Earnin App Review 2019 | Is The Earnin App Legit?

is it a scam? is it free? what is it?
hey guys my name is Paul with Sunset Realty if this is your first time here welcome, please subscribe so don’t miss any of our next videos our main goal here is to help you keep more of your own money in your pocket
the earning app so what is the earning app in why are we talking about it well
let’s just call it what it is just another cash advance payday lender in
how does it work basically it’s an app that everyone can download either to
android or iOS, you create a profile and give the company access to your checking account upload a copy of your timesheet or give the company access to your
company online timesheet system. and get this the app also use location tracking
on your phone to verify when you go to work on that in the daily limits you can
get is $100 per day or $500 per pay period the aplans that is free to use what you can tip between zero and fourteen
dollars each time you use it the app get the money back on pay day with the fee
or so-called tip from your account they also have a feature called balance shield
for overdraft fee you can use for free for the first time but every time you
activate it is a dollar fifty but if you go and read the reviews about this app
the main complaints are overdraft fee’s and in my opinion this app is even worse than a
payday lender. Imagine that you borrowed against your next payday because you
don’t have enough money to cover expenses and on top of that a couple
overdraft fees so this is guaranteed to ruin your relationship with your
bank where in some cases you won’t be able to even open an account when you
get your relationship ruined with your financial institution with those
overdraft fees its almost impossible for you to open a different
account with the same Bank or different pay our goal is to help you
keep more of your own money in your pocket and that there’s no way in hell
we can recommend this App to anyone let’s say use this app and tip them just ten
dollars a week that’s your quick calculations that’s ten dollars times
four that’s 40 times 12 that’s four hundred and eighty dollars that’s four
hundred and eighty dollars you could save just manage your money a little better money has to be managed knowing what’s coming in and what’s going out it’s never about how much you earn and how
much you spend it’s all about money management the first step is knowing
your expenses now in cutting out the non-essentials know we know what is rent mortgage car payment, date, one of the ad for this app is a guy trying to borrow
money to go on a date let me tell you something if you have to borrow money to go on a date a date should be the least of your worries right now you should try
your best to save something it doesn’t matter how much it is a week but $10 $20
the best way to do that is to get your bank to do it for you where you don’t even see that money doesn’t matter if it’s 10 5 10 15 25 30
$50 weekly monthly get your bank to do it automatically where I don’t even see
that money transfer to a saving account this is the best way possible for you to
start building your emergency fund and instead of using all of those services
try to earn whatever you can on the side for example uber or leaf on your free
time all those food delivery services because using these services will make
it harder and harder for you and then the more you use those services it’s
harder for you to get out and the deeper deeper you digging yourself
into that hole you have to create a budget and stick with it mint.com has some great free tools to help you manage your budget I would
suggest you check it out and again guys as always thank you for watching please
drop a comment below and give us a thumbs up to keep that conversation
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    Everything you need to know and understanding the basics is our goal…knowledge is power!

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