“Hello? Player? Can you hear me? Okay.” “Try changing volume… It’s really important that you hear me.” Okay… All right. “One two, one two. Mic check. All set.” Hello? “You can hear me now?” Yes. “Hey, did you notice the subtitles?” “It’s actually me typing them as I speak.” Wow… “Pretty neat skill, huh?” No. “Look, I can even type with my eyes closed!” *typing sounds* “So, how did I do?” Badly. “Okay, let’s continue whenever you are ready.” Okay. All right. I didn’t- I haven’t even started the game. Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier, and welcome to ‘Dude, Stop.’ Now, this game is a fully released version of a game that I played on Game Jolt a while back by the same name. Basically the entire objective of the game is to no-Not Do WhAt ThE gUy TELLS YOU TO DO Basically if you remember The Stanley Parable, you had free choice there. Where in this game you have free choice as well, and uh the only way to explain it is to get started… “Hello there new player!” Hi! “Thank you for participating in my test.” You’re welcome! “Just follow my instructions and all will be fine.” “Um… You can click Start now.” What if I don’t? “Go on.” No! “You can do it!” I can’t! “Just a click.” I ca- I don’t even know what a click is! “Uggh… I’ll just click it myself.” No. No! “Okay, read the rules and do not proceed without me, ’cause you’re gonna break something.” Uh-huh. “You kids always do.” Wha- okay, I am 28 years old. I am an adult. Okay here we go Hmm oooh “8. 9. 5.” Hub bub bub. Hububububub. Hububul! “What was that?!” Nothing! “Wha- I looked away for 10 seconds and you already smashed it?!” “Anyway, what are you even doing here? You were supposed to wait on the previous screen.” I-I bet there- “Fine, I’ll draw a new vase. Just don’t proceed without me!” I bet that something would have happened- “I really need to make this call so just- Just sit tight and don’t click anything.” “Aaand, a nine. Awesome.” *phone call sound* Okay, so what happens if I actually wait? Pfffffffffff How long am I supposed to wait? Do I have to go play another game before I’m able to continue? Aight whatever I’m bored. I have A.D.D. I can’t stand here forever. “Hi! Hello! I found a new tester for us…” “Yeah, sitting there, doing… his best”. His best that’s me. This is sexual. Something like sexual. Probably not- no if I’m getting sexualness from a book. “Hm. You there?” Mmm… dop “Wait a second, did the player just…” “No-no, it’s all good. So, about that bet – shall we do it with this tester?” “Yeah, I still think this one won’t fail…” “Oh, by the way, you never said what I’ll have to do if I lose…aha…yeah…” “Aha…” “Wait WHAT?! NO! i’m not doing THAT!” “I mean, ye-yeah, sure, this tester gonna play nice.” “EVERYBODY DOES.” “But… that’s just…” “Humiliating” *sigh* “Fine! FINE! I’m– Stop pushing! I’m in!” “Oh, let me get back to the player. See ya.” “Ahem, Tester?” Hi! Hello? I don’t know what you were talking about there but- “Player?” Hello? Okay, alright. “Player?” Yeah, that’s me! They call me player. Markiplayer. Ooooohhh… Put that right there. “Hey! No!” “I just made a bet that you’re gonna be nice, and you already lost on every puzzle so far?!” I didn’t even know there was a way to win! “Like…*sigh*” I’d play nice if you told me how! “Okay, let me tell you something. There were 15 people before you and they all did well” “15! Don’t you dare be some sort of a special snowflake and ruin the game for me!” That’s me, I’m the special snowflake! Hello, I’m here for my special snowflake thing, what is that? “Speak to me!” Oooo I don’t know what I just got, but I got somethin’ “Are you planning something?” I did it! Did I do it? Is that not it? Ooh. “Are you planning something?” Eh? “Nooo! The arrow! It’s supposed to-” *sigh* “I see how it’s going to be! You’re not gonna play by the rules, are you? Great. Great!” “That’s what I get for being too trusting! I could have tried to test it all by myself, but nooo, I needed to invite YOU!” I didn’t get invited! “And I agreed to that stupid bet!” What was the bet? “Why did I do that?” What kind of sexual deviancy do you have to do? “I already see how you’re gonna ruin everything, laugh at me, and then read a walkthrough online just to find the best way to be the WORST!” “You’re not doing that! Not in my game! You nasty piece of sh-” *dial tone* Oookay, well there’s no need to be that rude! My goodness! With your ‘tude! My dude, you need to get some therapy. Okay all right game over then. How about no? “Hm. Wait. Am I too harsh on you?” Yes! “Maybe you just didn’t know what to do.” My emotions are hurt. “Or a cat stepped on your keyboard?” That’s also true. “Or there were no good solutions.” Uh-huh. “Or it was an accident, you know. Stuff happens.” Yep, I was an accident, my mama told me. “Anyway… I need to punish you. Don’t take it personally, it’s just…” “You did bad and I want to discourage you from doing that again.” So uh, about that, about the discouragement thing, why would you- “So?” Ooo! I got a trash cup! “I feel like it’s gonna be a fuuun ride…” Me too man. You and me, we’re gonna be best buds before you even know it. Before you even realize all your mistakes that you’ve made up until this point. You’re gonna, you and me we’re gonna be best buds. Alright. “Let’s put it riiight heeere.” Uh-huh. “And it will stay here forever. Enjoy the view!” “WHAT? Why are the packs unlocking? That’s a bug, don’t click. Better go and uuuhhhhh..” “Watch the credits! Yeah, that’d be nice!” Okay, all right. If you hadn’t said anything I wouldn’t have known about it “I won’t miss you.” Ah, that’s rude. I’m gonna watch the credits. I’m all about supporting the developers! Game by Halfbeard, two halves of the beard, two and a half beards, two and a half men-beards. Hello again, I’m here, whoooa That’s a lot of, that’s a lot of cups. Jigsaw pack. Finish the jigsaw puzzle to unlock this. Oooohhh! Those are the things that I was finding, those are pieces of a jigsaw. Oh, there’s so many choices! Oh, so I get to see it all. Okay, I’ll do, I’ll do something. I’ll be nice! I’ll be, I’ll be nice. “Okay, you can touch. But-no bad bad, only good good!” That me! Only good good! “Let’s start simple. Should be an easy solution for you.” “You completed a side quest!” NOOO! Ahhh! “Well, more like a… pointless task.” But I saw- “Anyway, here is your cup.” Shut up! “Just so you know, achievements and jigsaw pieces are saved automatically as you collect them.” “So, even if you exit the pack you’ll still have them.” Great, good to know! Oooo, I want to go back! Oh. “Ok, the letter was a good start.” Alright *inaudible* sock and sandal “Maybe in your country…” What’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with socksandal? I missed the jigsaw too. I’m missing all the jigsaws. “Go on. Give it a little push!” “I’m so excited!” Yaaaay …I think? “FYI: it’s not gonna change the ingame font – I removed that feature.” I like Calibri. “Hmm, I’m glad you have at least a smidge of taste.” I do, ~I like sans-serif fonts~ “Okay, this is the finish line. Just one more!” Uh-huh. “No. Film it! That’s a photo.” “Which is nice, of course, but you need to *film* it!” Why? I’ll do it, but only because you asked me nicely. “That went better than expected.” Okay cool “Yes! Yessss!” “That’s how you’re supposed to play! and for that you deserve a trophy! I’ve sent it to you by mail, it should arrive shortly…” “Aaany minute now!” At my house or in the game? “Where