Earning $11,000 vs. $60 in a Day

I’m down off $902 Like five bucks ha ha I think the idea of like what money means to me has changed I passed that milestone of like becoming a millionaire late late 2017 I think money Doesn’t mean too much to me. I don’t think we need as much of it as we think we do People do find it hard to talk about money because it’s so private. It’s like talking about underwear. What is going on everyone it’s Ricky with long-planned profit, uh yesterday covered profits at 63-31 today during pre market hours it hit highs of of $69 My name is Ricky Gutierrez, I’m 23 years old and I live in Gilbert, Arizona What I do for a living is investing in the stock market. I’m an influencer I own a series of real estate properties and I run a series of online businesses Yeah, so I put this year with the different products that we have going on I can probably bring in like 6 to 7 million My name is Azariah Randall and I’m 21 years old and I live in San Diego, California What do I do for a living? I primarily deliver food. I signed up for this food delivery app I can make like easily like a hundred a day Hope you guys all have an amazing rest of your day continue working hard to continue following your dreams Let your passion be what drives your success. like always guys Let’s make sure that we end the year on a green note Take it easy team As in trading, not very good, so I’m down about 1% in big picture like it’s not much It’s just because I’m right now invested with about $30,000. Boom boom boom! What’s going on guys? I made a mistake and I covered profits yesterday on you guys and look what I missed out on We have these here, the R right there. I have my other GTR over there. I own that house, too my favorite part of the day is working with my private group and seeing the Excitement that they give back is probably one of the most rewarding things My goal is to create a series of applications that are worth like hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars. I think if I had ten billion dollars in my pocket right now I think I would still be the same person because I have a stronger relationship with my faith Matthew 6:21 says wherever your treasure is, the desires of your heart will be also What is going on everyone? I’m gonna be packaging some orders for techbuds apparel Yeah, so they went for I think a total of like twenty four days? Any time that is that they like ask or need something like I’ll be like paying my little sister’s tuition for her university and then anytime that they like running low or something then I can assist but What’s up, Instagram? Yo look it’s a good day. We got we got John here He’s following me around all day pretending that my life is interesting. It might be dirty *music playing* I love this part. *music* Uh oh! We got a delivery! we got the text message we’re going to the Broken Yolk which is down here on 6th Got room for two of us in here? Hi. hahahahaha. Bye. Hey. Woman: Thank you so much! Azariah: Yeah no problem Oh my gosh Like I’m down oh my god actually more than I thought 902 dollars No because I’ve been down like 2,000 dollars and it recovers and I make like $3,000 on it. So So, right now as you can see, we don’t have any deliveries. So we’re waiting playing the waiting game. It’s kind of It like when you text your crush and then you’re waiting for her to text you back, but she never does Honestly I think I messed up in this position I’m someone that like I value the dollar so much. like you somebody go to Chipotle and I won’t get a drink I Just became very frugal from a very early age and very aware of how to try to make money and the stress that it brings on and seeing how it Acted as a negative catalyst for my parents’ relationship I went to McDonald’s and I overheard that my parents weren’t doing as well financially and my cousin was like oh I want a Big Mac and I want large fries! I like looked at him and I was like, “no, no get that!” like you know? just because of the extra cost That’s when I really started to You know, try to buy and sell like Snicker bars or Powerades just to pay for myself So my parents didn’t have to pay me Well, that one’s gonna pay like, nine bucks at Asia Wok, let’s go Yeah, yeah yeah. Two dr. Peppers, seafood delight, house egg rolls and egg flower soup? Ooh. Yeah awesome This order is hella big! Waiting round two When I was growing up we were, we are good financially up until my age like seven, I guess I would say? That was when my mom was like a single mom to me and my two sisters We didn’t know we were poor or like broke or anything Cuz my mom did such a good job of hiding it and just like grinding and hustling But then like growing up I kind of did understand like our financial hardships Look how much we got paid for that 35 bucks cuz that’s like with a fat tip and whatnot. Yeah This is exciting She says she’s missing an item. Woman on phone: Yes. I’m so sorry. Yes. There’s another part of your order. We have it back here There’s three salads, right? Okay. Thank you Boom boom boom. How many of you want to turn your passion for cars into profit we are reopening the 30-day flippin rules mentorship challenge We showed that last time in three days. All you have to do now is swipe up to learn more. I got terrible news they don’t have the tomato and mozzarella panini, but they do have…(voice trails away) Think it’s this building right here. Is this 2230? Woman: Yeah, this is me. Dope! Woman: Thank you! Yeah, no problem It’s been super slow for like an hour Probably won’t get any more orders just because we’re downtown and everybody’s probably like on their way home already right now Yeah, we’ll just call it a day Do you think that money defines people? Or do you think it defines you? I think I think in today’s role money definitely does have a…a Huge form of credibility I believe money can define you if you let it. I don’t believe it defines me personally, at all I’ve had Like 27 cents in my bank account and also have had like $3,000 in my checking account It was just like ready to ball out, you know, and I was the same exact person Interviewer: Does money buy happiness? no, that’s when these are on someone who does not buy happiness one. That’s a quick one Are you happy? I’d say I know definitely I’m very happy with There’s no reason not to be happy right? with where it is that I am but there’s definitely moments that um Feels like kind of like, I don’t know, just like empty I think money can buy happiness But it can only buy either temporary happiness or things that make you happy I Am. I’m very happy. It’s it’s weird. I’m like smiling answering that and like I like struggle with depression and stuff So it’s weird, but it’s like, like I’m very freakin happy You always come through with nice-ass cars. I don’t understand how. They’re nice. I appreciate it man. What’s your name again? Kyle. Kyle? Nice to meetcha. I’m Ricki yeah with everything I’d say probably around about 11,000. Yeah You know continue working hard to continue follow dreams let your passion be what drives you and your success And like always let’s make sure that we win the year on every note Let’s go Hey make some noise for me if you broke All right, y’all hesitated you’re all getting robbed by the end of this set tonight today We made six while we were out in like almost five hours Which is like 12 bucks an hour, I? Think minimum wage is like 11.50 I would like to be making more money and I’m trying to figure out ways to do that People have lately been telling me I’m funny I found that out recently So that’s part of the reason I just started doing stand-up comedy. I can definitely make people laugh We’ve got the light I know right he may have they but write the check right the check So all my friends that graduated high school just graduated college and I’m like dang They broke they like a hundred twenty thousand in debt. I’m just like two thousand in debt. He’s moving So who won we did we’d all read books. You feel me like

