hi guys and welcome to my Channel today I’m going to be doing an ebay video it is 2017 and I don’t know about you but I definitely want to get a little bit more business focus and I can bring it a little bit more income why the heck not going to mean so I’ve done several ebay videos on my channel and people continue to email me regularly asking for more questions and asking for more information and I wanted to give you guys really a step-by-step and how to turn ebay life into an actual business which I have done for quite some time i took a period of time where I was took a little bit of break from the ebay space and I’m definitely coming back full floors with this new year and with us starting our adoption it just makes logical sense to jump back on that bandwagon because it can be incredibly lucrative don’t need a degree you don’t need anything special as long as you kind of follow these steps it can become incredibly lucrative there’s a lot of mistakes that you can make in the process I’ve been doing ebay for over a year now and i have run into almost every mistake you can imagine and i’m going to be talking about everything to do and all the mistakes not to do so make sure you’re really paying attention to that because i want to fill you in on absolutely everything this isn’t sponsored by ebay ebay doesn’t even know i’m making this video so I just going to want to put that late disclaimer in there so that you guys knew and I’m going to get right into this video I don’t need to dilly dally my name’s Micah welcome to my channel ok as far as ebay the very first thing that I highly highly highly and so sorry guys i’m turning my phone off so I can fill this video with a it wasn’t expecting that was happening ok so the very first thing that I recommend you do and this is the number one step that people fail at when they are doing this is not to research enough and when I say research I mean research like no one’s business get a little notebook whatever it is the paper that is just dedicated to your ebay business or you can do posh market i personally prefer there’s a lot of different platforms for selling reused clothing and things like that i like ebay because personally I know that there is a lot more customers it’s been around the longest it’s just a site that has a lot of customers there’s not like oh I hope that I get a sale there’s a lot of customers are aggressive and they’re all around the world and that makes me confident that’s why I kind of chose to go back but get a notebook and write down your information do a lot of research when you do your research what you’re going to do is you’re going to go into the ebay space you’re actually going to pull everything up like you were typically going into there and this is what i would highly recommend that you do first I’m going to pull the screen so you guys can kind of see and walkthrough with me as i am doing this but what you’re going to do so for example you’re going to have a good idea of what you’re gonna sell personally I sell ebay clothing and it does really well i know where i can get my clothing and I know where i can get it for a really good price and then i can turn around and sell it for five times the amount of money and it can really add up even if not weigh more than that it just depends so what you’re going to do is you’re going to go on to ebay.com and you’re gonna search what you’re thinking about selling personally I really one of the things that I like selling his jeans i’m just going to type in jeans on my ebay say and i’m going to go over to the left column and the first thing I’m gonna do is pick use every now and then when you’re looking for retail you’re looking at thrift stores are looking good well you’re going to different locations one garage sales wherever you’re going to get inventory 99.9 percent of the time you are going to find products and you’re going to find clothing items that are gently used used is pretty much what you’re going to be focusing on so yes you can see a 1tb shop has all new things and that is awesome however be conscientious that since you are only going with new items is awesome awesome awesome your inventory might be a little bit harder defined so just be conscientious of a couple things like that personally I like the use drum i have no problem buying used I think it’s completely awesome recycle reuse totally totally respect that whole genre so i’m gonna go ahead and go on the used condition and then what I want to do is I want to go all the way down to the bottom and it’s going to say show only and i’m going to click sold items what I’m doing is I kind of want to see what actually sold what what are people buying which makes total sense and then i’m gonna go i’m gonna sort this i want to sort this by the highest price what genes are selling for the highest possible price and go back and sort to women’s jeans because i don’t want to deal around with anything else and immediately i’m seeing jeans selling for a thousand dollars i’m seeing gene selling for seven hundred dollars a lot of these are vintage I’m seeing chenal jeans i’m seeing a Chloe I’m seeing miss me jeans and a lot which totally makes sense and so what you’re going to do when you see all of these things you’re going to write down every brand that you’re seeing and the price that you’re seeing you’re going to look at what selling you’re going to look at the exact color you’re going to look at the style this takes some time and i highly highly suggest that you do this a lot of people will skip this step and their shop will suffer for the first couple months and then they do the reevaluation days they’re gonna be like what the heck happened and guarantee its step number one step number one is the first thing and it is honestly the most important thing so what you’re gonna do legacy that you go to decide you’re going to want to look at your used items in your wall gets old price matters to you you are going to want to look at your higher ticket items work smarter not harder so look fine try to find things that are worth a little bit more these items are gonna be harder to find be conscious of that but even getting a couple of these big-ticket items in your shop really helps your inventory get going it really