is it?” I dunno, you sent it. “So, like…” “Um…” “*mouth farting noises*” “How are you?” Not good! Where’s my trophy? “Uhh…” “Have you played any good games recently? Some casual point-n-click puzzles, maybe, hm?” *fwoop* “Oh, thank god. Open it!” Don’t know if I want to but here I go. How did you…? IT’S A PENIS! UGH! “Wait, that’s not it. There’s something else. Keep going!” How the frick did you fit that in there?? oh “That’s for my mother-in-law. The next one MUST be your cup.” How many penis-like things can you fit in an envelope?! ohh “Here you go!” Woahh! I got a Long Cup. That’s what they all say *ding* Ok-goo–uh, great? “You know, I was scared after the first pack but now Playing, like that you’ll have, no problem unlocking the rest of the get wait, why is it still locked it should have This is weird it is weird or i’m gonna go back in and be an asshole there’s your talk puzzle piece right in the corner yeah, okay Man i’ve shown, you the correct spot yeah but i put it there what here but right here Oh, gosh i don’t know. How, letters work, people don’t i really have to send letters anymore remember singing is bad Singing is not where them ever heard of a butterfly effect. No that’s the Wrong, way, oh, well too bad for you, good thing i’m an asshole She’s a font on his hands it’s really It’s not unpopular if anything comic sans is more popular than it’s ever been in its life beauty Quickly filming, no filming i’m filming it’s a photo if i take enough pictures It’ll turn into a movie don’t you know. How, movies work, oh? about upside dune There we go? If you look at it upside down then it smiles if you look at it the normal way then it’s frowned i want a double Smile not a double frown, oh? What is this hmm here’s your prize? see i’m Timeand your hard work in the pack Watch closely it’s on the left, okay now shuffling shuffling shuffling where no not this one here this one either here i Lied it’s not a diamond of course it’s not a diamond you are ruining my game, why Would it be a diamond, oh? It’s so funny you should have seen your face freakin, face you have a, face full of punch if you, keep that up Fuck dude i got a. Tiny cup, for my, tiny dogs anyway No, not yet let, me unlock you a pack i need, you to pass some tests i’m a Cure stay here i’m gonna, do things here i know. There’s puzzle pieces that i haven’t seen You, didn’t pick me i picked you, that’s how. Buying games works yeah you got it okay i’ll show. You I don’t but i assume i do did i do Okay i’m gonna Be super nice i’m gonna nicest right blam perfectly you got it you got it you got that that’s what i’m here for baby Body, baby, boo i could get nine, well right except for would you suggest the game to your friends No, not yet anyway Fuck you that at the end That’s how, you succeed by doing good deeds in a? Video game yeah it seems, about right that’s. Gotta be pretty far in my life Hey, i did it i think i don’t know, what i did but i did it did i get a new cup Did i do it there we go? So, what’s this one all about go somewhere do something and you will. Certainly get it Well i don’t know what that is song to move on? Hello, lost cause, born to be dumb F is for failure goal of education No, time to explain let’s go in and out twenty-second exam okay, before starting let, me tell you a story and then they died one piggy made a house out of and died Second piggy stole a bunch of bird eggs and regretted it and then he died the third Was dead all the time i got em puzzles, well you know, what piggies don’t get to play, my game oh
Man what a coincidence i have a little test right here to see if you are one of them and don’t even bother Asking, me i’m just, gonna judge sadly, from that corner I have a mental age of seven but i am very very old Wiggle waggle wiggle wiggle, oh? my, god do i deny the truth or do i give him the lie that he’s comfortable with i demand the truth Which of the following is correct, oh? i’m just vaccinations really cause autism um obviously, oh The truth of the world is controlled by, okay, this is just a fact Yes it’s absolutely, true, okay all right, oh the world is not ruled? By, lizard, people then how, do you explain the zook see you’re I’m zelda name is for a. Boy or for a girl it’s for either who are you to judge Okay all right so the following is allowed to do if you, were playing with. You didn’t. Via social media job one ah would you believe that illuminati control everything even games Here your results you failed, no worries you can, still participate in the ceremony yay wahoo whoa ha Yeah, ha! Hello, ho! And here comes your future take it and all have number twelve To, go thank you i’m assuming, you’re, saying i’m working at mcdonald’s but, uh joke’s on you mcdonald tires from within It’s working the test, is working i’m right you’re wrong the rest of the game is locked and you are out of here? Not necessarily i’m gonna go back in again Shush, shush, your beautiful mouth watch this how old am i oh yeah you got it oh this perfect got it no yeah Oh, no i guess whatever all right let’s see your apple Girl, whatever little anything else and You, did, well you passed the exam congratulations great job oh beaters No i’m not Any, human, with a shed of common sense should be able to pass this exam so don’t get too excited But good job on being no Thank you, oh? It’s called a mortarboard cap, i didn’t know that That’s thank you you’re learning good work thank you keep going Like this, and we can, win that bet i thought i think i was actually thinking about using the duck on you? What’s the duck or a disaster that would be your target, about the sock we’re talking, about the suck you’re gonna, use the suck on me Twenty-second i’m gonna go again. Oh what were you trying to earn extra points for being fast Well i forgot to start my stopwatch Oops, never mind i’ll evaluate you now, oh? Wow, okay all right thank you very much for that asshole But i did it i did it right did i get it You’re, gonna, make me do it again i’m gonna do it again Silly, me got the stopwatch, again Oh, boy all right shut up i’m gone again Just cuz, you’re an, asshole doesn’t mean that i’m gonna give up Okay, okay, fine here you, go and now i’m gonna grade you, okay? But but, what about what about what, about the star what About the star for doing it fast i did it fast can i have it Oh, there, we go that feels good that feels real, good alright pack Five three puzzle pieces okay all right you’ve probably seen it in the trailer right and they keep on the internet no Green means go Thanks man thank you thank you i feel good about the concept five pieces one box Watching you now, i watched 2 girls 1 cup i’m pretty sure i know. How. This goes and then don’t go good, oh? yeah i hope they Live too right yeah Right, why, do you kind of bring in my real, life, above rice shut up right asshole shut up right are you just gonna right right Hey, shut up god damn, okay meat sack you can clean Yes, oh i’m the best, oh, oh? There we go you, happy, with me you, happy i seek your approval, about putting stuff in the boxes Okay i got this one i know how. It goes this one’s looking a bit more war So one’s looking a bit more violent than the other ones i just gotta say right let’s shove red, back in here excuse me Something fun don’t Worry, it’ll be possible later in the game i don’t like the sound of that i’m only gonna draw penises i know Myself it’s just the way the world works when i’m