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  1. Jubilee says:

    We've been wanting to talk about money for a while, so we hope you enjoy this new series! Now for an age-old question that is always relevant…does money buy happiness? And… follow us on Instagram to continue having a conversation with us! https://www.instagram.com/jubileemedia/

  2. Barack Obama says:

    The boi said, “I own that house too…” 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
    Thumbs up if ur older than him and live with ur parents💀

  3. Defult says:

    And again if your a millionaire why sell a course?

  4. Mohammed Hamza says:

    Dont watch wealthy people watch poor who have nothing as compare to you.

  5. EasLIT says:

    I hope Azariah meets J. Cole one day

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    I get like $200 a day and I’m only seventeen

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  11. Alzi says:

    Only rich people say that money can't buy happiness LOL

  12. Feras says:

    “If I had 1 billion dollars in my pocket right now, I think I would be the same person”

  13. Zen BLVD says:

    If you can DELIVER FOOD and manage an okay lifestyle in San Diego, I'm down to move to California.

  14. Levi Saffell says:

    I’m gonna drink water to be frugal drives GTR

  15. Jeerd Ace says:

    Ricky is the type of dude we see on pop-up ads saying 'become a millionaire in a day'.

  16. Khristan Rose says:

    Work smarter not harder

  17. LionTrader says:

    People that say money doesn't matter are typically poor and don't know how to get money. I've had no money and I've had money and I can tell you life is much better with money. Always keep pushing for your dreams and never let another persons short comings keep you down. It's not easy but it's well worth it.

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    Based off of the thumbnail I thought the black guy was the rich one and the white guy was the 60 dollars a day one. Interesting.

