Easy Big Bank Glitch Stealth [Payday 2]

Oy vey! “Why is this guy doing the big
bank again” I hear you say but bear with me I’ll explain it to you in a few
moments. Hello friends my name is nanookmetaal and today I want to show you how
to complete the Big Bank heist in stealth, one down difficulty and in a very
glitched manner. I’m personally not a huge fan of this approach because I don’t
like using glitches and it’s not necessarily a faster way it could be a
little bit easier I guess to my normal approaching if you haven’t seen it check
out the top right corner or the description for a link to my normal
walkthrough of the big bank heist. How I will start is similar to my
normal approaches that I want to find a keycard.
After that I’ll start up on the glitch and that will involve taking out the
three guards that are walking in the outer part of the bank as well as
civilians. I guess as many civilians as I can because they are a little bit
annoying sometimes. I’ll begin with this dude over here just
going to boost him in to the window like that so that he’s a little bit less
exposed to the people walking around as well as the camera that’s in the
corridor. A couple of important things a lot of useful information down in the
description below such as which hard I’m using which build I’m using bla bla bla
bla bla put a tutorial for a stealth saw as well because that will come in handy at
the end of the heist when I’m looting in terms of the assets I’ve got a keycard
here and a body bag case as well as an ammo bag ammo bag will be used to feed
the saw and I also got a couple of spy cams the spy cams are not necessary I
just got them because I had spare points left over spare favors I would recommend
you to go for the elevator escape however I didn’t go today
I didn’t use the elevator escape today because I want to show you the I guess
the only reason to go with this approach and it’s if you want to go for a
achievement and achievement that’s that wants you to secure the bags in stealth
using the default escape which is the van located by the road over there
without disabling the lasers on the time lock gate I already have the achievement
so I’m not going to like try a repeater today but I will show you the steps that
you need in order to get it what I’m doing right now is I’ve started up this
drill over here which is loud I don’t have any true skills at all and this is
the important step of the which make sure you bring the involved drill skills
or at least one player does that don’t have grade the drill down silence it
what you want to do is let the drill run even if it breaks just leave it to run
and it’s like they’re gonna see me let’s kill him as well that’s the manager he
dropped the key card the key cards will be either on him or inside of that safe
and I got the two key cards oh I got an extra key cards today because I wanted
to display to come in yeah I don’t want to kill her straightaway because I
thought I’ll just leave her to walk around like that but she actually
started being detected by the camera so I had to boost her out of the way it’s a
little bit annoying but I don’t know break the camera so I’ll just let them
work in the drill is broken which is fine let’s leave it a bit for now but
basically the loud drill will keep on making enough noise for the guards in
the inner part of the bank to hear them and they will become suspicious and they
will want to go and investigate the source of the noise unfortunately for
them they don’t have a clear path of getting here so what will happen is that
they will get as close as they can which is the stairwell behind this wall I’ll
show to later once I get in there and they will get stuck there and this
should happen to all the five guards so that means eventually this hole in a
part of the bank will be dominated because all the guards are located and
frozen in one place I will warn you in advance that it’s not going to work all
the time but 5% of the time one of the guards does not get glitched out and
what you can do is get back to him and answer his to his pager and just vacuum
or leave them somewhere because by the end of the high stable have three pagers
used up and one pager still left there are three guards that walk around the
outer part of the bank who I’m going to kill down the road and that means I’ll
still have another pager to go if however for example two guards don’t get
pushed out you can either avoid that one roaming guard or you can just restart
wait for five to ten minutes if all the guards don’t get washed out it’s easy to
restart because you haven’t invested that hard into the high scale and I mean
by the end of the high style should be able to help this whole area dominated
because I’m gonna either kill or tie up all the civilians who come in here and
that’s all the stuff only the customers don’t come into this part of the bank so
you don’t need to worry about them and they’re the roamers who come into that
part of the bank so again another huge problem the stuff over and that’s mostly
the people who are dressed up nicely so that later they wearing a suit is a
member of the stuff shrivel coming here at some point so what I’m gonna do is
tie her up and try and bring her here or kill her and beg her and bring her here
one way or the other she will end up being is disabled by me I’m going to
have a look and see if any more guards were frozen because as I said I want to
wait until all five guards are stuck in place I can see that two guards are now
glitched out and that means also have to wait for another three to get frozen
there is another guard over there if he comes here I’m going to take him out and