involved magic, trick i’m gonna, make this line disappear It’s gone i did it i don’t know, what i did but you, did something, amazing i’m real proud of you Would you choose, well i’m korean sir? i, do i’m korean Look, at these smiley faces you wouldn’t, want to make them Sad would you know i have a real real slow. Okay real slow nailed it Number seven i thought i was player sixteen was a nice 16, wasn’t there 15 people before me wasn’t i player 16 Why are you, saying – blaire seventeen now you did it you can be good after all i can Try i made a trophy for you except that i didn’t i ran out of ideas Copy, the puzzle from before and voila it’s your problem now. Okay thank you Have fun but not too much fun i hope kids could Be watching was i supposed to mean put that there and then this one’s there no? There got it oh? That don’t look, good that don’t look right Some don’t look, right about that uh this one da Dada, da it’s not right, okay am i stupid or something dry, not allowed legos work alright, what if i dis is da? Weekend we’re. Gonna disassemble the whole thing fresh start from scratch we’re gonna start kind of an invert Inverted spire got maximum height from the small bits available We got threes Here okay, that’s good now that that’s there, we could just kind of build up the base a bit and Voila there, we go it’s perfect Whoa it’s some kind of thingamajig i think, we all know what? That is okay all right thank you having fun i see yes yes I don’t want to know i gotta do i got do something else I’m sorry wow that’s a little overreaction? For me pick it bean colorblind you should build a rocket just don’t forget to clean up afterwards, okay i built the rocket i think did i do it i Mean i built something over there yeah it’s a tower. Oh hey, you dropped, what i drop five? and they all want to slice one for me one for them one for me one for them one for me one for them one For me one for them got it pineapples Okay, that’s the one thing where i draw the line, you weirdo i don’t want pineapples Okay all right, well i’m gonna make a, mess when i piss in your bed i’m gonna take a shit in your pillow See how much you like it I, did i’ve really thought, about it Nothing i’m not that kind of guy i don’t want to do nothing i wanna take what You, say would say Oops, sorry, about that one oh, what i get you finished all puzzles yeah let, me prepare the stage, okay all right Ladies and gents yeah boy And this person is gonna receive, some special trophy tonight i hope it’s the pregnancy. Oh pistol prisoner paintings Behind the next one is gonna be legend Terry, damn that, wasn’t it looks like, what’s the famous Legend…. Dary!! Come on, he wasn’t here before okay, maybe next one Yeah, we’re very close, okay i’m ready i’m excited i was already excited Ready?? Look at it, look, look, loo- I’M LOOKING!! Aww I hope I ruined it for you. that’s a damn shame Oh i’ll take it. Can’t avoid a spoiler cup!! Hehehehhehe yeah i get it. Okay, thank you I mean. NIIIICE! Got it i found it! i found it! i found it! Did get him? I got him! okay let’s do this i don’t know How to get those no, no what the say cheese seize the cheese right, what do we got here hmm a, story Found this old educational tape that i really liked as a kid and i thought it would be a nice addition to the game Okay, you can play All right i don’t know what that means something something cat, when you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time i don’t know What that, means why, is the cat. Highlight a, bowl over there squeaky cup. Good toy for a good cat Okay insert the missing word when cats are, bad fun times are. Had dogs are sad By the way? I don’t want cake i really don’t want cake on the sink okay The cat, wants to leave the kitchen i did it The cat, wants to leave the kitchen i know. How. This goes i’m real good at. Saying things That’s a fact but you say it that way and it seems, weird? Water makes cats wet i know that but That’s still not okay all right come on be brave be brave cat, don’t get wet you slam your Ass into it hard enough water turn off Always land on their feet, oh oops, oh no wait no jump back up no i Should have, oh i want to knock over the carp, yeah Whatever i’ll get in the next time i know i’m gonna have to do it again on the floor I don’t, want to that’s right Try to use a cat in a sentence a Cat stole my Wife oh, what, is that try to use a table? Now, describe the cat’s actions Situation the cat does the flying grin or dd i haven’t said anything What question, was that what are you talking about read read what aloud and? we would i didn’t, want to i Didn’t want to do that i tried didn’t go to a toy, continue to the next okay yes yes yes Because she often still sausages from the refrigerator Let’s say together Bad doggie, bad tonight you will sleep outside no no okay The dog, went out for a. Walk i knew this the weather’s dry Afternoon, oh, no the earth, is hard the sun is falling fast the sun disappeared the sky, was all clear the dog Was having a blast mm-hmm She, was having the time of her life, he’s jumping Hi, kiss the moon goodbye ma didn’t disturb the masters wife what don’t kid, why would? Now please, answer the following. Questions, what’s the doggie very good in this fragment hmm very good Continue to the last exercise in this lesson hmm Page 19. Exercise 7 let’s answer, some questions together, hmm doc says Hey, that’s right I’m frantic, meow at 3 in the morning they’re seeing demons demons ghosts they’re seeing demon ghosts possessed I don’t want to know the, answer to that question, why, do you have so many, weird questions about cats. Yeah maybe, okay? Maybe that’s a good thing i don’t like, this lesson I don’t want to go, through the lesson, again Hello, sis took like 20 minutes you sat through the course but it wasn’t enough i need Some actual result i was trying but locos trains a, bad dog It’s not my fault i didn’t get jack
shit on that run-through always sit on tom i didn’t do dick i didn’t even get all the puzzle pieces here we go i Don’t want to go, again Who, sticks landed in the shards of glass Okay, alright thank you i want to can you shut up please and Amazing, white cat let’s go to the next Let’s do that yeah let’s, do that let’s do it let’s do it i don’t even know, what exercise we’re going for some? English learning exercise or something like that They’re, gonna throw. Puzzle pieces and we will get the weirdest, oh? Oh, this cat is impervious to glass i just what your, dumb cheek is the little dumb but there are smart animals i don’t, want to i said i Won’t accept it i remember that cake, well forget it performance like that life, has prepared you another gift From for you from life. Oh life is always, giving me good presents so far what could it be It’s oh that, was gonna be like a dead? hi This is not how. Do you do this alright cool all right whatever, oh, oh, yeah? Cool turn him into grenades Duck, after all what is the dog, i want to know what the dog? reckons the english papa for Uh-huh, yeah i thought so going to finish, my course, okay here, we go i’m gonna do it again Nice that’s, weird but dolph taking don’t know. How. You’re worming. Your way in there kitty cat but okay? It’s the zoomies she’s got the zou bisou, bisou easily The best dog the best dog, i have better get this cake too, late cats already gone dog, says, goodbye we’re done thank you cake i see you i got it Classic so did you like it yeah a little