  20. Kaneplanet says:

    What job does the guy that earns 11000$ work as

  21. Jhet_writes says:

    I think when people say they don't want to be rich, what they mean is that they don't want to live in luxury or don't want to live like a "rich person"

    Everyone would be happy with a lot of money not having to worry about debt, chasing bills, worrying about making ends meet etc

    Who doesn't want to have what they want at the snap of a finger? You wouldn't want to disappoint your child by not letting them go to the school they want or not being able to support their dreams even if they don't go to college. You can teach your children how to be financially literate so that they don't have to struggle in the future etc.

    You don't have to live like a rich person, but being rich is definitely going to make you worry less and know how to handle financial problems because of your financial literacy.

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  28. trevian crowe says:

    lol when he said "im down about 900 dollars' they subtracted it right then. smh

  29. nikeyathepoet .__ says:

    It's funny because Im a uber driver who's transitioning into a full time trader. Lol

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    I make about 80-100 a day and to me money can only buy you stuff that makes u temporarily happy unless u have different prioritys

  45. Ezequiel Renovato says:

    "I'm frugal"

    *Has airpods

  46. Haseeb Khan says:

    It's All About The Benjamins Baby!!! 😎

  47. Nhân Dũng Đoàn California,Westminster says:

    Some people said money is not important, but without money everything is important

  48. Garrett Meifert says:

    He has the house across the street and enough cars for a small army, "frugal from a young age." Mark Zukerberg drives a GTI. That is frugal.

  49. NeveJay_YT says:

    Their day seems depressing…

  50. The Legacy of Gaming says:

    This was like an episode of Black Mirror.

  51. The Legacy of Gaming says:

    Still one of my favorite videos over a year later.

  52. Spinxo says:

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  53. Ares8 says:

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  54. Jalitza Nieves says:

    the black man has so much more. His life makes me appreciate my own.

  55. C B says:

    I just realized these delivery guys don’t earn that much, I will definitely increase my tips to the them next time I do an online order.

  56. CezrDaPleazr says:

    Azariah is a hard worker with a great personality and soul. Ima sub to his Youtube channel and hole he finds more success.

    Ricky bust his ass and made a lot of good financial decisions with his income and learned everything he could and applied himself, big respect.

  57. Macolive says:

    Why am I watching this?
    I wanna get rich too lool

  58. the dark night says:

    Man, this video is high quality. Almost teared up of how good it is.

  59. Ravox says:

    That's so cool.
    One guy working hard but not earning an insane amount of money.

    And a crazy rich guy who is not being a dick.

    Respect to both of them

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  70. Faith Deluxe says:

    The guy who make $60 a day has such a great personality and he seems so chill and down to earth

  71. Teddy Oshirak says:

    Money buys COMFORT not HAPPINESS

    Never forget this.

  72. Zack Thompson says:

    As long as he stays in his faith and always trusts God, the guy with less money will make all the money he needs.

  73. KarmicYogi says:

    As someone who lost 30K trading options. Trading isn't for everybody. Investing is what you shud do. Invest in stock you trust in and sleep on it. Day trader is a full time job and kinda stress full.

  74. Swagranger4082 * says:

    3:47 what song is this I’m digging it but have no idea what it is called😂😂

  75. modern720 says:

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  76. Paul Sawyer says:

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  77. Justus Languell says:

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  78. 开じタɱモ says:

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  79. Heather Francis says:

    Not that we can see all their entire life, but the delivery guy spent a day earning money, reading, spending time with family, and did a fun comedy show at night. While he may not be making money, his time seems fulfilling. The other guy, is surrounded by technology and lack of human interaction. He is consumed by airpods, multiple computers, his phone, and fast food at every meal. Non-stop work? At lunch, at the drive-thru, with friends? I don't know if this video was more about money or more about what you choose to do with the day you have.

  80. The Power Of Your Voice Podcast says:

    Great video. I have some work ahead of me. $11K a day, that is really good. I love that Ricky supports his family, much love. Azariah, you are a good man!! 🙂

  81. The Power Of Your Voice Podcast says:

    Man, that doesn't even cover Azariah's gas.

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    The day trader doesn’t seem genuinely happy, seems more like he puts on a show for his viewers etc and feels like he should be happy with all he’s got, but he isn’t.

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