Easy Safehouse Nightmare Strategy DSOD [Payday 2]

Hellooooooo people! I discovered an easy way to do the Safehouse
Nightmare heist. And it works, even on Death Sentence with
no skills! So if you need this achievement, watch the rest of the video, and try it out. For this strategy, we’ll be using one of my
old tricks, the Sentry Glitch. And the key to this glitch as we all know, is location, location, location. The winning spot that we are looking for is behind this sofa sitting in the planning
room. We’ll have to crouch, hug the wall, inch in and then attempt to place the sentry. It’s definitely going to take multiple tries
(ugh), but we’ll have plenty of time so long as the
main vault drill isn’t started. This isn’t a foolproof strategy and will require
luck, mostly for the sentry to not run out of ammo
or be shot to bits. To better achieve that, we’ll get sentry shields, faster sentry rotation (since its facing away from enemies by default), and the armour piercing mode to make the ammo
last longer. Once the sentry is in place, we’ll start up the vault drill and wait as
far away as possible, for enemies to spawn and get stuck. And the end result to this, is a bunch of Cloakers and headless Bulldozers clustering in the planning room. Then pray that we get the money out before
the sentry goes kaputt, and it’s a job well done. So here’s a few other tips to lend a helping
hand. With the auto restart skills, we’ll drill all the safes in the side room. Every one drill that auto restarts will be
able to lock down an enemy. Shouting at and hitting an enemy on the way
to break the drill, can disrupt their objective. This mostly works on the headless dozer since
he moves real slow. Feedback from ECMs can provide cover to fix
the vault drill or move money, but if the sentry does its job we won’t need
it. Lastly, this heist is really dark, like really. Consider bringing a flashlight or the nightvision
mask. And this brings us to a close for this video. Two gameplays are coming right up, one with skills and one without. The build in the videos (with 24 points left) isn’t exactly the same as the one in the gameplay but the concept is the same. Good luck hunting with the Death Sentence
achievement, and enjoy.

16 comments on “Easy Safehouse Nightmare Strategy DSOD [Payday 2]”

  1. thannawat sinn says:

    good vid. thanks for the tips

  2. Joy_The_Kawaii_Fish says:

    Thnx for the detailed guide. You helped me this one last time. It was really fun now i can help my friends too. See you next livestream.

  3. Pizza Heister says:

    I remember my strategy for this when OD first came out. I used RPGs to try and get a bulldozer's shield to cover the drill. Gave good cover tbh.

  4. Pirill Poveniy says:

    Very nice tip for anyone having trouble. I remember the good ol' days of being able to cheese it by looking away from the dozers. Redid this recently for the DSOD achievement and was pleasantly surprised to see how well bots can hold their own with a little bit of help. Definitely one of the more chill DSOD maps even when doing it without this strat.

  5. spartygrad89 says:

    Thank you. Anybody else find it ridiculous that you get 217,000 xp for this on DSOD? Took me about 10 tries to get it. Most of the time the drill doesn't auto reset, and when it finally does the dozers decide they don't want to follow the "don't cross this line rule". Barely got the final try. Got the bags upstairs and a dozer suddenly appeared at the base of the stairs and chased me all the way to the van.

  6. Cody Bundy says:

    Wow. Just tried this and actually managed to do it first try.

  7. Yukemi Gazette says:

    Safehouse nightmare stealtheable confirmed (?)

  8. That weird guy with a mask says:

    Still working?
    I am hating this Heist more than goat sim

  9. Raven Gamer says:

    This hiest is dumb

  10. James Furmage says:

    Thank you

  11. Taeyeon Husbando says:

    Still works as of my post. Now I grand i didn't watch the whole video so i'll clarify some things in case they were not said already.
    This does not stop spawns completely, I got hit by 3 cloakers and had to fight about 2-3 dozers so it's not NEARLY as terrible as playing it normally. Used a Sicario dodge build to transport the money. Wasn't a completely free heist but abso-fuckin-lutely easier. Thank you so much, and good luck everyone else

  12. Aezakmii says:

    Thanks Mr. Knight

  13. 정기윤 says:

    it still works so well . thank you

  14. GP2K says:

    Still works!

  15. Lavinas Tm says:

    still working?

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