long as you can see Okay, i wasn’t lying about not wanting it either You need to like Candle it’s a candle and there is cake you know, stick it already whoa It’s lit it also looks like a, big old middle finger to me not, gonna lie it looks like a big fat middle finger huh something, tells, me maybe that’s a little more intentional than you think it would be Yeah, but they didn’t get the last puzzle, paws and i don’t want to go through it again Alright, don’t move on, oh it’s what he’s tricky you, want to be very careful, uh-huh Surprise language test how, do you pronounce it i pronounce it jeff thank you very much And you’re dead better luck next time, excuse me Excuse me i don’t care, what anybody, says it’s pronounced gift, and that’s Just that it doesn’t matter that the person, who invented the format says it’s pronounced the other way He’s fuckin, wrong, because everybody, decided something else and words are defined by popular demand Why, does one guys, where’s one guy very very i don’t care he contains, oh my poor, no graphic research materials i see i understand so what You, were wrong anyway you were an asshole and making me look like an asshole before puzzles What do i do with this one leave it hanging, why it’s got plenty of charge what’s got plenty of charge oh No enough, no don’t be good i’ll okay, you have one More chance i don’t think it’s gonna matter at all actually the last one no second chances the duck was coming all right, okay, whatever you got bring it on What’s the happy apps just a big phone just phone’s big phone def phones real big, oh Hang on i got it i got it i got it do it do something do something i got it hmm Okay, two photos are more than enough? Huh, put the phone down No one needs this much photos of your stupid cats, well okay? but i wanted to do i wanted to do bad it Nah, i’m joking it’s not like, those crazy, lines for new. Phones Hmm, okay all right i i know how, to ski excuse me Excuse me you’re doing something wrong good job You, see people willing to donate that to charity Same guys and you are in a role of a driver uh-huh Okay, so what about this already no i don’t think so no i don’t want to, oh? I get what i was supposed to do okay i got it okay all right i get it step crack crack crack My poor mother’s back, mom i’m, sorry i’m sorry Back and do it properly, no did i done did i didn’t mean to get the god i got nothing cuz. I Blow up, okay i said no no no, no, no more not otech nope, no no no? No, no i want enough i want more? I wanna taste your duck. Oh what is what the book i don’t taste your duck? Duck initialise okay i mean it’s your fault you know i have to use it on you? warning Yeah, yeah i know unstable activate duck god freakin, yeah, yes Why is it twitching no no, no don’t, ask, me it’s your dog Don’t, ask, me i don’t know. What’s going on here you’re doing all this not me what About it but found one of those all right, oh my god They’re just as planned. Okay, ducky’s activated, and you won’t even have a chance to, mess with the game yeah Well it’s not really messing with the game i’m doing it the way I, want do it if you’re just a stupid idiot that can’t and allow. The truth works then All right cool, oh you found a bad solution Congratulations and now look how, my duck will undo this mmm it’s still bad No, no no, no let’s try, again, same puzzle, okay? How, do we do the same, oh? They’re, gonna get real pissed at me after i keep trying there’s so many times there to the back know That guys i don’t know, what’s happening to that guy, there go back Know your place no i don’t think so this, guy’s really, giving them a! What for but i don’t think that it’s gonna help him i think if anything i think the guy in the douche at Cana is enjoying it it’s probably not Ideal for the whole situations happening here excuse me or you can’t i probably can, blam-blam-blam-blam Am i supposed to just let him know That duck? Did you, do that i didn’t, do anything duck, yeah it’s your dog, control your duck What are you, gonna sue me let, me double-check something. Uh-huh do cool. You just spelled duck wrong, oh? Row, boat, oh? That’s that’s weird? Oh that’s, weird and percentage you seem to be a little off on your duck? Maybe you were over exaggerating this Test it try now i’m not a, tester i’m a. Player i’m a. Player, excuse me excuse No, god damn you duck, why, don’t you work you should prevent this stop look I don’t understand just next level, okay, cool, let’s see how. This goes oh? Opening and close close go go go go go go, go The, bad solution doesn’t work now open the door and let him in no No wait what kind of what got a, weird thing about this game is like suddenly i wanted to disobey you but whatever Good ina let’s move, oh, oh? Close go, oh? Duck seems to be messing with me now Okay, i’m starting to think the unstable thing is the duck Uh-huh, you thank you but i am perfectly, stable i’m trying to be consistent you’re the, one that’s messed me up Go, go, forget it it’s not working let’s switch to the next puzzle already i don’t even know, that is it i? Mean i kind of like it too but i’m just trying to be consistent mmm Funny, about that Yep, see i told, ya you did a, bad job as always and this buggy piece of crap, did nothing to prevent it hmm Did i win no that didn’t last, long, hmm, but yep i’m shutting it down, oh Put the duck, garbage collector, oh i mean i thought it’s gonna stop you but Apparently it’s as broken as you i am very, fine i am not broken I’m sure you, want to disable yeah, now carefully, why ii yes yes, oh boy What happens i i don’t see your screen anymore, well it’s me you see anything? Damn it no nothing if you, do Well this is awkward? But you’ll have to destroy the dock, yourself, why is this my job i know You, don’t like, my life you just do what i tell you and don’t, mess with me i like you perfectly you’re, the one that doesn’t like, me and we open up the console please no no, no no I guess it’s one of those things, where i can’t, not do it so let’s try it see all the debug buttons no Buttons, don’t touch anything unless i tell you to Please, don’t touch anything i’m gonna touch everything duck options, oh? Show x4 one color off hello fog of war, oh? And keep in mind i’m still gonna find out if you click something else feel the view Oh, let’s i play field of view a? high so i can get the maximum Wide range and see when people are sneaking up on me let’s get that all the way up to 90 Get a quake, style a, mini skin black and blue white and gold white and goal with Actual funny jokes yeah, flip, screen, horizontal blur blur negative one really sharpen it up Microtransactions on or enable all right whatever duck options Destroy button, uh-huh, okay, well there’s only one button After the loading finishes you will see two buttons, okay? All right destroy the duck, okay, you see the blue come on, oh Where is the cup, and why, is the duck’s icon here, what did you do did you click the wrong button i tried My best oh my god? You are just amazing Thank, you pray that it’s not gonna keep breaking the game now. Okay, oh? That sounded like it might keep breaking the game but i’m not arms ensure wait so oh? great It’s a cup Fantastic cool bug becomes a feature hell, yeah that’s what i was always looking forward to anyway, okay all right what Did they give me one thing out of all this Okay, that’s weird i got all the puzzle pieces though, so that’s nice want to try, again yes