helps your net profit at the end of the month and those are just things to be conscientious of another great way to do your research is kind of filter through what is it kind of shirt that you typically like to buy are you a free people kind of girl do you like Lululemon do you like wearing pink victoria secret pink clothes what is something just pops in your head you’re like oh my gosh those are my favorite close by i love those clothes think about that item and research that when you research that you’ll see there is some sellers that are super sellers will have special little and stars of the hot stuff special emblems that kind of make that cellar stand out and you’ll also notice when you search things super seller’s items are usually in the very top of the search engine when you search for those things look for super seller and look how they present their site what are some things that sold really well in their shop just really do that forefront research the next thing that I want you to do is really think about everybody has a different budget when you begin a business and essentially that’s exactly what you’re doing when you’re beginning in a you are starting your own little business and this could turn into a massive huge business where it’s just like you know you have a high demand your eventually hiring help i have some ebay friends that are super sellers and they have helped they have their own warehouse they have people packaging items for them and they’re bringing in forty thousand dollars a month there Mary successfully bayer’s so it doesn’t just have to be a little business because you’re beginning out as a little business what kind of profit what kind of dollar amount can you donate or can you give to your inventory because if your first of all if you want to just get started and kind of toy around you could just use some items in your closet you know hey I want to start selling on it see how this works I know this is a really nice top it’s a high good and brand I did the research it sells for a good price dotted out i’m going to start out with some items that I don’t wear anymore and that’s a good place to get started you kinda just wanna dip your feet in the water if you want to begin this as a business and no that a hundred percent and you’re like I don’t really have much to sell and you’re ready to kind of make these purchases really sit down what is the prices that I’m willing to sell each inventory price for what’s the lowest and willing to go what kind of net profit and i’m looking to spend some people want to drop seven hundred dollars on inventory and they want a ten-thousand-dollar networth return so there’s different figures to look at some people want to drop $75 on inventory and that’s a really big chunk of change for them and they say you know what the $75 I really would love to turn around eight hundred dollars i would love for each piece to self around twelve thirteen dollars maybe 20 maybe 30 and i would really like an eight-hundred-dollar turn around so you just have to kind of do the math for what you’re looking for hey if I’m doing this business what is it worth for you what kind of money turn around do you truly want you know i don’t mind getting into this business this might be a thought process you have I don’t mind getting that this business but for it to be worth my time I really would like to at least bring home a thousand five hundred maybe that’s something that you say in your head be cognizant of the prices that you would really like to make that makes a big difference in this game so you can be realistic the next thing that I recommend that you do is really study your location and the different areas where you’re going to get your inventory this is another big thing to do when i first started out in the evening world i went to so many different Goodwill’s and forth stops thrift stores and it took me forever to find out which thrift stores and goodwill were worth my time in which one every single time I went there I was like are you kidding I can’t ever find anything you also want to look in some areas that are very wealthy more often than not in very wealthy areas you tend to find a nicer items donated to the goodwill and that is just something that usually pans out and works out together if you’re in an area where economically you know it’s not as good it’s a lot harder find a good piece logically that makes total sense you guys totally understand that and it just helps you to because from my personal experience for inventory I’ve noticed that i do get more nicer things when I am and specifically nicer areas it just it’s less fishing around the racks and finding good item after good item after good item and then i have to be more selective because I’m like wow I have two whole cars full of amazing inventory items now I’m going to be a little bit more picky this one’s going to sell for double the price than that one would or this color is going to do ten times better than that color there’s a little thing that you’re going to want to start to do and like I said location is key go onto your computer look up those locations and find out what people’s reviews are maybe for just the beginning you’re going to want to just drive around without any intent of buying unless you see one of those items are like girl I need the burberry shirt on my inventory rack I mean there’s some things that you’re just like comments and let me grab that but driving around and hitting up some of those Goodwill’s or those stores and figuring out some Goodwill’s and thrift stores do things that i personally don’t agree with they mark everything up like if it’s even a slightly higher brand so for example personally I don’t think of American equal as a very high-end brand think of is a nice brand a really nice brand but I don’t think of it as high-end and sometimes you’ll go to a good will in a nice area and they will markup that because they believed that to be a high-end brand and then the high-end brands are even marked up higher just like it would be in a traditional retail shop those are not the shops that you’re not necessarily want to go to your going to want to go to Goodwill’s or thrift stores or personally I love garage sales you can find some really