you have in your bank account (s), in your pension funds, retirement funds, your superannuation, 401k, IRA, mutual funds, bonds, share market and the stock market, when it becomes worthless, it's worthless PERIOD.

    Cryptocurrencies will skyrocket in value over the next 5 to 10 years and that is where you will want to be, Physical Precious metals will also skyrocket in value as the paper currencies worldwide hit hyperinflation.

  45. chaz Gurrero says:

    FDIC Is bankrupted. Your better investing in various crypto.

  46. Walter Lyons says:


  47. Walter Lyons says:

    Insurance doesn’t have enough funds to cover bank failures for everybody. Bonds have under a 2 percent yield. Inflation is 2%. Stupid!

  48. Michael Collins says:

    I invest all my money into Bullshit
    (BS) because there is so much bullshit that it’s up to my eyes.
    There is so much BS coming from the government and news media that it’s a sure win so invest in BS and you will have success!
    Good luck in our ConAmerica!

  49. John H says:

    Yes, 2.09 %… but the government gonna look at those money as income and they gonna tax you. So we are talking about 10-15% or more depending on your income. Well, I guess, something is better than nothing right?

  50. gus bender says:

    I think the basic question is – who is watching these guys to assure that they are not out buying personal crap with your money… The SEC – NOO…!! The FDIC – NOOO !! The IRS – NOOOO !! Their 85 YO Aunt Matilda, who is in an assisted living facility – MAYBE….

  51. Just4FuninUSA says:

    Investing in bonds is not low/no risk. The Government backing the payment of their bonds with FIAT is a recipe for disaster, especially when the US Dollar collapses. In addition, while you talk about losing buying power to 'inflation' you forget to talk about the FEDERAL TAXES you have to pay on any interest or gains earned. I would rather not earn ANYTHING on my short term savings than pay Uncle Sam another penny.

  52. David Bolds says:


  53. Mason Willey says:

    Inflation is NOT increased prices – it is the CONSEQUENCE of deliberately increasing prices, as by QE and other means.


    Bro, I'm reaching here. Is there a way I can get a loan or donation to pay my rent. My car was taken unlawfully which cost me my job, and so many other problems. I do graphics, art, and have a local cleaning service that is in a low season. Please help/respond if you can.

  55. Narit Phoonsawat says:

    Dollar has lost 98% of its value against gold. Gold is money. Paper is paper fiat shit currency not money.

  56. Timmy Normand says:

    my problem with banks an bonds is i dont trust them i stash ( rat hole my cash). cause i dont have alot of it

  57. fakunk says:

    but if the company defaults or the dollar value drops to the floor. your screwed

  58. Pooey says:

    Inflation = too much currency created in the country

  59. Shine Starr says:

    The bank is a bad place 2 put ur money In if u have a card It expires 3 years my mom had a card it was a 3 year expire And all she did was cry till she got her money bck Dont use bank😁

  60. Pamela Nagorr says:

    I'm soooooooo confused! 😱

  61. James Mitchell says:


  62. harrison wintergreen says:

    A definitive study by Rob Brown, Ph.D., chief investment strategist for
    United Capital Financial Advisors, demonstrates that if your portfolio
    is 100 percent in stocks, the chances that you will run out of money
    during retirement are about half as great as with a portfolio that is 50
    percent in stocks and 50 percent in bonds. The study, published in
    Financial Advisor magazine, found that the faster you withdraw cash from
    your nest egg to pay expenses during retirement (the withdrawal rate),
    the more you need to be in stocks.

    And a comprehensive study of global stock returns by Morningstar,

    released this year, found that stocks are actually the safest type of
    investment. The study looked at 90 years of data from 20 countries.

    "Why Stocks, Not Bonds, Assure Less Risk in Retirement" Dave S. Gilreath, ABCNews dot com, 20 May 2014

  63. Kc Kim says:

    You didn’t explained how $665000 create $80000 income per year for 20 years?

  64. Ray Grant says:

    28 day Treasury Bonds pay 2.4%. Your program does not offer a better deal!

  65. Ahenkel36 says:

    Gold and silver is insurance against inflation… remember if you don’t hold it you don’t own it….

  66. Bob Marshall says:

    Blah, blah, blah…..

  67. Robert Dudley says:

    Where do I put the money

  68. Joe wong says:

    Taped out at 6:02

  69. Hernaldo Minchola says:

    hey pal.
    have you got 100k yourself

  70. Tammy B says:

    I haven't used banks since the late 70s. I was seriously injured, got a decent settlement. Took my check to the bank couldn't cash it unless I opened an account (reasonable). But when I went to withdraw all my money and close the account I was told I would have to wait for 3 days and get a penalty. I argued they gave me a whole lot of their "rules/procedures". I waited paid the penalty, withdrew my money and never used a bank again. But later in years I found out how extremely difficult it was doing anything without a bank account, even tho I had cash.