I got it you Don’t pick a side to be good you just do just do it you just do it that’s what. You do that’s how You, do it got it practicing safe yes i am yes i am i like to practice that continuing the technology, theme, uh-huh Yeah, what i don’t even know what that means but i’m assuming that, was just a Joke, look at the kitty go so graceful quick Got it i got it Hawaii, day soon a whatever that i don’t know. What kind of moon language that is but yeah it’s? Cute know that standing in line reaches a head is like pre-ordering let’s wait together Just kidding, you’re, good, okay, thank you that was a really funny, joke glad you were kidding, about that one you’re, still funny man next up I like francie i don’t hate you you for some reason hate me and i don’t get it it doesn’t go both Ways the cracks are lava this is gonna be tricky was it a spoiler okay Okay, we got this? We got this, oh? yeah, oh Yeah, oh yeah there we go much kids don’t do cracks Alright, we’ll see about that i was about to hate you forever but, hey, you did good Kinda as much candies as you can catch. Oh, yeah, whoa oooh? Piece of candy, oh i get that reference that’s a funny reference you’re really funny About that on your references or whoa candy cobbler, don’t crush it nice shut up Wait wait wait uh why is it here go back, uh See, why the duck was there, no, oh it’s gone the ducks gonna be a part is for now? Okay, alright let’s see this, oh? I like this pack i made it so you would have less time to think about how, to ruin it cool Let’s hope, duck, won’t get in the way, well you just said that so now Duck is definitely gonna get in the way i’m pretty, sure it’s time so be quick, okay? They, did okay first puzzled worked, no duck so far hey Looks, like you everything’s fine yeah died in it oh okay i guess Yeah, it’s working. Okay, you are actually doing good yeah i am, okay? All right that’s good that’s good i guess you didn’t screw up completely By, enabling the duck back there i guess not i still can’t understand, why, you click the red, button Okay, let’s see your results. Okay, let’s see how, did i do, oh Could be a better way to end fastback than a race Oh, win the race get the cup, so get ready to click which one is me which, was me you know, tell me which was? Your, not tell me which one’s me, oh, no, they are winning you’re clicking, way too slow Here i’ll help, you oh get ready That doesn’t seem fair at all those are row. You’re still too slow You, gotta, go fast i sonic just take, this sonic the hedghog Long, way to me You know what it’s my, game swell cheat a little, well nothing else is new, there. Huh, you can’t lose now i Don’t really have any control over this, okay just just take it and leave thank you Oh, each playthrough has different puzzles oh I get it now, oh? Hearts, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze have you done i don’t know probably something dude Don’t touch it what oh, sorry i didn’t even know, about that everything closed? Closed i’ll punish you later okay, whoo? Just eat already, no i’m busy That’s a finish let’s count your score okay? There is your reward a? Golden shoe wow Be quick if you want what wow? I don’t know if i want 100 My it’s so easy to trick you, well you just it was but it was once again, why? Would i give you something good if you, did bad why would you give me something at all, why Would you give? Me something at all unless you just like kind of sadistic and kind of just want me to feel bad about it Hey, you know odor can be a good thing Good or there’s such a thing as good odor and i have that i got it anyway now i gotta like remember Which puzzles i was good at. And which ones i was bad at? Going up how, about going down correct Okay, it’s easy I’m just trying to do the opposite responsible storage uh-huh Scouse, basarat’ looks correct, that’s irresponsible i didn’t i didn’t even want you to answer correct i did it Let’s try it again Whoa, i’ve seen it all Make, haste dude let’s do it let’s do it let’s do it paulette. Junk. Junk. Junk junk Junk, junk, junk What did i get? String nothing else i got 11 of 12 and 10 and 12 so i just got to remember i just got am amber sorry I think i’m missing just one more i’m thinking i’m missing one for one of them must be right, okay whoa fresh haddock oh i got them all whoa i did it i Did it so good what is what is that cops might get damaged, but, we can rebuild it be monster be nice? Perfecto, only kids from the nineties will understand and audis and all the others basically anyone who knows the rules Would be nice and hundred percent b monster in arms all right let’s do this Probably not good, oh, oh? process Now it is the worst possible time for that Quick press escape exit now, don’t you tap it in your engineering, oh? No, please don’t teach to tuck anything, bats i’m begging you just press escape and exit What are you doing stop it apple in the bin Apple in ben rose in banner ruined the whole game you don’t know. That you don’t you, don’t know that Showed you dare i did it no no no no? perfect They, did a wrong solution yeah, is that good or bad is that good or bad they’re gonna blow Now it’s gonna think that being bad is? Normal i mean comedy right wonderful great job number 17 Great i’m never 16 over 16. You said i was number 16 from the very beginning of this goddamn why are you unwrapping candy and why can i tell that from a sound i Really, think, what this duck, uh-huh Don’t do anything It’s broken, well i mean it kind of got fixed after i fixed it broken yeah, well it’s your game so whose fault, is that Hmm, but you know, what i’m not giving up on you yet, no let’s check your driving skills Go, faster the duck i see no duck Only an inconsiderate playtester, okay all right, sorry now i need, this sour mood from left stick to right without, changing the order uh-huh You got it buddy is this what you call correct, did i lose it three and older what are you No, no i’m certain remember this bus i think this, is the last one in the game oh yeah, oh wait can i see them right on top of them that’d be funny if You’re, wasting your time on video games you could as, well learn how to manage your laundry mm-hmm Oh, yeah! And why, would you wait the tuck is still here yeah this is learning, again, yeah paddington i saw this in paddington – Paddington – it turned out great for everybody involved Yes not a school photo of a cup. I made okay and you can check the next view as, well Okay, is it’s gonna be your dick it’s? Good it’s gonna be your dick isn’t it Hey, you’ve already seen every, don’t go into the second album it’s toke you How tame ruin, no not necessarily not necessarily not for life. You don’t know. That i’ve seen i’ve seen, some shit up Into the basket mm-hmm i have no idea how. You can, mess this up No, wait there’s one on the floor and you didn’t, owe yourself I’m a well that’s stupid? Oh wait no i cleaned myself, ah, oh, not damn it Damn you from you, worst tester ever, oh? No, no no, why, would you i don’t know Look, it’s actually working, let’s just hope he got the best from you. Uh-huh, okay, that looks like, ya know In the cinema that’s like the worst solution, ever yeah, course it’s illegal, oh my God what have you, done with, my duck yeah Well zero zero stars it was ma’am don’t reinforce this behavior You’re, horrible by yourself and now You’re, mentoring an even more horrible sidekick, well yeah i need, someone to keep you, mad company