good fines for honestly quarters but like it that you are going to want to go to good wells were all of the prices are pretty much this same that’s very important just be cognizant of that some people have different pricings some people have ever the first saturday of the month or they have special deals where everything is fifty percent off if you can find a good girl like that back when I lived in indianapolis every single goodwill in Indianapolis or Indiana was like that and i would hit up every single goodwill that was amazing and I just I mean the lines were long it was intense but I met so many different super sellers to this process it was absolutely awesome so like I said do as much research as you possibly can as far as where you’re going to shop and where you’re going to get your exact inventory the next thing that I recommend that you do if you’ve never sold anything on your site and have absolutely zero feedback this is no bueno you need at least a little bit of feed bag and i recommend possibly just shopping on ebay to grow your feedback a little bit you can get started with zero feedback just sometimes it isn’t the best for when you want to start a business so if you want to shop but you don’t want to spend money what you could do is shop for inventory so if something’s on an auction and you know it’s a really big ticket item like it’s a lululemon jacket and it’s going for ten dollars and auction ends in a minute and you know that you can get that jacket sold 410 dollars that would be something that could purchase you increased your cellar and feedback and at the same time you just purchased inventory for your own shop so those are other things to be really cognizant of the next thing I’m going to kind of talk about all of the supplies that you need to actually be an ebayer the first thing you are going to need is a computer you could go to the library into this but i would recommend that you do this and have your own computer whether it be a laptop or desktop that doesn’t really matter have a notepad like I talked about earlier just to write down all of the brands all of the shop just have everything really written out for you the next thing that you’re going to need release is what i use I use these polymer bags and send everything and these are really really in expensive very inexpensive that i can get like 200 for like 5 99 they’re just really inexpensive they make shipping really easy to just make sense the next thing you are going to need is a little food scale so the you know how much your shipping is worth you’re also going to need a printer and some league you can use a traditional printer and just try to get a good deal on your ink or you can use the laserjet printer and that kind of makes everything a little bit easier does sound like a lot of items up front another item that some people like to purchase i don’t i do things a little bit differently this and people like to purchase a mannequin to place the clothes on personally i like to wear a lot of my clothes unless that item doesn’t fit me at all unless it’s like an extra extra extra small there’s just no way I’m fitting into it or if it’s an extra-extra-large and it’s just not gonna work then I would kind of display that really nicely and make sure that people it looks presentable enough to want to purchase so that’s pretty much all of you all you need and then you want to also start up an ebay account this is really really simple so i’m not going to walk you through how to set up an ebay account its honestly super point-blank but when you set that up there’s two options you can just do a traditional account or you can do an eBay business account personally I recommend that you start a traditional account you don’t do anything fancy i think it’s only like 999 and if you do want to do the business account and this helps for listing it will allow you to list a lot easier personally I don’t usually do the business account and left i am like flying through inventory I can’t keep inventory on the shelf and I need a little bit of help it doesn’t help too much just really helps the analytics and presentation of your shop so you’re going to sell stuff regardless but if you want it to look like a formal website and you want to be able to list a little bit quicker there’s a couple other perks of getting the business ebay account trying to remember haven’t had mine and so long but I think that you can get a bunch of free listings it does cost a very very very small fee provided now vs options options are free most of the time and then i think maybe like three cents for a by now if you’ve used all of yours for the month every month has a little bit of a different deal but i’m not sure i don’t want to like talk about all of that because those are just like the little fees that our crew and you have to like look into it i think every month is very different I’m and usually you don’t have to pay any fee unless your listing 300 items a month a lot of times personally I like to keep 33 items in my shop every week I feel like this is a good number this is a good number for sales and I feel like it just does really really well if I were to sell out of all items i want to brief replenish that every single week so it’s kind of just a goal for me and everybody has their very own goal and like i said i don’t think that the eBay business account i don’t think it’s really necessary it’s just an option that you can do if you are working on this personally I think the first two months are really experimental you do get paid the first two months and you are going to get that return on your funds are going to make that net profit however it might not be as high as you’re planning like I talked about planning for your your end-all goal for this to even make it worth worth your time it may not be as high as you anticipated the very first time but listen to me listen I promise you you give that the time and you can find out when you’re doing your evaluation phase at the end of the week you will be able to fix that I’m in the reason I’m saying that is from experience I’ll kind of show you and I in a minute some examples i purchase some things today when i went to good well and i purchased some things on purpose that would be