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Next up tonight a Blackpool boys James Heaton and Alex Beckett long-term friends and business partners Together they’re ready to throw down the gauntlet in a bid to win investment Absolutely fine with a bit of a challenge in there don’t mind taking on the Dragons if they need take it on. No problem Whoa, look at this ice That’s actually a nice car. You should get one for the countryside. Yeah, that’s how you really wind your neighbours up And the entrepreneurs have already devised their strategy for success just believe in yourself and just take your time speak slowly Cheers, mate. I’m not say to you. Don’t are you ever? Hello dragons, my name is Alex. This is James And we are the co-founders of elite competitions the UK’s most interactive prize competition company When we come to you today ask him for 50,000 pound for a 10% share in our business So, let me tell you a little bit about how it works Firstly you head over to our website you then choose the competition that you wish to enter choose one of the available Numbers and answer our skill-based question. We then use a random ball machine to choose the winner This is where the interactive aspect comes from. We live stream in the draw on Facebook and on our web sites This is so that the customers could see all the numbers being loaded into the machine in numerical order Once we have the winner. We then delivered the president within 5 working days before free So since trading six months ago were turned over five hundred and forty five thousand pound With a 30% gross profit margin and a 20% net profit year on projected is 1 million turnover year 2 3.3 million turnover and year three six point six million turnover with a 40% gross profit margin and a 30% net profit margin We’ve got twelve thousand signed up on the site Alongside that we are in our final stages of app development go on the App Store Also, we’re going to be introducing the elite Club, which is going to be a membership only monthly prize jackpot draw Thank you very much for your time If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and we’ll answer the best we can. Thank you Hoping to win a dragon partner for their online competitions business are Alex Beckett and James heap They’re seeking 50,000 pounds in return for a 10% stake Taze lau barney is keen to discover how it all began So guys can you tell me a bit about your background and how you got into this Yeah, so I’ve always been into motocross. So it was my idea that kind of saw this to fruition They say I came across our competitor. I entered on to their competition and I really didn’t see any user experience I got an email confirming there was nothing following that all it was a little bit confusing I thought I can do about job with up And I leave my a-levels in Business Studies and then actually went to do profit developing for myself So I did five houses on my own and Alex contacts me and offered me the opportunity And I couldn’t refuse so talked him up on it, right? So is the company owned by just both of you or do you have any other shareholders? Yes, it’s also on my mom Alex James hi What is your actual revenue model solo You’ve got big hero prizes like the car give me the ticket prices for the entry level and the hero level yeah smallest or something like an apple imac like seven pound 52 Sam pound and And then the bikes would be generally between 10 and 15 pound and then a car will be 230 pounds And how often are you running these competitions six times a week? Guys in terms of the number of competitions you’re running six a week How many will you scale that up to to get to your target? We’ve got a scalability to run the competition’s every hour um We are literally on our final development stages of the app when this app comes out and we’re doing the monthly subscription You got to realize that if I can get 10,000 people signed up for 20 pound a month That’s gonna be 2.4 million turnover just on the monthly subscription inside I think James and Alex’s projections seem to be going down. Well with Tej Lavani Now Jenny Campbell is keen to establish if there’s is a business that’s playing by the rules Alex James. Hi, okay. I like my cars my bikes and my four-legged horsepower as well. So anyway So this is gambling No, I mean we won as a genuine past competition business Which means we abide by the gambling at 2005 bob is not cost as gambling. No So what have you had to go through to get this regulated and approved? So basically we’ve liaised with the gambling Commission. Yeah There’s answering the skill-based question for one Have to answer. Its to be a reasonable level of skills. Yeah, okay James Alex hi. Hi, it’s really good, and it’s very exciting But what about people that don’t have the money to buy such a car? So it’s really clearly appealing And they become addicted to this They can contact us and ask those two Abun them from the website anytime so that we won’t let them enter the draw. What would they do that? Well, if they’ve if they feel like I’ve got a problem in the after contact us and exclude them from the website No I’m just sitting here thinking if I enter the competition for a car Say 40,000 pounds of money has come in to the two of you But a whole multitude of people we’ve lost One person is the lucky one Transfer yet point taken yet If there’s a winner and there’s load of losers. I know it’s life by the way, I get it. Yeah Yeah, but it’s whether I want to be part of that Peter Jones’s moral compass is struggling to circumnavigate the competition’s business But will the dragon who was once a player in the gaming sector be tempted to cash in a second time round Alex James, I am actually the perfect dragon for you And I’ll tell you why Having spent my early life working with the gambling act when I had amusement arcades I think you’ve got that pretty much covered and in terms of marketing I came out of the gaming industry you then moved into sales and marketing? So I am on the perfect dragon for you But I’m not gonna make you an offer And That’s because when I was in the gaming industry, the maximum that you could pledge was to pound 40 cash or four pound 80 tokens Tiny money wasn’t gonna make any difference to anybody’s lives in terms of what they were pledging You have an extremely good business and if it wasn’t for my Personal gut reaction to this you would be a great investment. I like you I love that you’ve spotted this opportunity But you are moving too far on the side of high stakes for people who can’t afford it With a really really attractive price So, I’m really sorry guys I won’t be investing I’m out a Blow for the entrepreneurs as their self-confessed perfect Dragon Deborah, Medan refuses to play ball with an offer and It looks like Peter Jones is ready to reveal his hand Guys I’m gonna say where I am. I think business is a big gamble as it is But for a similar sort of principles where Deborah was saying But my issue with this is just purely a feeling of all of those people. They have a chance to win But I just feel that level when you’re taking it to the big cars and the big holidays It just makes me feel uncomfortable But yeah, it’s taking nothing away from the two of you who I genuinely think are superb young entrepreneurs But sadly James and Ikes I’m not gonna invest today and say I’m out But good pitch Thanks I’ll tell you what, I think guys you’ve done very well so far Your model is very transparent and people understand how many tickets there are so they know that you’re not ripping people off Yeah, and I think it’s important to keep that clear, you know, clean image and build reputation So that people know you for that you agreed? Anyway, you need help is maybe in sourcing the the prizes getting them at a better price for sure. Yeah You could be talking a lot more women and women’s gifts items put handbags other various women’s types of products We have actually thought of that at the minute and as we’re building it off each week We’re just kind of doing the prizes that we know ourselves will sell out Can I just say why would a woman not want a motorbike or a car? No, yeah Yeah, I don’t rather I don’t neither So, I mean look I like you guys You’ve got a good attitude and I think you can take the business further and I can definitely add value So I’m gonna give you an offer ok, Thank you I’m gonna offer you all of the money, which is fifty thousand pounds But I want 25% of the business Thanks Finally an offer as Tej Lavani wages his claim for a quarter of the business Will Tuco Suleiman raise the stakes with a rival bid? Guys how much money you at the bank at the moment? aaa five hundred thousand, that’s good. Yeah Looks like you guys are not looking for funding You’re looking for a good dragon yeah, I believe that I could definitely procure lots of product for you help you and your website and Sort your visibility out. Yeah for sure though. You’ve nailed it. Yeah, I’ve nailed it So I’m gonna make you an offer I I Will give you all the money For 25%. Yeah, Thank you Guys the reason I like you two is because you recognize that for this to Grow in a sustainable way. You’ve got to do it in the right way You know my background in that, you know I’m the ex banker and the ex financial services person and I do believe keeping things on the right side of regulation and I’m a northern girl northern boys, and I’d like to meet your mom So I’m gonna make you an offer And I’m a fair person not greedy I Will offer you all of the money for 20% of your business? Thank you Strategic play by the dens resident petrol head who undercuts her fellow dragons by five percent. You want to go back to Okay, three competing offers are now in play Tej Lavani and Touker Suleyman want 25 percent of the business 15 more than the original offer While Jenny Campbell is asking for a more competitive 20 percent Will the duo be prepared to chance their arm at negotiation They honored by the weight off somewhere yeah, thank you very much for the offers. Basically we would like if possible Two dragons on board If you want two dragons, I’ll share it with Tej 12 another percent That if Tej will agree I’m happy to share were to occur as well. Yeah Also if it would be possible we were wondering if you would do 10% each for half the money and we’d have a deal I Think what we’ll do when I get my money back I’ll give you back to an off percent has degrees the same way Yeah, I agree with that that’s fair So guys Thanks so much Jenny what we’re gonna tell you these two great it’s very much really amazing What our guys the entrepreneur’s strategy has paid off and they exit the den with two dragons in play I’m absolutely gorgeous with good result. Yeah Can’t wait start working with him Peter, Can I sell you a ticket to buy a Ferrari. They were good guys good guys Can we drive that? Alright? Yeah, it is more than one way to give away but having two dragons onboard overpowered bath