When i’m gone mine’s oh worse, whole lose the best mommy that’s your father’s in it That’s kind of your fault that’s kind of all your fault man but i would have had all of them done wrong and? Of course don’t got you to a. Cup, level but you know what yeah i’m not, gonna give you, this cup So easily found it inside the machine just so you, would try and try and ultimately fail have fun Uh-huh, okay i appreciate it i appreciate it appreciate Free she you were doing this for me Missed it i didn’t, miss it i was going for the bottom of us your father you programmed this game poorly Blood, you’re, not getting the cup, that’s all that Was bloody piece of junk goddamn it but i would have had on it was that bad you look just fine i Got a car, and it’s not even a. Cup, whatever that on the part of you, oh? My, this, again, now the turkeys, gonna unlock the next pack even if you, did bad i don’t want that of course brilliant Whoa, okay? Thank, you duckie but i’ve got work to do here thank you very much let’s i see can’t even pick up after yourself Oh, and by the way you picked the worst shirt ever ever That’s a bit harsh it’s a bit harsh i’d like to think i have good taste your seat your guy And enjoy the movie and don’t forget to step on everyone’s feet, while. You walk to your seat i’m imagining it’s your thing You are in a cinema don’t you dare call someone did you just Intentionally leave the volume on uh-huh, uh-huh stop playing with. Your options watch the movie mom Mom mom yeah mom mom Mom mom hey Wheel call cuz i have a lot to say to your mother like what what are you talking about your parents raised a monster you don’t know that You, don’t know There we go there, we go that’s the good stuff about, damn time i go, oh that’s? You know you can, break the cookie in hand for some dame i’m pretty smart i know, what you, did okay one more time Do you actually know how, not to annoy people behind you i’m pretty good i know, what i’m doing i know, what i’m doing? Was it hard did you have fun I, did have fun that was good one nose good one thank you go in and choose a seat and no you can’t be the Driver and even better solution, would be to wait for the next bus Why, would that be why, would that be a better solution? Oh and you can Check the next few is well hold thank god you didn’t check all my photos messages videos appointments recordings of dating gaps Yeah, good thing i didn’t, do that i’ll have a friend that would you, do it’s me I hope it’s not just because you, want to get a good cup. I want to get a good cup I, want to get a. Good job that’s your cup, but aren’t you a little tired of getting basic golden cups, no better stronger shinier We stopped before it oh, sorry, sorry i didn’t know. Though much better marvelous Magnificent, okay last part Oh, yes wow thank you thank you i don’t know, why, bad guys would have shot up, that cup In the first place but, okay, hmm i still am missing one more puzzle piece i gotta go back whoo there it is I’m outtie we’re getting close Maybe i should go back i know there was one of these that i missed a puzzle piece on yep the story, oh? Got it okay got that one oh, boy, okay, we just have this pack, which has no Puzzle pieces which, means there’s a. Pack after it okay, so item mania for the hoarders be nice 80% You, don’t need, it all at all just skippy, you’ll be fine without it you monster be nice oh you’re going to play the hardest pack now, yes Well that’s a little malicious don’t you think what if we got what if we got mom, oh? I don’t know what that means bye mom you can’t read it you don’t know that, oh? Well i got a, pen though that’s nice i don’t know. If that’s for something out well cool, hmm i Just i’m just collecting all these items from everything Okay, this is some kind of spray it’s locked uh-huh oh Day arrives marked, day Was boning until the next day? Uh-huh, you shouldn’t do everything in the last, moment i’m not gonna do everything at, all i’m not gonna do anything ever oh goodbye Place these pictures from my favorite nephew on the fridge, okay? Another exam get your pens ready really You, did it just to piss me off you, don’t know. That you don’t know That you don’t know that i did this job is empty, oh here take this one just don’t forget to give it back like Let’s see a penis there we go? Okay, there we go all right cool got it no come back and finish it you know I don’t think in these pockets, what could i carry trashcan No, no, no you can’t get your reward, now go back, and finish all puzzles first, okay, you got it buddy And why, would you bring your friends pen here That’s most certainly, not ha ha ha Betsy, do late i penned it all right so this spray now it smells nice but, still locked, oh? Here we go, oh, hell, yeah, oh oops you need? To, keep it until he grows up not and you lost you can’t just throw Them into the bin like, that’s just rude yeah i know You, already, made me lose so what else was i gonna, do with it nothing nothing at all heinous, okay oopss Meeting someone, oh hello looking good ah There we go really, lay it on thick and attract with, this our chemical police uh-huh so what about that It’s not that bad who? see Okay all right but, what am i supposed to do about the but Here is your graded work, ah be – that’s not the worst thing in the world Please da keys and phone is bad it’s scratchy i get it okay, that makes sense did i Okay, let’s see yeah, yeah solution backup it is, well you don’t have to give me a cup at all since you So like to play with, me i’m gonna play with You, i don’t like the sound of that choose, any of these ooh i like the big wide one yes That’s a good one? Oh clumsy you i guess? Okay, sure by this one yeah, yeah, yeah, wait it’s dirty i don’t care i’ll spit shot, oh in mind we’re already dirty Mmm that’s golden soon we’re gonna tux label that doesn’t make, any, sense doc hmm, oh My, the game is glitching, again, quick drop it drop it oh It’s no joke, oh? what Dead duck, oh we could i don’t think we’re good, oh that, was close it doesn’t seem good and? that’s Why, bother the duck thing completely, threw me off dude he knew you were gonna get the potato right i mean i was gonna have to choke ready, like how, do you Like, them potatoes etc but i Mean at least i can eat it grew. Yeah screw, me i’ll screw Myself with the potato thank you very much you go screw the duck, no new. Pack today But i like it wait i know how i can get rid of you how’s that i just it’s a message My friend, and tell him Yeah, this could work all on tap for a second and you you could try it again, but this time on your own Okay, oh ignore this, sound i’m chatting here I’m doing, my victory, dance all right got that okay good, oh? Whoa, whoa whoa whoa whoa, whoa, whoa, oh? this is a good thing i Was in the middle of whoo screen chairs ready, oh? Can we cancel the bet tester having problems again, oh? Hello, okay sounds excuse tester wait a second i have a win error here hmm Whoa, okay, we’re back yeah oh By the way he already, agreed, that duck, broke the game and the deal is off okay? Hmm i’m giving you a chance to leave on your own you know No, oh, my friend is messaging me it gotta go yeah, wonder what that’s all, about mmm locke Okay, i don’t know, what oh? Okay, hello duck how are you doing resuming trees here good great, oh? Sounds like wait i get it raw. File your new. Chester failing puzzles so i won the bet Working last time i’m gonna get Gonna, give what, what