good and bad purchases and i will explain that to you in just a minute then the next part this is the funnest part ever and is the shopping make sure that you have your notebook and a list of brands i would at least have a top-15 brands that are high-end brands or brands that you want to specialize in your shop you do not have to do adult clothes you can do kids clothes men’s dress shirts l4 amazing sports apparel you could do a little bit of everything I mean honestly just think about what you want to specialize in it doesn’t have to be just that specific thing it could be a little bit of everything and that’s just you i know i have a girlfriend who sells men’s dress tops and they’re like Brooks Brothers tops and she does amazing like she does so good and she doesn’t wear the middle she folds them really really nicely iron them washes them and I mean she gets these tops for three dollars and she sells on 465 fifty dollars i mean she sells them almost for the new price and then just gently used to mention solemn 430 or for me that she does really really really well so the fun part is shopping i have a lot of tips and advice i’m going to show you what to and what not to do I want you to be very cautious when you shop when I started shopping on ebay i guess so excited like no way I found this brand I’ve been looking for this brand i haven’t been able to find this brand in any goodwill and I finally found let’s say for example burberry top yes and then I look at it and I’m like this is the ugliest sure ever regardless of the brand would never wear this shirt don’t bring it home I promise you’re going to be tempted I know you’re saying to me right now on the other side of that computer screen or mobile devices saying right now girl I wouldn’t bring home something ugly but when you get in this head space in this game sometimes you will bring home something ugly just because of the brand because sometimes the brand sells regardless of what it looks like but my biggest recommendation to you is buy things that are incredible quality and they look amazing and they’re good brand like I want the all-encompassing sometimes it’s really hard to find inventory that can be the hardest part finding that good well finding that shop finding that place where you’re getting your inventory that’s the hardest part so when you find one brand that’s kind of like a really ugly designed like I mean that you don’t need that make sure that you’re bringing lots of really good quality to your shop if you’re if you find a good item victoria secret pink sweater that’s like super nice and it is faded or it spill in or it’s just like when you finally lululemon shirt that’s just like so nice and you can tell that this is a limited-edition they don’t make this pattern anymore but it’s super faded and it smells like b.o don’t pick that up do not pick that up because I would be so offended if I bought that you don’t want anybody to give you a horrible feedback on ebay shop so that is another thing to be really cognizant up i’m going to show you some things right now that i bought that are good and bad examples and I just went to goodwill so I’m going to kind of show you so here’s an example of a good and bad this is true religion i got these jeans for four dollars true religion jeans originally sell like a hundred twenty-five sometimes $200 it just depends but this is a good bad by and i’ll tell you why if you look at these there’s no stains whatsoever wide like Flair no fraying at the edges perfect exactly what i want to see in a gene just really good quality no holes no holes in the crotch no stains whatsoever great quality what you’re noticing though is look at the watch color this is a very dated wash boiler and don’t know if you can tell it looks like a really pretty blue from what the camera is picking up but this is a really faded wash wash color matters and jeans be cognizant of that also the fit the fit in the pocket designs matter to usually the more flair and the more pizzazz the better these jeans with sell these jeans alone probably can sell for about $71 maybe 65 and like I said I picked him up 44 back so that’s really good however because my style is a little off these are flare bell-bottoms I’m guess bottoms are coming back in style right now but i need to be cognizant of that’s not what the average person is purchasing right now so I really need to be conscientious of that what I’m doing my research I still expect these to sell for minimum of fifty dollars but that is why i said if i were table if I were able to pick up some true religions with a prettier wash color and when I say pretty or wash they were this color they would do a lot better or if they were a lighter wash they would do a little better and when i’m looking at the camera it’s looking like they’re coming out this beautiful royal blue this is not how they are at all they’re actually a really dirty a dirty like kind of washed-out blue kind of color so that’s kind of what they look like they’re still nice and great quality just the wash is not a traditional wash that you would want so that is a good bad purchase another purchase that is a good bad purchase it is January be cognizant of your season if you would like to do ebay and when i say that is for january the number one thing that people are buying is exactly what you think they’re going to be buying is workout clothes so here is a purchase and this is going to be a good bad purchase this is a nike hot pink little workout skirt okay you probably already know why the bad is but the good is it speak second it’s nike love for it to be under I would love for it to be lululemon they sell way better but naked is really good to it holds its a timeless brand that does really really good so the inside is perfect there’s I don’t see any stands i’m looking at really good quality no stains whatsoever no pilling no frailes it looks like really good condition the bad thing about this project it’s a skirt people don’t buy skirts very often they are there a specific item that’s actually a little tricky to sell so i wanted to show you guys that perfect item the colors oh it’s got this like pretty yellow with this bright pink it’s just such a perfect color this color cells like no one’s business like