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We both traveled in from New York. So we haven’t been in the UK for very long so I think we’re feeling the effects of travel a little bit Hopefully we’re not too rusty as we start getting a grilling from the Dragons But will the pair be returning to the Big Apple with more than just a healthy airmiles account? Hi dragons, my name is Nathan Evans and this is Patrick M Braun and our company is called brand yourself. We’re seeking a 100,000 pound investment in exchange for a 1 percent equity stake in our business Dragons meet Steve Steve is an Oxbridge graduate with a first-class degree Basically, Steve is an employers dream But when employers look Steve up online, they don’t find professional Steve They find gap year Steve where one moment has ruined dozens of job opportunities for him Now Steve found out the hard way how you look online today? Directly impacts your career more and more employers are analyzing everything about you before making a decision That means a single negative online search result or single inappropriate social media post or image can ruin your career That’s why we created brand yourself the most comprehensive platform that helps individuals clean up protect and improve how they look online first our technology scours a web and identifies risk factors that could hurt your online reputation and then walks you through the process of finding and deleting inappropriate images Now while your initial report is free users upgrade to a 70-pound yearly subscription to get full access to all of our features Last year, our revenue was over 4 million and this year were on pace to do over 5 Dragons, thanks for your time. We’d love to take your questions Cleaning up online is the idea Patrick and brawn and Nathan Evans hoping to clean up with in the den They’re offering just one percent of their business in return for a hundred thousand pounds Taz Levani is first to quiz the profile polishing pair Nathan Patrick hi It’s a unique idea But I myself could go and screen myself on Facebook and delete all the pictures that I think could be offensive or prevent me from Getting a job and save myself 70 pounds. Yes, but the average person has thousands and thousands of post and Thousands and thousands of images. They don’t know what they all are. I went through it myself manually it took 18 hours But it’s not just the time it saves you Online screening has just become so much more pervasive Whether you’re applying to school or applying for a job or applying for an immigration visa You’re going to get screened and these screens are way more than just a search. They go through everything So what it does is advise you any negative things on Google. Is that what it does? So let’s say You have a negative search result and it’s not something you can delete because it’s not your own Facebook And it’s someone else trashing you it shows up in Google. For example, I think at least in the u.s We’ve dealt with more victims of revenge porn than any other company Sometimes those things to be directly removed other times You can need to kind of minimize the damage of this by surrounding it and burying it with more positive things now We can do that for you Guys isn’t the end result of all this cleanup The actually everything is so clean. They can’t really see the real person and you’re not branding yourself. You’ve just become bland yourself Yeah, what if it just came off social media to get all together. I’ll just delete Facebook Twitter Instagram No footprint on social media. So there’s one thing which is not having anything negative but more and more employers are looking for positive things that reinforce their decision online so not having any social media accounts that give them any Indication is a bit of a red flag to employers at the moment The online entrepreneurs approving why their service is a necessity not a luxury Touka Suleiman now wants to focus on the cash the techie twosome are bringing in It looks like you’ve got a business You’ve turned over 4 million F is 4.4 million last year and what was the gross profit it was 2 million net profit is a loss of 450,000 and That’s because you always been on tech correct. It’s a blessing. It’s a shoe. You’ll do 5 this year. We’ll do 5.2 million and Level or you still lose money. We’ll Expecting to lose money again this year hilarious a best same as last year by 450. Yes Ok, so it’s very apparent that you’re losing money and money doesn’t come from thin air At the moment you’re trying to raise 1 percent Which bet is a company at 10 million? Yes This is a part of a larger raise that that we’re putting together this year of about 3 million pounds, right? But you’ve done your homework about me. Haven’t you I have I Know you don’t get out of there for 1 percent. Yeah, so I’m assuming if I want to invest you’ll accommodate We’re here we’re here to make a deal. Yeah. Ok, that’s good Tuukka suleiman tests the water and discovers the duo’s terms appear to be negotiable But Deborah Medan wants to establish why the pair have traveled across the pond to seek investment in the first place I’m interested. So there’s an equivalent of Dragon’s Den in the US Why didn’t you go to them cool shots tank over there, isn’t it? We did appear on Shark Tank and we got a two million dollar offer But we just couldn’t negotiate so I walked away from the deal gosh Okay, but I have to say the risk of sitting in this chair is that you don’t do the same thing again You know in retrospect I didn’t know that there was extra value and having a shark then there was the money We need to make sure we’ve learned from that mistake I don’t want to be