E-Sign Tool For Loan Officers | Digital Mortgage Signature Walk Through

Hey there everyone Aidan from BNTouch
here and today we were going to be walking through our brand new signature
tool that’s integrated with BNTouch integrated with your CRM we’re gonna go
over a few things today I’ll show you how you can use the tool
you can upload documents how they’re going to look when they’re sent to a
borrower how easy that it is to do in the first place and then sort of what
the borrower process is once the document has been sent so sort of will
go through the loan officer portion of how to create and send the docs from the
in touch and then we’ll even go through the borrower process of what it looks
like to them when they’re signing a document and sort of how easy it is to
keep track of everything at once alright so let’s go ahead and get right into it
from being touch you’re gonna find your assign tool inside of the marketing tab
so we’ll go ahead and click on that alright and then we have a lot of things
activated here but uh you’ll see e-sign they’re in the more section if you don’t
see it on your sort of navigation bar right there so we’re gonna go ahead into
each side okay so this is our assign tool it’s set up at the forefront very
similarly to the document library that you’ll see here where you can upload
Docs so you can upload any sort of form or template or anything you need signed
into here any word doc or PDF style of form can be easily uploaded into this so
we’ll go ahead and upload a form right now show you guys how that works
okay so we’re gonna do this example application form right here this is a
PDF we’re gonna go ahead and add that into the esign library here and this is
what the file will be named inside the library so we’ll do this example
application form right there we’re gonna give this a second to upload voila and there you have it so you’ll
see up here at the top left corner it’ll show you what type of document it is
right you see you have the docx the word documents and then also your PDFs in
there as well okay there’s a few buttons here you can edit the template so that’s
going to allow you to add all the interactive fields you need to make this
an interactive sign Obul contractor document and there’s a send button which
will send this to your borrowers and you’ll see up here in the top right
there’s actually a little trashcan button so if you go ahead and click that
okay so this won’t actually delete it forever this will just hide it from your
list so you’ll see here there’s a tab for hidden okay all the documents that
you’ve deleted we’re going to be put into this section okay so they’re not
gone if you delete anything by accident you’ll be able to easily return it back
to the library to your list with this button here return to list okay scroll
down on there and that will add a read back on to your templates here okay so
next I want to show you guys how easy it is to actually make these documents
interactive and sign of all right so we’re going to do that from this edit
template button okay this will open up the form editor if you will and then
you’ll see there’s a few things going on here so what you’ll see here on this
left-hand column these are all the interactive fields that you can add to
any of your documents or contracts forms whatever
okay so we have signature initial there’s a check box in case you want to
give some multiple-choice answers or you know check a check if apply type answers
there’s input fields if you want someone to just type right you’ll see here
there’s you know any endorsements or your driver’s license give details right
you can add an input field that they need to give details or answer any
questions that are a little more freeform and then here you’ll have a
date box which will add aliy actually add a little calendar they can click the
day instead of just having to type you know 10 9 18 okay here you’ll see you
can actually zoom in and out on the dock if you want a sort of pinpoint the exact
spot where you want something to be sign about let’s say something smaller you
add a checkbox you can zoom in to make sure you put the checkbox right exactly
where it needs to be you can edit the name of the document here watch the two
there okay you can close save and then here on
the right column it’ll show all the pages that are within the document that
you uploaded okay you can add interactive fields and signature spaces
to any page to all pages if you’d like so let’s go ahead and we’ll add a couple
cool so let’s say we just want to start by adding initial in the top corner we
want them to initial every page to make sure they saw it
so we’ll just go quickly so you’re just dragging it right onto the page here
yeah it’ll add an initial field and then you can actually line it up exactly
where you like it so initial so we can put it here and say you can drag it
again to the corner and making sure the positioning for everything is just how
you want it on the document okay so here in the last page you’ll see we have the
signed-in date fields so we’re just going to go ahead and add the signature
okay and this little line here is where it’s going to line up so we’ll put that
just below the text there and then we’re gonna add the date box here so this is
gonna be the date field again this will give them a little calendar that they
can select the exact date from now we’ll just go ahead and see we had another
okay we got checkboxes here so for this one we’re gonna go ahead and get nice
and zoomed in alright let’s see here and all the I do is sort of line that
checkbox up there boom let’s add another checkbox alright just sort of get that
generally over the box there and then we’ll go ahead and zoom back out okay
and then finally we have the input field these are just gonna be the text a text
field we can sort of add a little more freeform data here we’ll do one there
and then we’ll add another one let’s see here for though its initial
and again if you want to get rid of one of these guys you just drag it right
back out of the box right back out of the column okay
so we’ll add the input field here boom and then we’ll put another one here for
the address yeah cool so we’ve added a bunch of interactive fields here this
document is now ready to be into the borrower and to be completed
and signed and re-uploaded for everyone to have we’re just gonna go ahead and
save the template you’ll see there’s a message there that pops up we’re gonna
close this document okay and then we’re simply just going to send it so we click
send and we can either there’s two options to sending a sign double
document within V in touch the first is of the manual where you search the name
of the borrower partner that you want to send the document to okay so you can see
you here research Adin Adin pops up we hit send i one search one button click
the CSS sent and that’ll go to the email of Aidan right that’ll send the document
automatically to them the second option you have is you can actually add these
sizable documents to a campaign okay so you can have it so if they switch from
you know one pipeline to another or if they hit a certain trigger it’ll
automatically send one of these sign Apple documents that you have ready to
go right from the system so once you’ve set a couple of these up you can add
them into campaigns specifically for you know for what you need and then you can
have those automatically send out to your borrowers without without lifting a
finger okay you’re gonna automate this process
automate this document signing process so we’ll just do the manual for now