I said it’s that time of the season but how often you see when you go to the gym how often do you see girls running around in work outskirts is intense isn’t a tennis match so there’s some things that you just logistically this will take a little bit more time on my shop to sell so just be conscientious of all these little details another item that i wanted to show you that i picked up from three dollars these are some dark wash beautiful just so pretty skinny leg jeans these are in style everything this looks really really good let me show you the bad part about this there’s their only one bad thing about this these are Jennifer Lopez jeans brand does matter and this is a brand that yes people know about Jennifer Lopez but how often do people say man I want to go buy some jennifer lopez jeans and you’ll have a couple select people that say you know what I go to kohls and I found these just jennifer lopez jeans and I’m starting to really like I’m a fit just right but that’s not your majority vast majority of people that are purchasing on ebay this brand will make this really hard to sell yes I can see on the tag that they sold for $54 so I know for myself because of the bad brand I maybe is I pay three dollars but this isn’t going to be a big-ticket item this maybe is gonna sell for 30 maybe 25 i’m not going to get much out of these they are brand new with tags and that is something that is really good and like I said that style is impeccable if these were a different designer rock revival if these were with the other one Buffalo I get you remember that one name but if these were a better designer this would sell so much better so the brand is what’s going to be the demise of these jeans ok let me show you one more thing until you it’s january so I did pick up some nike workout capris so i’m going to tell you what is good and bad about these these are size small so they’re going to sell very very well they are black no peels perfect condition polyester workout people are going to bite on these like no one’s business mid condition like these are like new they are like knew they were going to sell very good however let me tell you why they are going to have a hard time selling look right here can you see this this is where your kneecap would be these are a little bit wide flares they’re not the fitted super fitted that you see the traditional tumblr or Instagram person rocking these have a little bit of a fit flare there a little bit loose fitted and because of that these might have a tricky time selling traditionally when people are picking up their workout clothes especially when you’re looking at a size small most of the people that I’ve noticed that are going to purchase the workout clothes and their size small most of them really do like the fitted pants they either like the long fitted pants and like the liking styles or when they’re doing capris they really prefer the fitted and I’ve noticed that through my personal sales so look at those are all good items they’re really good like I said true religion jeans those are awesome jeans but the wash is really off and the style cut of the genes is not perfect like I said with the nike skirt beautiful color the brand’s not perfect but still timeless and totally people are gonna be jumping on Mikey right now because it’s January new new year new body new workout life you get it but skirts it’ll sell that I might not get what i plan to get and then like I said those jeans they’re gorgeous wash and everything the brand sucks and these last ones the cut is going to make a little bit of a difference and I’m very aware of that so that’s what I’m Aaron Lennon you guys now be cognizant of your inventory of really does matter the little details that you say you’re going to say to yourself that won’t be a problem it’s got its new it’s perfect it’s got to tag it does affect things if you wouldn’t buy the item don’t put in your shop heads up ok next we’re gonna go ahead and talk about setting up your shop so we’re gonna set up your shop just traditionally because like I said most of the time you’re not gonna buy that fancy ebay superstellar whatever it’s called you’re not typically going to do that what you’re gonna do is you’re going to want to probably set up a spreadsheet that really talks about the inventory that you pray that you purchased in the price that you purchased it for so that you can really gauge how much your net profit is actually just like you would be if you were setting up a store with you know concrete walls you kind of want to get good gay page on what you’re not profit is so that you can turn this into a formal business my next recommendation is really look at pricing what is everyone else selling of their and nike workout pants for especially the cut number is that the cut isn’t perfect what are other people selling it for do you want to have that competitive edge that price competitive edge a dollar off or do you want to sell your prices for a little bit higher be cognizant of all the things that you want to do and pricing and also figure out why do I want to do buy it now where people just buy it and they’re done this is the price non-negotiable or do you want to do an auction one of the things that I recommend is buy it nows are awesome for big-ticket items that you know are going to make a lot of money and you’ve really done the research on that price you feel like that price is a competent price and you know that price is going to do really well when I think of options auctions can do really really really really good especially on big-ticket items it really just depends on when you are doing this and how you’re kind of putting everything into it options do even better when you have a big following followers start to come the more items you have the more times they shop at your shop you’re going to get a bigger and bigger following to be cognizant of all of those things another thing is figure out when you want to list two of the best days to list for items on ebay is around seven o’clock on wednesdays thursdays and sundays with the best days and people that list their products for about seven days versus I think there’s like a 3-day a five-day seven-day I’m thinking that’s what it is at seven days tend to do