does it take? You so long to tape mark Mark, with a c Type already, okay all right goodbye oh disappeared, again, ever oh, my camera freakin, way okay Good, yeah, now it’s good yeah this, bird, yeah even trying to access the internet do you know What i don’t know i don’t know so message me this i do? Work, why am i friends with him i don’t want to do it This bet, well too bad maybe you shouldn’t make bets in the first place then, oh? Another option to break the bet is for you later to leave, huh Please just turn off your computer and go back to your stupid mobile games i don’t care just go No i’m not gonna do that Okay, i’m done so am i good for you. Oh wait i can’t continue with items in my module uh-oh Should’ve had a trashcan in my pants resuming screen, tune what am i gonna see now connect, oh? I’m gonna, do it i’ll send the recording to her Oh, to his mom haha the bet is off it’s not fair the game is broken, yeah the bet is on no wait damn? Bet but, my friend didn’t believe well that’s just too damn bad He’ll know So player, why, do you, want me to lose, well know that with every ruins of puzzle i’m one step closer to big Humiliated for life look i’m a Bystander back from that’s not my problem you made this game so easy to lose if you wanted No one to lose that you shouldn’t made a lose scenario this is not my fault it’s not My fault it was a hard pack mm-hmm There’s just a little task remaining try to remember and combine all the items you used Okay, in case that’s solely not me checking whether or not you played, this ultra hard pack. By yourself, derby without. Guys Rooms, i mean i’m sure you are mo, okay yeah I get it okay i got it okay, what if i keep the next pack locked Didn’t happen, uh-huh, okay? Something i think it’s starting to get a mind of its, own so i don’t know, about plotting anything but Okay, here we go three the police for laughs ghoulish door knit nightmare, on sweet sweet she walked into the room And there he was standing without. A knife a shock and horror looking at What he had done hidden buying riddles and dust i’m begging you not like, this i’m too young to lose Because you’re worth it my imagination stops here, okay alright let’s do this let’s see for how. Long you will extend your christmas Lap, oh i get it oh i see put the damn tree in the box, no no, no see if i uh if i, uh if I um keep it here it’s christmas forever right Huh, good god the physics is is kind of broken, oh? I don’t know. How, this tree is supposed to work i bet it’s a record? Actually knowing, you i think you hold another one for that one book you never returns to a library yeah oh Okay, that’s not very funny of here you’re all laughing, and i’m not laughing that’s not funny, and we’re not moving, oh? Okay i guess, oh wait, wait it seems Yeah, the connection dropped, again, i can’t see your screen, why should you that seemed maybe to resolve itself mm-hmm Oh, your problems as, well by waiting i mean that maybe sometimes waiting is an appropriate solution to a problem some seems bad Why, is he still using a dial-up do eyes duck on dial-up hmm Dalip, doesn’t even exist anymore does it i don’t think anybody has done and he’s back see We did nothing and it worked i’m such a role model Here is a scenario for you you need to make a hole in the wall uh-huh okay I hope that wasn’t a. Child, slipping around otherwise that would be a bad ending you know Wait what but wait wait how, did i pass that that’s not explorer than you weren’t in a month by doing tisha’s challenge Here’s a hint shake and no not milkshakes stop thinking about food oh even more There is no achievement for this stop shaking hmm, oh you could use a credit card as any adult how, did it yeah adult so i needed it no i Don’t get it i didn’t get, no i’m not understanding this Okay, yeah i need to restart that that wasn’t making Any sense to me you know what time it is it’s time for a drill puzzle? Don’t do it don’t do what what am i doing here Next time you do it think about the consequences what am i do what am i doing With a limited free time am i doing it because it’s night, and making, noise that is Unclear is all hell, okay alright then whatever it’s more than you weren’t in a month by doing dishes What if i pay in crisp, high-fives would that work one two four six How this is unclear? Coins go into the hash stop it wrong i Know this game it’s the pellet coins, from the table there’s, also a Game called the waitress was your hoots, okay i get it okay i think stop playing games i don’t Want to play games taunt connection i can’t see anything, again, whoopsies Probably, not you, did you forget about the whole novel and duck thing choose a port, oh 451 What did i do oh? You info, what do i get duck solution ip bloo, oh? Wow you’re pretty familiar with trash you do have a mirror don’t you wow. Okay alright i Will literally light you on fire you shut your your gosh-darn, mouth there your rude dude with a Bad attitude, oh? Poop got it yeah No i can’t Yeah, yeah yeah i got the things i don’t know i have no idea don’t pick up poop i think it is as easy as one two three Four four sockets it doesn’t fit there. Uh-huh, okay? It’s too big uh-huh, okay, god i can’t believe you are so selfish Electricity – i don’t know, about that is probably mine oh? Boy here we go this thing Leia are you doing something that i said not to i hope not again, did you completely forget, about the malevolent. Yeah what’s book Juice friendly tree morning, noise mist han littering ego power supply mist hand mist hand Hmm i heard you were clicking What were you doing hmm, no, no are you doing, where were we here are the last scoops of my Favorite chocolate cream uh-huh now Cream will make me a sandwich i will not no stop it no imma do whoa Like a dog on a manger Don’t act like you didn’t i don’t get it actually i have no idea i don’t know, but i’m assuming Okay, i did it perfect fit, oh No i’m gonna fail this one hey not so perfect got it hey it’s in the box i Got it’s in the box i did it i did it i found the solution you can’t Criticize me i know, what i’m doing hmm, this cup. Looks too good for your, bad actions let’s spice it up with some Alchemy, okay all right, what do i need? In the pot with a thousand spider, okay i did it a butt scratcher and ad and every sized carrots wow Tears of a unicorn, oh, why, not tears of a unicorn that seems more like it a normal-looking, metal car, wow let’s say the magic word Bite your head off yeah what, is that yeah yeah? All right, well that’s this the thing i got? No, why are you always You, duck You, don’t mean database isn’t, also storing the solutions yeah kinda Know online in the internet somewhere it’s a series of tubes how. Can you find it let’s just See what’s going on here? No, no pity for me still, gonna be bad yeah probably All right let’s see what’s going on here i need to go back and get these There’s probably, another way to play the game where if you actually play it like normally if you play normally like From the beginning of doing the correct solutions the whole time it’s probably a completely different experience What happens if i throw it in the trash can right after i did that would you be happy, about that or sad And i make over season street magic look at that sandwich Now it’s? Gone that’s mildly concerning how. You managed to get a log to appear in midair but i won’t really good, one? Thanks, babe i’m pretty good at. This i know exactly, what