this is mostly why I’m not leaving this area right now because the saw of the
troop is going to be heard and seen by guards by civilians so I need to be
ready to deal with that I’m going to boost him into the corner
here I don’t want to boost him into that corridor because he might get seen by
the camera but in this corner here should be okay to the point where no one
from the outer part of the bank from there or there who’s he him
so rinse and repeat back him up hide him does the card number two wasn’t it the
third guard may not have spawned yet and because he sometimes will come in
through the elevator later on and heist and so I have to wait for that there’s a
lady in a suit so she might come in here and she might become alerted by D she’s
fine you know what I kind of want to kill her anyway because she’s a hazard
and yes this approach is not efficient in terms of civilians I tried to kill is
least amount of civilians normally but with this one over here if I’m going for
the achievement where I’m trying to get that get those legs to the default
escape then you know I’m not going to worry about the civilians too much let’s
see still don’t see a guard I still see the two civilians Oh a two guards inside
there which means they still not frozen can however see that three guards were
frozen in place one there one there and one there which is a good sign that
means the glitch is working I just basically need to wait until
those two get close enough and I get stuck as well
the drills noise range is not unlimited so they actually have to get fairly
close before anything happens another thing I want to comment on is that you
can get an asset that will open up this gate and this is where the van is
it’s right behind this gate it’s not necessary what I’m going to do instead
is just bring the bags out or what’s happening there which that booster out
of the cameras view oh that was a close one
she almost got detected by the cameras and where was I
yeah so that’s where I’m going to escape today and that’s where I’m going to
secure all my bags today quite a long walk it will take me at least 10 minutes
it’s not 15 minutes to get all the bags from the vault to over there but I will
skip that part I’ll show you one bag and then I’ll skip
the rest hopefully it shouldn’t be such a difficult problem I’m going to let the
six cents activate again JCCC may be the fourth card also got bluer them those
are civilians they’re just sitting down there so then not a problem and yes
indeed I can see the four guards are stuck and free in place the frozen in
place still gotta wait for that one guard soon yet over here before I make
my next move which is start messing around with the time locks and such as
since I already have this achievement I’m not going to try and go through the
lasers so what I’m going to do is disable the lasers altogether that makes
it easier for me but it’s not such a difficult thing and remember that you
can throw the bags through the lasers they won’t be detected this only applies
to the lasers that switch in their pattern so my key station lasers gobank
lasers big-bank lasers golden-green Casino lasers but for
example in art gallery or frame frame day 1 and day 3 the laser is a
stationary so if you throw back through them they will get detected
it’s a rare thing that some lasers do detect eggs but don’t but at least you
can easily differentiate between the two conditions that’s about it at least for
now I’m just gonna guess afk for a little bit and wait for that guard to
get frozen in place I’ll see you there oh it’s been about 10 minutes since I
went afk and let me see you let me see if all the guards have indeed frogs and
code frozen in place but which doubt I can see three you can see the fourth
one over there I still don’t see the fifth one let’s try again
the six senses the skill that yeah there’s one there the six sense of the
skill that highlights any guards of civilians around you when you’re not
moving for three and a half seconds so it’s a pretty useful way to see through
walls one two three four five does appear that that guard is a bit weird he
usually all the guards get stuck inside of the stairwell but he’s a little bit
far away but it does look like he’s frozen too which is not a problem for me
because the time log is upstairs today so they’re actually going to be pretty
clear from all the entry points what I’m going to do now is fix the drill let it
finish since I don’t really want it to view out but also in case another guard
comes in or police and spawns I don’t really want them to cause many problems
these gentlemen here it’s a little bit unfortunate that got spotted by them
today but I still have a lot of body bags so what I’m gonna do is just kill
them all and hide them I don’t really want to tie them up because there are a
lot of customers civilians that walk around this area and therefore they
probably will get spotted so let’s tuck them away and start up
with the whole time lock thing they need to do now is I need to go find the
server I guess the server one and probably go to go and get another key card from from the safe
manager didn’t he drop the card oh yeah he did drop the card there we go
so let’s open up the say server run and start looking for the computer to hack
in order to start up the time lock this part now should be pretty trivial
because there are no roaming guards I’ve cleared out all if I think all the
roaming civilians as well so they’re only be sitting down dudes there might
be a camera around here yeah there is one there so I have to keep an eye on
that but apart from that it should all be easy peasy from this point on if I go
