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Earnest is one of the top student loan refinancing companies anywhere in the country. I personally have had a ton of readers from Student Loan Planner use Earnest for student loan refinancing. In fact, a huge percentage of the people who start an application on Earnest with Student Loan Planner end up finishing one, which is an indication that they offer really good rates. The best part about using Earnest is they have very flexible repayment terms. You can literally choose your payment amount by using their slider on their website to determine what makes the most sense for your budget instead of choosing between, you know, 5, 7, 10, 15 year artificial and arbitrary term links imposed by other companies. Earnest offers some decent protection if you lose your job or if you become unemployed. It’s not nearly as good as the federal government, but it’s something. Another benefit to using Earnest is they’ll service your loan internally, which means that they keep your loan in-house for servicing, rather than outsourcing that to another servicer that’s not going to care as much about your loan because they were not the ones that extended the offer to you initially. Earnest does not allow co-signers, which is a downside, and they are also owned by Navient. Luckily, the parent company’s lack of good customer service has not yet impacted Earnest because Earnest has been allowed to operate as an independent company. It’s just something to know about and think about for the future. That said, I would trust Earnest to get a lower interest rate for anyone, including my friends and family, which is why I recommend them. The nice part about Earnest’s underwriting is they’ll look at your things beyond your credit score, such as they’ll look at your investments and your savings and how frugal you are and they will give you a lower interest rate if they see good characteristics like that that show that you manage your cash flow well. So what’s the next step? All you have to do is go to the Earnest website through the Student Loan Planner link on our website, we always list it at the bottom of the articles, or you can just click on the buttons in this article, the Earnest review article I’ll link to in the comments on the YouTube video, and then also for the menu bar you can look at the refinancing bonuses that we have for all lenders there. And Earnest is probably going to give you a good rate. If you need to refinance your student loans, they refinance people in most states in the U.S. So I will really look forward to hearing your thoughts or your experience using Earnest. Feel free to share in the comments. And thanks so much for watching Hope you utilize Earnest to get a way lower interest rate on your student loans, save thousands of dollars with a lower interest rate, and pick up a cash back bonus.

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