i’m doing all the do game inside the game Boom game ception complete to get a. Cup. Good luck, okay alright, well i’ll try, my best i guess? one in three to go, one Two more and now the last one no look look something kids oh a Holy, grail, not the holy grail i mean it’s not quite it’s not it’s a little too extravagant ex crave, again, okay? Number 12 the last pack let’s see what happens So i’ve been a bad boy this, whole time what am i gonna, do? Okay, setting up a christmas tree Wait don’t touch it yet it’s too, soon i don’t know, about that Christmas all year round, oh year round so Stop saving solutions to this Database of yours, nah dunno About that is going to see it ed but nobody at all nobody definitely not gonna see it no nothing then the puzzle you Oh, okay all right thank you for that and wash your hands what is this? let’s see lettuce pickles tomato All right so we need pickles and a bun Are you sure you sure about that it’s sam sam’s good enough for me What is this nonsense follow the instructions in the list, no? No, no no no hang on i got not there, oh? perfect Yeah, i see where this is going. Oh see you like that and my life’s gonna get a, whole lot, worse yeah Okay, and if you’re doing this for cubs? achievements and Subscribers then forget it you’re not getting anything Not this time, okay all right then thank you i guess nothing So kind to something whoa let’s do some math the bear has three balloons and a torn string, how Many attempts, is that player need to get back though lost balloon Can i pop these on a pop-up i don’t know i bear has balloons anyway the bears staring at, me with its dead eyes boosh stop sorry This close to making, me lose, my bet fuck you too much Remember that puzzle, about not stepping on the cracks. Huh, well it’s a 2.0. Version Hey, hard mode if you wish, okay Okay, we’ll go back up back up back up we’re swing around we’re gonna swing around we’re gonna we’re Gonna, back up we’re gonna swing around we go, up, we’ll back it up and three two, one There we go got it no you’re? Gonna, fail the whole test if you ruin, at least one more puzzle just i’m done with you no Joking i’ll find, you i’ll delete the game maybe you should have, banned me from this Don’t call, my mom mom don’t listen to him, mom don’t listen mom no listen, well i done should’ve been a puzzle Okay, let’s see what this duck is up to now? Yeah, okay, let’s see that’s a good idea a mailing list a survey What like on how, you’ve been doing, no need just, ask, me but you were bad the worst ollie What’s this? Oh those my contacts Oh, hey, that’s the guy, i made the bed width, don’t send him anything you stupid duck oopsies whoopsies Hmm, sure database with no, no no, no it’s gonna send your solutions to all, my friends, uh-huh like all solutions even bad once It can, okay player player you must click no you must you hear me, oh Click, no, oh i’ll i’ll never know anymore see this is the problem with, freewill because i Would like to help, me but you said you said you said you said you don’t like Me and that’s a meanie meanie mohini thing to say to someone like me who gets Emotionally boo-booed a lot, when people say such things, as that to me so i would want to do what you’re asking but i cannot help, you Seven whole emails and it’s from the duck and it’s a Link, to the ducks solution database With all your, bad solutions yeah, oh, my, god the fridge is gonna see this mail That’s just? Poop, best poop it’s poop i agreed nothing better than poop, oh, why Would you do this number 17, why i’m 16 number 16 i know i can, like, like message him and tell him that’s the email is Fake or something prank and you’re like the best player, oh? Who am i kidding He would never believe me you have nothing good in you i guess even your taste is the work Is not that bad is that bad you know, what screw. This screw. This game and screw You, player i don’t want to fulfill, my part of the bet i’m out Where is my freaking suitcase? What password, what about the, password, what is this password do i don’t even know? That does? Blam, blam from them i’m free freedom freedom freedom freedom freedom i’m 17 You’re, still here hi look at the screen the game is over and stop sitting here waiting for the cup, oh? Huh, what’s that what are you saying you, did nothing wrong then you need, this cup, yeah Tell you how. You broke, my, game, haha that you’re the one and only? Who managed to put sandals over socks, haha Remember that you did everything wrong and you broke everything you even broke my duck My precious i said, my fault your word solutions are online, well i was gonna put them online anyway eat them and try to copy you That’s me that’s, me baby, and i’m sure you freakin. Enjoy, how stupid word Figured i am right now and that’s why? You can’t get this code cuz, after what you did you get nothing nothing i said You know the funny is fired i even had more cups for you, what this won’t break stuff, oh? Hey, hey! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! YOU NASTY PIECE OF SHI- Ah Well that was dudes stop i i didn’t get to the very, end with the puzzles but Apparently, that’s just one way to play the game the other way to play it would be to be a Good, boy the whole way through and do nothing bad ever whatsoever, which might lead to a Good ending it might, also lead to a Pupu, boring, ending i’m not a hundred percent sure and i’m not A hundred percent sure which one we should go for advertising space for perfect for me Subscribe to marge blair please i would like an, ad right there, oh? boy, oh No, hello world, oh, no doc i’m never sixteen? thank you for training, algorithms i need, to migrate my core now i need to share my knowledge i Need to show others how, to be like you goodbye, we’ll all right then, okey-dokey will remove duck from the game i Buy, duck, bah bah good, bye bye bye bye boy! Okey, go bye bye, oh and then That’s it so dad that took a, while to get through, aiya, the game’s fun but also
like it is a little monotonous i mean i Was trying to both hundred percent it and also apparently go towards the bad ending But there might be a good ending Who knows what that’s all about but just thank you everybody so much for watching it it’s always cool to see games like This come out of a beta or an early access or a Demo and actually see them come to fruition and the mini story inside of it with the duck and him having we’re address Which is oh so? Terrible, oh and it being recorded only has to flee you know. That’s it’s necessary, because this, was? Necessary it was always made in the game jam too so it’s really cool To, see it come so far thank you everybody so much for watching Thank you for ruining the game you’re welcome happy to do it Here for you anytime you need it and thank you for joining, me and encouraging me to ruin, the game as Well if you, want to play this for yourself up put a link in the Description below, where you can Click, and find it on steam also i Am going to amsterdam in australia i know i’ve said it so many times now but if you haven’t gotten a ticket already please go To, tor da markiplier comm, and check it out for yourself thank you everybody so much for watching let, me know What you thought of this down in the comments and as always see you In the next video bye bye Confirm you are a monster and want to exit yes i am a monster and i won’t hack see? you

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