the best if you are going to be doing auction-style if for some reason your items don’t sell for the following week have a back-up plan do you want to give this to live weeks so round 1 this item didn’t sell i’m going to repost it and reap you know give it another week to properly cell or on the second we do you want to discount your brakes a little bit so you can get these items off of yourself quicker personally like is that like 33 items in my shop at all times so somebody buy something I want to backup item to throw back onto the shop so that always having 33 items if for some reason all 33 items sold in my shop that and type that week I want to be able to have another 33 items to populate back off sometimes I want more than 33 items i mean there was a point in time my ebay life where I was almost like I want to say it was 60 items and that is really hard to list because I list all of my items at the exact same time the exact same day day so they ended the exact same time every week so I kind of get paid at the exact same time it just kind of makes sense for me so it can be really lucrative that way and i’m just doing i’m only working one day a week opposed to a little bit here a little bit there i want to get all the things listed in one day just really makes it easier and also think about having some discount if you have multiple items on your shop and give people a little bit of incentive if you purchase multiple items you get free shipping or by purchasing multiple items i get about five percent discount after three items whatever you think that your own personal business model could be getting people to be repaired repeat buyers and to buy more than one thing river shop can be one of the best things that you can possibly do another thing that I like to do is I talked about earlier is wearing my clothes and pictures pictures I want tons and tons of pictures and pictures of the brand want pictures of the pictures that you haven’t even seen before just making that those clothes really stand out and look really really clean and nice nice is so important and if it’s midnight don’t be taking pictures of midnight the lighting is horrible be cognizant of the little details that really matters to the shopper and buyer and be readily available for answering questions another big thing that I have is always get a tape measure and measure your seams and everything that you would think needs to be measured so for example you’re going to your inner seam you’re going to do like the crotch to the leg you’re going to do you’re going to do the waist measurement you’re going to do all of your measurements that would logistical eb there and be important and the reason why I say that is because once you become a formal eBay business people can be sku four measurements left and right I when I first started my first time doing a bit like I need I don’t need to waste my time with measurements that takes up too much of my time when I list and I didn’t do it and I month after month and all these questions I’m measurements and I’m like why did I just not do that it’s just a pain in the butt so I engine ended up started doing that and just really taking that into consideration my next tip for you is to the customer service is so important answer people’s questions be very very very thorough and if you want like if this is a really nice item try it on see what it feels like see if you really like it is it really fitted is it really true to fit when I mean that like sometimes a person would have owned maybe it’s a really beautiful jacket and they throw it in the wash and it just hasn’t even been like a typical small like let’s say you were small clothes and doesn’t fit like super super tight you need to be up front honest in your shop and let people know those kind of things so like I said I see double the sales and I see my earnings to be a lot higher when i try on the clothes because it gives my buyers a better representation of what they’re buying what it will look like on the body and things like that and then my base last tip of advice that i have for you my very last tip of advice is at the end of the week when you’re in the especially in the beginning stages the first 2-3 months at the end of every week evaluate yourself and re-evaluate what worked what didn’t work what sold what didn’t sell why didn’t sell really assess that properly because if you just keep buying the same old stuff from gap and you’re not getting the returned that you thought you were going to get maybe people are in searching gap maybe that’s just not with their one right now and you need to be aware of that or you’re just going to be blowing money on inventory and never getting your return and this I’ve done this before and I’ve ended up giving goodwill back to close because i’m like i have two closets full of clothes of inventory and none of it selling I mean I did silly things when I I started I was like the cutest top ever but the brand just blew and nobody wanted it so like I said really taken all of these details a hundred percent if you guys want to see ah like literally step by step by step of me doing every single thing I will do it I will hundred percent do it i will even set up a little baby page I’m separate from my actual eBay business but i will set up a little page to kind of give you guys what to expect or like how the shop would look to give you an example if that is something that you guys won’t let me know in the comments below I know this video was like the longest video ever i’m super sorry but I feel like all of these information is really really pertinent I know 2017 is coming and I know a lot of people wanna make a little bit more money so I feel like this could be incredibly beneficial i will be showing you if you guys want and we’ll be showing you some inventory that sells and i will tell you how much it sold for just that you guys have a good gauge on some things that are selling really really really well if that is something you guys want let me know in the comments below I wish you guys to have an amazing 2017 i also hope that this can really help you out thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in my next video bye guys

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