  71. Anthony Naro says:

    Inflation still occurs
    if you don't have your money in the bank

  72. Anthony Naro says:

    Keeping money under the mattress and then if you get robbed your s*** out of luck

  73. Cruz Custio says:

    I don't know about the U.S but in Australia there are online high interest savings accounts you can switch to that used to pay up to 3% of your money (now at 2.75%) for the first 4 months.

  74. This Izit says:

    Best option=make more and more money.

  75. Heather Watson says:

    New here, is this for American's only? I'm in Australia

  76. AJ V says:

    If a socialist/democrat gets the presidency in 2020, the government WILL go bankrupt with their crazy proposed policies.

  77. MacAutomationTips says:

    Very good explanation of inflation and buying power. I've been trying to get my friends to understand the how they're losing money by keeping it in a lousy checking account, or low yield savings.
    But I'm curious how are bond investments better than just keeping your savings in high yield savings account at say 2.20+ interest? Even Betterment is offering 2.69% on the savings, so why buy bonds?

  78. Stupid Storm says:


  79. Branden Wright says:

    I'm not too fond of banks anyway. I'd prefer to turn the money into land, property, and other useful things that will last forever even when banks, stocks, etc become obsolete. Cash is not important and does nothing in an economic crisis situation. Having an abundance of land for farming/gardening, things like construction materials, industrial properties, natural medicines etc. basically anything that will hold value even during an economic crisis/collapse. These type of things are of true value and will become more valuable in times like that where they'll be in high demand. Not to mention it can be inexpensive to acquire these things and they'll be of huge benefit and profit.

  80. F A says:

    I'm sorry but it's a REALLY REALLY BAD IDEA to allow anyone that kind of access to your checking account. Dumbest investment advice I have ever heard. Thumbs down.

  81. F A says:

    My advice is ignore this really bad idea. Invest in a variety of quality mutual funds. Put 10 percent of your investment into physical gold and silver. Avoid scams that allow others access to your accounts. Pretty simple.

  82. MisterUrbanWorld says:

    This is for rich people, because if a person only has $500 or less they may want to use a debit card for buying necessities,etc

  83. Eric Jones says:

    Great point young man. I don't know if you have noticed but online banks are beating inflation as well. There offering great rates and are also FDIC insured. I don't know if i want someone controlling my account for me. The reason the online banks beat inflation is because they have know overhead. Know building rent to pay, know land taxes and less employees and they are passing the savings on to you. I'm a debt free guy and love keeping ahead of inflation and i have found that online bankers are forcing the brick and mortar to compete with there rates. Right now they can't match online banking. Thanks for the insight though. I'm subscribe to your channel and ill keep watching. Positive Flow.

  84. Ndubuisi Orih says:

    this is a great lesson thanks Ryan

  85. Maurissa says:

    First time

  86. donavon says:

    Some straight BS
    Bonds is some trash

  87. JACK mogotsi says:

    Finally, a better way to save my money in a cheque account.
    All that crab of saving money in saving account ends right now.

  88. Biz Talk Mike Seifert says:

    $600 not $60. 0.006× $100,000 is $600.

  89. Biz Talk Mike Seifert says:

    If you have a lot of money you are sitting on there are way better options than what is being spoken about in this video.

  90. Tom Johnson says:

    Never heard of it!!! Thanks 4 the info! I Appreciate it!

  91. Gian Marco Soldo says:

    Hello Ryan. Again, thank you for another great video. I would like to know whether you think it is best to use vanguard for investing or betterment? I am interested in betterment because of their current 2.39% savings yet have heard great this about vanguard and the index funds they offer. Thank you and really fantastic work.

  92. Steve Hatfield says:

    Is this going to work better with Gold backed notes, rather than the central bank debt notes?

  93. The Reel says:

    There is nothing "safe" about putting your money in a bank, its value will be eroded by time…….the only way to truly save money is to invest with the objective to achieve returns greater than inflation.

  94. Crypto King says:

    Just buy Gold/Silver and Bitcoin. Problem solved.

  95. Eric S. Redgrave says:

    Wow you are rite on. No hard earned money in a greedy tricky bankers, that laugh at good honest people. We all deserve better for our future.

  96. American Pride says:

    I live in South Africa, and the interest rate on a savings account is 5.00% per year, compared to 0.06% in the US!! That's crazy!!

  97. Martha Ingram says:

    The! Future of new banking

  98. Mike says:

    How dumb do you think people are

  99. Trevor LeVasseur says:

    CIBC 10 yr annual average is 6.6% return after their fees. RBC is 6.4% after fees.

  100. Michael Glockner says:

    9:25 not using reverse psichology at all

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