upstairs that might be the tricky as well because again there are still
robbers there but it’s a not going to be too too bad and yeah 24 minutes in I
definitely can open up a time lock and actually open the vault way faster than
this if I go with my normal approach but again it’s fun it’s fun to try and do it
at least once if you sing here anyway I’m I’ve tried
to record this video a couple of times now so I am not sure whether I’ve
mentioned everything because all the attempts are kind of jumbled up in my
head right now start the time up yes let’s start the time lock and actually
not gonna fix this drill anymore just going to log pick it it’s probably gonna
be faster than trying to fix it three times in a row and it’s not going to
contain anything inside because the key card is on the manager or was on the
manager I’ve already used it up so I just turned it off purely for the sake
of it not making that annoying noise all the time okay so what I’m waiting for
now is the phone call I’m going to respond to that see if Jen from Jen’s
egg will send some more guards in and if that guard comes in that’s going to be a
policeman like you won’t have a pager on him and just take him out and another
guard should also spawn at some point I’m not sure when that will happen
usually there are three guards here I don’t think I’ve killed three guards so
far technology kids who or maybe have killed three a current member again all
those attempts have jumbled up in my head there was one that was really close
actually got all the way to the end and then I decided there was a good idea to
jump off the railing here and I killed myself so I need to do something about
that I think if I land on the veneks should be okay but again I’m not sure
but I don’t really want to risk it at that point because it took me like 10 to
15 minutes to get all the bags there and then I failed so now going to do that
basically just going to take my time with everything and make sure that I get
this recording done and ship it out to you guys I heard the elevator arrived
let’s see if something comes out of them could be the bottom yes the bottom doors
in your comm this is real quick anyone oh I could be this guy who came so it’s
not the guard maybe a guard will come in later stall maybe he won’t come at all I
don’t know I did hide everything so even if he does
spawn you shouldn’t spot anything I don’t think you will see this waiting I
don’t think so you know what let’s flag up and maybe
just to be sure take her and hide her if you are feeling if you don’t feel safe
about leaving buddies here take them out and put them behind the ear come here in
this corner you should be fine otherwise take them into the garage just
like that body bag and yeah those two places are probably the best just have
risen of to the conversation yeah so Jen didn’t send anyone in the time lock is
actually done but before I do anything I want to pick up the stupid package
because it’s so annoying that it’s there did it give me a second though should be
oh here I got it okay let’s roll the CV over he can die that’s fine he’s the guy
who got who spawned through the elevator he’s another Romer so why don’t we take
him out just again to be perfectly safe and the time lock is open no lasers no
nothing she’s basically that one guard who is really a problem because other
than that all these guys are down here they’re all frozen I don’t think they
will move and from this point on this whole area is completely safe I’m still
not going to break the cameras because I’m not 100% sure whether breaking the
cameras will unfreeze those guards but you know what I can do I can open up
this and kill the camera guard look at him he looks different he’s wearing some
kind of why does he look so kawaii wearing an armor
that’s say that means I still have one more pager meaning that that third guard
in outer part of the bank did not spawn so that’s good that I confirmed that but
also it’s good that the cameras are off so basically can just run around here
and need to go and interact with the computer wrong way the layer of the
layout of the bank changes all the time so and find the best route to carry the
bags of course that hood has to avoid the guards make sure you don’t run into
them either but I am a curing a person I wanted to hack the computer not pick up
a person sapele heck is done I don’t see that third guard spawning so just going
to forget about it if he does fall now run try and kill him before he raises
the alarm but again I don’t think I should be able to see anything the
guards used to note that the vault was opened but they don’t to you anymore
again that’s not the vault sorry the time lock let’s still might the vacation
on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 but yeah that the version of that game is so that
it’s not even important talking about it anymore because it’s just so different
from what I’m doing now camera guy is dead so as long as your SOI silent there
shouldn’t be any problem with the noise because the guards that are stuck in the
stairwell are also just way too far away to hear anything and at this point on
what I’ve got to do is open all these up and then I’m going to run out of em at
some point this is why I had the ammo bag it’s an asset that’s about it got a
go and secure all these flutes with the venn I’m going to keep to that
part let me show you how to do it at least one of the bags I guess because
there’s also another thing that I have to mention but apart from that I’ll just
jump cut to the spot where the bags are at least close to the band remember that
civilians don’t see the Yearwood bags so you can just leave them anywhere but