seen as someone who goes on a show like this and does the same thing So what we want to do is act drastically different this time around Good Can I just take us back to the investment, how much do you guys own to the company? Yeah, so I Hesitate to put the exact percentages of everybody, you know out there on on TV Why why would it you can just search and find that out? It’s not completely public employees and things like if I’m investing in you, I wonder that Yeah, you you will know this before you make an investment exactly So I’m I’m now currently before I make an investment. So I need to know what you guys own the company Me and my co-founders Oh mister just picking you the founder 10% and Nathan what do you know? It’s less than 2% and have you communicated to all shareholders? That you’re here, yes, and we have the consent that we can negotiate to certain types of things. Okay. I’ve got it Peter Jones pushes the entrepreneurs to reveal their share structure and that they’ve got the green light to cut a dragon friendly deal and it appears Jenny Campbell is warming to the cyberspace sprucing idea a Lot of people need to clean up their act online. It’s like moving up the dirt off the carpet, really It’s isn’t it sort of that extent it is a useful tool Where it doesn’t work for me as I don’t like be in a small fish in a huge pond I like to make a difference and I just feel that with this tiny tiny sliver of Equity that that’s not for me So I wish you all the best and I’m out The 1% share offering has no appeal for Jenny Campbell and she ends her interest Touka Suleiman now wanted to talk about the pair’s plans for relocation Hi guys, how big enough if you want? Very easy to please what if I said to you I’ll give you a thousand square feet free of charge for 12 months in the West End of London If you give me ten percent of business I Don’t think it it’s not gonna give you temps may be Guys I’m gonna make you an offer I’ll give you all the money They’ll want 4% Thank you thanks to Casilla man tables are bid and throws some rent free real estate into the mix Does serial investor Deborah Medan think the online airbrushing idea as potential I Think it’s great. It’s bang on You guys are smart, you know you’re on it and when a business comes into the den, there’s absolutely ahead of the curve. I’m interested So I am going to make your mother And I’m gonna offer you all of the money and I want 3% of the business. Okay. Thank you. Thank you Guys You’ve been very transparent which is really good. And I think the bellman that you’ve got going on is very interesting as well So I – I’m gonna make you an offer One hundred thousand pounds all of the money for three percent Cage Levani and Deborah Medan make identical offers and join the party Where the hat-trick of deals already on the table? It’s now just tech tycoon Peter Jones who remains Will he want to add the online business to his portfolio? I I Really like it and it is a concern as a dad as well with kids that one photograph that one annoying thing Their behavior has affected potentially their career and That’s a shame. Actually, I think what you’ve done is is really good. Thank you. Thanks and you’ve gone Shark Tank You’re in the real show now. Yeah, this is where it started These are the guys that do the deals tell you yeah, so you did the right thing coming to the UK I’m actually gonna make you an offer And I’m gonna offer you all of the money For two and a half percent of the equity Thank you, thank you very much Don’t think about it. Yeah. Do you mind thank you. Thank you guys. Thank you The entrepreneurs have four bids to consider Touka Suleiman is offering free floor space, but once four percent of the company do you think? Oh shit Debora Medan antes Levani both won 3% to her pants and Peter Jones has sharpened his claws and undercut them all with his turned a half percent demand They regretted their decision to reject a deal stateside are They now ready to accept any of the offers on the UK table So firstly thank you very much for hearing us out and thank you for the offers Petey gave us the most generous offer. So I’d like to put a counter forward to yourself Would you be prepared? to Provide us with the 100,000 but in exchange for 2% of the business Is that offer open to other dragons or is it just to Peter At this stage its it’s an open offer If it was open to other dragons I wouldn’t accept it. Okay, so I’m gonna ask you what would you like to do? If you accepted the offer I think we’d be ready to accept that right absolutely Okay, I Would accept two percent but the most important thing for me is on the next fundraise I’m not diluting I’m prepared to accept that deal. Yeah Thank you very much thank you fantastic. Thank you. I’m gutted and delighted at the same time Peter Jones accept the counteroffer and shakes hands on a deal The entrepreneurs exit the den with the hundred thousand pounds they were seeking and detect tour de force on their board That’s a great business. Mr. Jowell. Well, I don’t want to say Big that’s tough. They have very good poker faces the best being Peter Jones I actually felt quite bad closing everybody out you out then. Well, you should because that was quite rude actually the pair head off the new york with a possible celebratory stop or You might we might go to the pub and have a drink but uh, it’s inconclusive You

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    Tried contacting every single phone number, email, chatbox etc – no answer/reply. They won't even let you leave a voicemail.

    Just a heads up for anyone who thinks this company is legit…It's not!

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