because easier to see it all through so we just sent that email to Aidan alright
now we’re gonna go put our borrower hats on and we’ll show you guys how this
looks from the borrower’s standpoint and how simple it is for them to actually
sign these documents okay so you’ll see here it subject your electronic
signature is required that’s gonna be your name here so these will be branded
to you we’re gonna go and open that up display the images okay so we have this
nicely designed it’s really simple little email here and it has the name of
the doc that needs to be signed the due date I please the list of documents need
to be signed we have a couple little graphics here and then it’ll end at the
bottom with all of your custom branded contact information and your photo right
so these are gonna be it’s gonna be a custom branded you email just like all
your other emails within be in touch okay simply all they must do as a
borrower to sign this document is click this link here that says
Eastside hey this is gonna take them to their portal their shared portal that
you have access to see that they have access to see they’ll be able to you
know fill out their applications from here refer friends see your contact
information right they’ll be able to sign and upload documents that you need
they’ll also be able to see property listings and sort of their loan process
to see what stage of the loan process they’re in and when they got there when
the estimations are for the mobile you completed all that kind of good stuff
it’s gonna be from their portal that they’ll be able to access really easily
and do a bunch of cool stuff all right so let’s get into some signing so you’ll
see there’s a couple things going on here there’s a back button so you can go
back and see all the documents available again making zoom and unzoom zoom in
zoom out on this document as well it’s again something small and they need to
move it around this can be downloaded right here so you can download this as a
PDF and then it can be printed all right from your portal okay and then we’re
gonna go into the settings tab and you’ll be able to change the initial and
the signature style that you that you write in all right so you’ll see you
type in the name you type in the initials and then you can select
different fonts and styles that your signature is going to show up and you’ll
see it changes there as we do that okay so a bunch of different handwritten type
signatures or you can simply draw your signature here okay we’re gonna keep it
nice and simple we’ll have it be these these signature fonts okay and once you
save that you’ll just go to click on a signature spot within the document and
it’ll just automatically add Wow so if we hit initial it’ll automatically add
the initials in that font that we had let’s see here we have the address
big block way so we then the bar we’ll just go ahead and start filling out this
document as you set it up right you have another in text field how’d you learn of
this Google search okay so we’ll just go through and you’ll see here on this
right-hand column it’s gonna show all the different pages of the document
it’ll even show how many pages there are and it shows how many interactive fields
that’s what these orange tabs are or on each document so a bar will
that they filled out all the fields cuz they’ll be able to count okay I filled
out four things there’s four different interactive
fields on this page now I can go to the next page and they can click right there
okay you’ll see you here we got these checkboxes on there we’re gonna initial
there I’ll move on to the next page initial move on to the next page initial
so just initially that we’ve seen all these pages initial and then finally
we’ll come down here to our signature and then you’ll see here there’s also
the date field so we can select any date we want from the calendar you see we’ve
changed through the months all right October 15 and we can also see you can
just sort of type in there October 15 cool so that’s pretty easy to
do and then then when that’s done when you filled out all the fields you’ll see
down here at the bottom there’s this little signed document button your
borrower will just click that it’ll take a second it’s now going to process this
document into a PDF that has all these signature fields filled out and you’ll
see right down there at the bottom left its just auto downloaded so now your
borrower has this gotten assigned PDF version of the document that they can
access really easily right you’ll see right there example application form –
and then we sort of have a summary receipt that it’s sort of their
confirmation that that’s filled the doc on this time I’ll open up both views
real quick so you guys can take a look so here we have this the the filled out
document let’s go ahead and just scroll to the bottom let’s see there we have
the signature there the date and then all the other fields that we put in will
be there as well again you’ll see it looks a little bit nicer on the PDF
version than it does within the portal we are the technology we have it
actually gauges the fields to put make sure everything is the right size as a
PDF to the document so don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect within the portal
it’ll it’ll sort of autocorrect itself to fit and be all the right sizes once
the documents PDF you’re welcome to test these yourself before you send them to a
borrower to make sure everything looks okay you can just send it to your own
email so that’s easy to do okay so they’ll
automatically go to download that and then when we go back here into the
portal okay you’ll be able to see right here the example application form to is
only just filled out you’ll see when it was requested when it was signed that
each one gets its own IP sort of a unique signature and then everyone will
be able to download the document again if anyone loses it you’ll be able to
come into the borrower a portal and grab it they’ll be able to come in as well
and also the bar will be able to see any documents that still need to be signed
in here as well along with any other documents like that they’ve stored or
shared or uploaded and they can upload documents right from here so they can
upload a document to you you can make it sign a bowl send it back to them and
then they can re-upload it back into here okay lots of cool stuff you can do
and again it’s all going to be with your branding and contact information
attached okay and the last thing I just want to show you guys is once a document
is signed the system will actually automatically send an email to every
person involved in this loan notifying them that the document was signed right
so this is this will be again from the borrower standpoint but you’ll see
they’ll get a confirmation here you’ve signed the document you’ll get a
confirmation saying something similar here as well okay and then you’ll
they’ll be able to go into the lauren loan portal from here to sign any other
documents they have or do whatever else they need to do so that is our new
assign tool that’s everything on your end from uploading the dock to agony
interactive feels to sending it to borrowers manually or automatically
through campaigns and then it’s also everything from the borrower standpoint
on how they can easily sign Docs upload them to their shared portal keep track
of everything as well as download PDF versions all right
that is our newly signed tool I hope you guys enjoyed it have a great rest of
your day and remember to be in touch

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