make sure that the cameras or the guards don’t see them and disabling the camera
guard inside of the bank I don’t think it will disable the cameras outside
let’s go check it out as well there should be a for example this camera over
here huh interesting is actually did disable because for example in the first
of all bank heist there are two camera guards so disabling one does not mean
that the other set of cameras are disabled but it seems like that in the
in the big bank at least at this point disabling the camera guard actually
disables the cameras all over the map but that one last thing that I wanted to
mention is that sometimes the time log gate is going to be downstairs which
means you’ve got to be a little bit more careful in situations where there are
guards looking at you that are down there but also what I would recommend
you to do is let’s go into the time recorder here when you come out of here
your shortest route would be to take out all these civilians you can kill them
bag them up and bring them here or tie them up and if there are no cameras or
if you have disabled the cameras already then tie them up and just bring them
once again there make sure you hide them if you gone for the asset that unlocks
this gate over here you probably won’t be able to hide the body bags or
civilians here so again bring them up here and hide them in the corridor
behind the aircon and yeah that’s about it I’ll move all
the bags to the escape and then I’ll see you there
check this guy out he just like walked through bags of gold and bags of money
and just didn’t care he’s like I see a guy with a shotgun I’m just gonna
pretend I’m I need to get a book and I’m just gonna pretend I didn’t see anything
I mean fair enough like it reminds me of this funny story
where and yet the cops didn’t believe us at first but he were working after all
they let us go and we went home after that I think anyway oh the bag movement
is done all the bags are here don’t ask me how long it took it took a while what
I’m going to do now is just toss them all down by the vent remember that the
bags of wood are not detected by the civilians and what I will recommend you
and do is make sure that you don’t blend the bags on top of the van because if
that happens and you’re playing by yourself you actually might not be able
to pick them up if you can escape because look how big this Gabe’s honest
yeah to be a little bit difficult so much better off just either missing well
either land them inside of the van just like it happens some of the times with
me or lend them in front of the van I also need to think about how I’m going
to get out of here because I jump down I’m going to kill myself and if I kill
myself in the game at this point on 53 minutes after I might consider killing
myself in the real life because it’s just way too much time invested into
this guy’s even though for about 10-15 minutes I was FK
waiting for that glitch to happen and the last 20 minutes or so was me just
moving bags nevertheless I don’t really want to fail at this point that’s the
last bag that I’ve sent off not not the last bag still go one more back here
boom secured ok let’s think about how can we get down there without getting
seen but we can just take yeah that was actually much easier than I initially
thought of course you have to time and make sure that there are no civilians
walking around the entry as you can see there are quite a few walking around
they actually encircle around the vent as well if someone walks upon me just
like this gentleman over here I’m just going to take him up sir please listen
to me you don’t have to die today couple more bags to go in most of these
are gold and most of the money bags actually managed to secure inside of the
van from the rooftop and only few more to go we are about to finish that’s not
what I want to do I even need to tie him up probably not there we go
all the bags are in twenty two bags of roots plus the roots loot that was
inside of the deposit boxes not sure how much was it worth but at the end of the
day it definitely feels like it took me 200 years to complete the skies today 54
minutes and 40 seconds yeah not the fastest run but I got 3 point formula of
the whole deal I probably assume if I didn’t have that achievement that I’ve
mentioned earlier I would have gotten dead and that kind of makes it worth it
at the end I also got a whole bunch of experience but that’s about it
I’m sure if I was not recording if I just concentrated on the heist I could
have finished it much quicker at least 20 minutes quicker if you got a couple
of friends with you who can help you with the bag movements that would have
also saved you a whole bunch of time I actually tried to get a couple of
friends in but I then realized that I started the game in this offline mode
and I actually can’t invite anyone in but that was about it if something is
still unclear to you let me know down in the comment section below I’ll do my
best and respond to those questions don’t forget to once again check my
conventional way of completing the big bank heist if you haven’t seen that
video and if you enjoyed this video if you
enjoyed this tutorial please do a little bit make sure to share it with your
friends because good people need to watch good videos thank you very much
for watching I’m not going to say goodbye just yet I’m gonna go and have a
look at got a safe but a safe 1/4 – safe got to safe now where are they Oh should I open now you
know I’m not gonna open them now sorry I will collect and season and I’ll open
them all at once in a separate video that’s what I’ll do
anyways I’ll see you later bye bye