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    Feel like Jenny is the irrelevant useless woman out of the whole lot. Never puts in an offer and even when she does it’s ignored. No point in her being in the show really.

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  4. shibu says:

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  5. Chet Copper says:

    Theo has aged badly

  6. Max Mann says:

    Terrible business. Not adding any value to the country. Making quick bucks.

  7. Michael says:

    Investing in companies is gambling. Companies, competitors and entrepreneurs going bankrupt.

    For Peter and Debra to suddenly unveil a conscience is ridiculous.

  8. S Tra says:

    Leave it to Indians and Turks to be greedy and immoral. They’d sell their own mothers for cash.

  9. Jacobius Pineconalhotra says:

    I haven’t watched the video and I haven’t looked at the top comment and I already know that the top comment is a Jenny joke

  10. James J. Attard says:

    What happens if there's only 10 people gambling for a high prize, like the car?

  11. Skipper847 says:

    Ive never watched this in my entire life but for some reason watching all these clips. lol

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    B r u h

  17. Jonathan Lumsden says:

    Oh boohoo get over it, its like the lottery. If you cant be an adult and not get addicted thats your problem

  18. Sean H says:

    If you check their website and social media it looks more like an innovative way to ‘sell’ second hand cars than a competition to win luxury items.

  19. Will Wallwork says:

    When did personal responsibility become anything less that a fundamental expectation of an individual.
    There are thousands of bridges across the country, a handful of people throw themselves off them every year, we don’t demolish the bridges.
    No business is responsible for misuse of their products unless they actively encourage said misuse.

  20. MFJoneser says:

    15-20% share and we have no show eh

  21. MegaScumbucket says:

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    Stfu 😂😂

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    Sorry can't help but feel Peter is being quite a hypocrite. If he's that uncomfortable with the gap between the haves and the have-nots then give away ur wealth

  24. D Mendz says:

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  25. Zubair Quasim says:

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  40. tigereyes5 says:

    Peter and Deborah are capitalists whose fortunes are made by the exploitation of others, one way or another, and they want to come on here talking about morals? Sh*t's laughable.

  41. xxBOUNTYxxHUNTER says:

    Bunch of scumbags profiting from people’s gullibility. Makes it even worse since they’re from Blackpool which is notorious for its casinos and gambling. Honestly disgraceful.

  42. capt. madness says:

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    Jenny: I don't
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  54. trafficlight9199 says:

    I would have taken Jenny's offer in return for a spit-roast. What a wasted opportunity.

  55. UTubeTulip says:

    The audio on this video is messed up, at 11:29 it almost sounds like Jenny says "so I am going to make you an offer".

  56. Matthew Lewis says:

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  69. Jim Mycock says:

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