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    For some reason it resets while you're opening the vault door. All guards become unstuck again

  55. Василий Дыркин says:

    NanookMetaal , you from Russia or Germany?
    Your accent as a normal russian

  56. Giovanni Gobbi says:

    What is your nationality man? Are you italian?

  57. Crusty Teddy says:

    I dont see this any faster than waiting for them to hit the stairwell.

  58. Wojsko Polskie says:

    But how do you get that slow motion effect when you put the mask on?

  59. Grumpy Ian says:

    a tip to save on body dags is to get their head in a wall, if the head is out of sight then they wont see it

  60. nukeman1303 says:

    Guard 1: Tomas. Why is everyone standing in the stairwell?
    Guard 2: we hear a noise behind this wall, here
    Guard 1: so?
    Guard 2: so we must investigate the sound
    Guard 1: it's outside the vault area. Leave and go see
    Guard 2: it's not that simple, when we arrive for work they shut the door and trap us in here and we can't open the doors. So instead of calling up we walk as close as we can to the noise
    Guard 1: but there's elevators?
    Guard 2: oh they jammed 10 years ago, this banks historical
    Guard 1: but they are state of the art elevators. Created half a year ago.
    Guard 2: shh, don't question my logic
    Guard 1: what ever, I'm getting coffee

  61. Collipso says:

    Hello There every one who is reading ThisComment,I am a Small GamingChannell,Who puts AllotOF HardWork in my Contentt,It Would make myDay If youGuys come and Checkk Me Out It Would Meean AllotTO Me,expecally If u GuysSub Thx 😀

  62. SirKorbendallas says:

    Hey man, good video, good narration.

  63. Nexxis Play says:

    Русский падла)))

  64. Knitby says:

    "And if I kill myself in the game, and I wasted 53 minutes into this heist I might just kill myself in real life." -NanookMetal 2k17 XDDD

  65. Kyle Jackson says:

    How did u have body bags and an ecm jammer?

  66. Afterburn says:

    What are those bag textures?

  67. James Bickell says:

    man me and 2 other dudes discovered this back when it came out it has been under the radar for 5 years and now u post it its gunna get patched we did not post so it would not get patched I have streams on my channel to prove it I will find and link u

  68. Sthu Urdead says:

    delete this vid b4 overkill sees and patches the glitch dumb ass its been 5 years n they have yet to know about it but now they do bc u wanted to get views take this shit down man don't fuck the game for everyone else cuz u want views

  69. Long Nguyen says:

    I like how you can hack the computers right in front of the civilians without them noticing anything going wrong

  70. ind0ctr1n3 says:

    OY VEY


    Big Bank on last gen?

  72. Hepe says:

    You skipped the damn story

  73. xXxInf3rno'sxXx says:

    Bruh 1 question:
    How do you throw the money bags far??

  74. agent 0126 says:

    According to the Long Guide, taking out cameras in the main lobby only procs guards that patrol the lobby to move. So basically once the lobby guards are gone, you are fine to destroy the cams.

    Also, killing civilians excessively does increase the chance for Gensec to send someone to come.

  75. JMAN8494 says:

    Does this still work at this point?

  76. Freak4kills says:

    Is it already fixed?

  77. Fennikk says:

    I played payday 2 enough at the end screen I held spacebar to speed up the EXP gain.

  78. mrlamb1974 says:

    Niceone nanook ill give this a try later much appreciated

  79. mrlamb1974 says:

    3 times I've got to the safe now then went it went tits up exstreamly fast lol. Dead civies keeps getting sported.. Worth a try though.

  80. mrlamb1974 says:

    The last Poxy guard spotted the camera at the bottom of the stairs for me, after doing a lap of the outer bank, he walked straight past all the other broken ones lol

  81. mihail saltirov says:

    Maybe im not the only but u know there is vault behind the picture u boost the guard into ?

  82. ZealousZombie 42 says:

    Just to say breaking cams in the vault area unfreezes the gaurds

  83. Lucas West says:

    Glitches aren't kosher

  84. - Lalaoz - says:

    instructions unclear, got my dick stuck in the timelock

  85. MDUE says:

    does this work in november 2017?

  86. Gaming Kid11 says:

    the toast In the safe is an easter egg alimers toast

  87. Fallen_Hero Sigma says:

    Does it still work?

  88. edbo10 says:

    By the way, each dead civ killed before the phone call adds 5% chance that gensec sends cops to check on the bank, they walk inside the bank and just stand at a random spot for the rest of the game

  89. Florida 3000 says:

    It still working?

  90. Wojtkek xD says:

    I like potato

  91. Crowson-Gaming says:

    Is this patched?

  92. Sadece bir TÜRK says:

    What? You taking keykardn casing mod, rly?

  93. Samuel Vila Camino 2002 says:

    Is it still working?

  94. Joseph DeGuelle says:

    What gun are you using my man?

  95. Unknown says:

    Did you use jiro?

  96. polluxneptune says:

    Hello comrade Nanook

  97. gnarleypunkroker5 says:

    so 95% ofthe time guards get glitched and 5 % of the time one keeps roaming? still working today> this s being a cunt for a mate and i and i'd love to use this method to complete.

  98. Melvin Chamard says:

    20:00 I know this video is a year old but, PS3 and Xbox360 don't even have Big Bank so don't worry about the guards seeing the door open lol

  99. Fox Powerz says:

    They have not removed it cuz' it's not a glitch it's feature ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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